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Sales Customer

New Boston, Texas, 75570, United States
October 27, 2016

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Leon Dangerfield

*** ****** ******* **

New Boston, TX 75570

Home Phone: 903-***-****

Cell Phone: 903-***-****


Summary of Qualifications

I possess skills in various areas such as: food handling & sanitation, warehouse production, retail, freight production, expediting, data-entry, call center, production or a helper job.

I have the experience to work in a warehouse type environment that deals with pulling freight from trucks to be taken off of the freight line to be placed on the designated pallets or shelves. I have the skills & experience to deal with freight arrangement & stacking. I have done cart pushing. I also have dealt with maneuvering pallet jacks and electrical jacks. I have worked in food handling, expediting, cooking & taking customer's orders. I have experience with maintenance & cleanup. Furthermore, I have skills to do work on computers such as data-entry & research information & call center experience.

Work Experience

Sales Associate (02/2015 - 09/2016)

Alorica - Texarkana, AR

I was required to log into my computer on a daily basis to maneuver through various programs while making calls to loyal DirecTV customers to offer them premium programs while building value of the product to give them the benefits of entertainment if offers in addition with their programming.

I was required to go through a mandatory class for the job after the new hire orientation. I have received recommendation of vast product knowledge, acknowledgement of speaking to loyal DirecTV customers with politeness & understanding & meeting sale goals on several occasions.

The skills I possessed at this job are : working on a computer & toggling through various programs while talking to loyal DirecTV customers, working in an environment with a large quantity of people & multitasking various assignments throughout the day.

Temporary Seasonal Retail Associate (11/2014 - 01/2015)

Wal-Mart, Texarkana, TX

This position consisted of working within the Wal-Mart retail environment during the holiday season. This position helped boost my retail experience with interacting with customers. One of my main duties consisted of working in the garden center. Within the garden center, ensuring that all customers are satisfied with the quality, cleansliness & neatness of the department is a must. Some of the duties included: sweeping up & disposing of all dirt & debris that has the patio area dirty, organizing all out of place items on the patio, zoning the aisles & I also worked on the cash register within the department. Other things that I've done consisted of helping out in other departments. The departments I helped were the grocery area's zoning & stocking, h.b.a. with their zoning & g.m. receiving with unloading their trucks.

Demo Event Specialist (05/2013 - 09/2016)

Crossmark, Texarkana, TX

I work in a retail environment at Sam's Club. Within the facility I work on the Crossmark demo event specialist team. It is a retail contractor. The work I perform consists of setting up a product sample cart and preparing the designated product that I am assigned to that is displayed in my particular schedule for the Sam's Club customers to sample the product I have prepared. The position requires sanitation guidelines. The sample cart is required to be sanitized at the beginning of each shift & every two hours. This also includes utensils used. Sanitize bottles & disposable rubber gloves are to be on the cart at all times. Also, when handling & giving out samples gloves are mandatory to be worn. When handling raw meat products I'll have two sanitizer buckets with utensils in each one. One of the sanitizer buckets are for raw meat products & the other is for cooked products. Preparation directions are mandatory to follow according to the product to be cooked. Temperature control is very important especially with raw meat products. Therefore, a food thermostat is used to signify that the product is at the correct temperature to avoid food born illnesses. Further more, customer communication is a must if they come within ten feet of your area. The purpose of the job is to allow customers to try a product & get feedback of customer's opinions, reactions, likes & dislikes of products to see how it effects the sales of particular products.

Call Center Agent (04/2013 - 09/2013)

Hopkins & Raines Inc., Texarkana, TX

The call center position for this company consisted of being assigned to call major car dealerships within a particualar state by my supervisor. I was required to use strong verbal & communication skills while speaking to general managers over the phone. The purpose of calling the car dealerships was to see if their general manager was interested in receiving any information about staffed events or supersales. The main purpose was to allow them to sign a contract in which it would allow Hopkins & Raines' trained car salemen to help a particular dealership make inventory sales within a staffed event or supersale.

Fedex Customer Information Management Data Entry (1/2011 - 9/2012)

Harte-Hanks, Texarkana, TX

I worked data-entry on a computer at Harte-Hanks through a program called C.I.M. (customer information management). This program allowed users to get account information for people or companies signed up with FedEx. The objective of the job is to research their information online. While researching the required tasks I had to find the company name, address, city, state, zip code & phone number for a particular individual or organization to make sure the information was updated. I was required to meet a quantity goal by the end of each work day.

Kitchen Worker (9/2008 - 2/2011)

McDonald's, New Boston, TX

The duties I performed included: grill cook, dress burgers, prep salads, fry products, maintenance & truck freight down stacking. In my position I was responsible for cooking and assuring the product was cooked to the proper temperatures. I was responsible for assuring that the meat and poultry products were being refrigerated at the proper temperature and also assure the product has not spoiled. I had to make sure the grease traps were dumped to assure they did not overflow which could cause contamination. I inspected the vegetables to assure that they were fresh and not starting to turn moldy. If the products found were not to be wholesome for the customer, the products were removed and destroyed. All utensils used were sanitized according to company procedures. When handling raw products, it was required to wear gloves to prevent cross contamination.

General Merchandise Recieving Unloader (1/2008 - 8/2008)

Wal-Mart, Texarkana, TX

Duties I performed at this job included: removing freight from trucks to be pushed down a freight line, placing freight onto the designated pallets, pulling the freight using pallet jacks & electrical jacks, helped pushed carts in the parking lot, help stock aisles & cleaned up the g.m. recieving area.

Cook & Kitchen Worker (7/2005 - 1/2008)

Sonic Drive-In, New Boston, TX

I performed duties such as: cooking fry products, dressing burgers & other food items, take customer's orders, clean up & help close the store. At this position, I was required to close the restaurant. This consisted of sanitizing the equipment that was used that day. The solution used was based on the company direction. The grill was required to be cleaned daily. Equipment was disassembled to clean the interior with sanitizer. All product was put away into the refrigerated and the product that had discoloration or no longer fresh were thrown away. The floor had to swept and mopped with sanitizer. Prior to leaving, the restaurant was ready for the next day operations.


over 1 year of college

Texarkana College

Texarkana, TX


Available upon request.

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