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Nurse Registered

October 27, 2016

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Present Address: Area ** Building 18 Al Misk St.

Al Mansoura, Doha, Qatar

Home Country Address: 312 Vierneza St. Landayan,

San Pedro City, Laguna, 4023, Philippines

Qatar Mobile: +974-****-****

Email Address:


Age: 34

Date of Birth: May 17, 1982

Gender: Female

Civil Status: Married

Height: 160cm

Weight: 57 kg

Nationality: Filipino

Religion: Christianity – Catholic


• Licensing Body: Supreme Council of Health, Qatar

• Specialty: General Scope Nurse

• Dataflow status: Verified (August 9, 2016)

Prometric Exam: Passed (July 17, 2016)

• Licensing Body: Dubai Health Authority

• Address: Dubai, U.A.E.

• Professional Status: Registered Nurse

• License /Registration: DHA-P-0021063

• Validity Date: March 16, 2016

Licensing Body: Saudi Licensing Examination for Health Specialties

Address: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Professional Status: Registered Nurse

License /Registration: 09-R-N-0266400

Registration Date: June 6, 2009

Validity Date: July 2012

Licensing Body: Professional Regulation Commission

Address: Manila, Philippines

Professional Status: Registered Nurse

License/Registration: 0383613

Registration Date: January 13, 2006

Validity Date: May 17, 2018


I have been working for 12 years.

1. Position: Charge Nurse – L&D Nurse / Acting Nurse Supervisor Duration: February 12, 2012 – February 11, 2016

Company: Saudi German Hospital (Al Barsha 3, PO Box 391093, Dubai, UAE) SGH Dubai (UAE) is a 300 beds multi-specialty tertiary hospital and has been accredited by the JCI, Temos and CAP. It is a hospital equipped with most modern amenities. Saudi German Hospital focuses on offering a wide range of consistent high quality medical services and an immense Training & Education Programme that enhances the skills and knowledge of all medical staff. Location: Dubai, U.A.E.

Department: Labour and Delivery Room

Job description:

1. Assist the Head Nurse in overseeing the patient’s plan of care ensuring that it is being updated by the nurses appropriately.

2. Demonstrates leadership and priority setting skills in the coordination of administrative and patient care responsibilities for assigned shift. 3. Acting Nurse Supervisor: Doing transaction in admitting and transferring patient from/to other hospital; Promotes and restores patients’ health by developing day-to-day management and long-term planning of the patient care area; Directing and developing staff; Collaborating with physicians and multidisciplinary professional staffs; Providing physical and psychological support for patients, friends, and families, etc.

4. Contacts the Physicians to give important information relating to patient under care or clarifying orders.

5. Evaluates the condition and progress of each patient and appropriateness of care plans.

6. Responsible for monthly report of Hospital KPI (Key Performance Indicators). 7. Assigned as Education and Audit Link Nurse; Assists in Evaluating and Improving Skills Competency of All Nurses.

8. Performs Head Nurse’s functions; Accountable and responsible for problem solving and decision making for both direct and indirect care in the absence of unit Head Nurse.

9. Reports significant information to the Head Nurse for appropriate action. 10. Participates in the establishment and revision of Delivery Room Nursing Unit or Nursing Department norms as designated.

11. Acting as Head of delivery room in absence of the Head Nurse; attending the Admin meeting, Reporting to CNO for any unresolved issues, and Recognizes and anticipates problems and needs of Delivery Room Nursing Unit including Nursing Staff and patients for appropriate intervention, and etc. 12. Performs quality nursing care to patients, Carries out Doctor’s orders with accuracy and in timely manner.

13. Assists the Doctor during procedures such as delivery, episiotomy, and induction of labor, and etc.

14. Counter checks with co-nurse for any dosage calculation and preparation of high- alert medications. Responsible for narcotic and controlled drugs handling/monitoring.

15. Attends to hospital and nursing service orientations and continuing education. 16. Works as pull-out staff whenever there is a staff shortage in other departments, in Emergency Department, Adult-Pediatric General Ward, ICU, Recovery Room, OPD, and Nursery Unit.

17. Operate machines and equipment for basic nursing care and delivery procedures. 18. Knowledgeable in EMR (Electronic Medical Record), etc. 2. Position: Staff Nurse – L&D Nurse

Duration: February 17, 2009 – April 6, 2011

Company: Dallah Hospital (P.O. Box 87333, Riyadh, 11652, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) Dallah Hospital is a 300+ bed capacity hospital and has been accredited by the JCI and ISO Certificate. It is established in 1987 as a member of Dallah Al-Baraka Group with sections for Cardiology, Dental, Dermatology, ENT, OB Gyne, IVF Unit, OR, ER, Pediatrics, Urology, Neurology, and Plastic Surgery, etc. Dallah Hospital focuses on offering a wide range of consistent high quality and up-to-date medical services. Location: Riyadh, K.S.A.

Department: Labour and Delivery Room

Job description:

1. Head to toe assessments, knowledge of normal vs. abnormal findings and reporting of abnormal findings to Charge/Head Nurse, Doctors if warranted. 2. Works highly independently and decisively respond to problems during emergency and often assess, treat, and stabilize patient’s conditions, also acting as substitute Charge Nurse in absence of the in-charge. 3. Educating patients about health and safety through programs that promote wellness and prevent injuries.

4. Maintains continuity of care during take-over and handover reports, ensuring that the communication is clear at all times.

5. Ensures that doctors’ orders and patient management plans are followed and that appropriate steps are taken, including immediate notification of the resident/consultant in charge or on-call, of any deterioration from the expected course of the patient’s condition.

6. Ensures that the appropriate records of the patients’ progress are maintained according to the unit’s policies and procedures.

7. Prepares equipment and assists in examination and treatments, and clean equipment’s after use.

8. Escorts patients to other departments/units as required, and prepare patients for minor or major emergency operations, skin prep, pre-op meds and checklists,etc. 9. Reports untoward incidents/accidents to charge/head nurse. 10. Maintain current knowledge of medications and their correct administration based on age and patient clinical conditions. Calculate, prepare, monitor, discontinue fluids and medication drips as necessary, routine skin testing 11. Patient care, suctioning secretions, giving positive pressure ventilation, also assisting in normal vaginal deliveries and cesarean sections, cervical cerclage removal, episiorrhapy, minor lacerations/surgeries, etc. 12. Doing nursing related reports, continuous education/monthly nursing topic reporting and studies

13. Blood extractions and blood transfusions, catheterization, dressings and bandages, doing vaginal examinations, patient care and positioning, and etc. 3. Position: Full-Time Staff Nurse (L&D NURSE)

Duration: January 5, 2004 – Dec 22, 2008

Company: San Pedro Municipal Hospital / SPMH (San Antonio, San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines) SPMH is a community hospital in San Pedro City, Laguna, equipped to treat minor and acute illnesses/injuries and providing quality health care to poor/ indigent people.

SPMH offers a range of services such as OPD, Medical and Minor Surgical cases, OB delivery, Eye treatments, Immunizations, Family Planning and Health Campaigns/Counseling etc.

Location: San Antonio, San Pedro City, Laguna, Philippines Department: LABOR & DELIVERY ROOM (OB)

Job description:

Staff Nurse @ San Pedro Municipal Hospital, San Pedro City, Laguna, Philippines 1. Assesses the overall needs of the individual patients, assists in preparation, and implements the nursing care process as indicated to ensure optimal patient care. 2. Identify and reports abnormal observations and nursing problems to Nurse Managers/Supervisors

3. Critical thinking to intervene with appropriate intervention for urgent/ emergency care, care of acute and chronically ill patients.

4. Observes patient and record significant conditions and reaction to drugs, treatments, and significant incidents

5. Conducts patient care teaching and discharge planning 6. Design programming that promotes alcohol awareness, child passenger safety, gun safety and bicycle safety, as well as programs that educate women about domestic violence, etc.

7. Assisting in normal spontaneous deliveries and minor surgery operations 8. Giving medications and injections, immunizations, doing blood extractions, catheterizations, dressings & bandages, patient care and positioning, bed bathing, etc.

Part-time hospital-based Clinical Instructor of Practical Nursing Students of Kennedy School, Guadalupe and AMA Computer College, Biñan City, Laguna, Philippines

1. Provides education to Practical Nursing students based on the theoretical and clinical expertise.

2. Supervising and assisting PN students in doing nursing procedures 3. Evaluating students’ performance ability by doing return demonstration 4. Fosters a climate conducive to education experiences for students. 4. Position: Part-Time Nurse (General Nursing and OB) Duration: April 1, 2006 – June 30, 2008

Company: Gerodias Medical & Diagnostic Clinic (San Pedro City, Laguna, Philippines) Location: United Subdivision, San Antonio, San Pedro City, Laguna Department: General Nursing (esp. OB)

Job description:

1. Getting patients medical data and taking vital signs 2. Assisting in normal spontaneous deliveries and minor surgeries 3. Giving medications and injections, doing blood extractions, catheterizations, dressings and bandages, health teachings, etc.

4. Reports patients’ abnormal conditions to physicians 5. Prepares equipment and assists physician during treatment and examinations of patients; doing electrocardiogram procedure, assisting in the pharmacy by dispensing medicines etc.


Graduate School:


Major in Nursing Administration

St. Jude College, Philippines

April 2014

Highest Education:


Philippine Women’s University

Taft Avenue, Manila Philippines

June 1999 – December 2003

Second Highest Education:

High School graduate

Liceo De San Pedro

San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines

June 1995 – April 1999



November 19, 2015 Monitoring Maternal and Fetal Well-Being During Labor DHA Accreditation No. 1323/15 (2 CME Awarded)

Saudi German Hospital, Dubai, UAE

October 1, 2015 Obesity: The Gaining Problem In Children DHA Accreditation No. 1028/15 (1.5 CME Awarded)

Saudi German Hospital, Dubai, UAE

September 17, 2015 Disaster Triage: Are You Ready? DHA Accreditation No. 0949/15 (1.5 CME Awarded)

Saudi German Hospital, Dubai, UAE

August 27, 2015 Improving the Care of Stroke Patients: Get with the Guidelines DHA Accreditation No. 0818/15 (2 CME Awarded)

Saudi German Hospital, Dubai, UAE

July 23, 2015 A Symposium on Pre-Operative Preparation and Nurses’ Role in Post- Operative Management

DHA Accreditation No. 0697/15 (1.25 CME Awarded)

Saudi German Hospital, Dubai, UAE

June 25, 2015 Nursing Care and Nutritional Support of Preemies with Respiratory Distress Syndrome

DHA Accreditation No. 0697/15 (1.75 CME Awarded)

Saudi German Hospital, Dubai, UAE

May 12, 2015 Nurses: A Force for Change - Care Effective, Cost Effective DHA Accreditation No. 0544/15 (1.25 CME Awarded)

Saudi German Hospital, Dubai, UAE

April 30, 2015 Nursing Health Challenges in the New Century DHA Accreditation No. 0483/15 (2.5 CME Awarded)

Saudi German Hospital, Dubai, UAE

April 23, 2015 Care of Vascular Access for Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis DHA Accreditation No. 0447/15 (1.5 CME Awarded)

Saudi German Hospital, Dubai, UAE

March 26, 2015 Burnout Syndrome: A Disease of the Helping Profession DHA Accreditation No. 0330/15 (1.5 CME Awarded)

Saudi German Hospital, Dubai, UAE

January 7, 2015 Symposium: Cultural Diversity in Nursing Practice DHA Accreditation No. 0027/15 (2.5 CME Awarded)

Saudi German Hospital, Dubai, UAE

September 9, 2014 Basic Life Support Provider Course Organized by the DHA Department of Medical Education affiliated with American Heart Association

(3.5 CPD Credit Points Awarded)

May 30, 2014 1st International Conference on Trauma and Emergency Medicine DHA Accreditation No. 0654/14 (6 CME Awarded)

Saudi German Hospital, Dubai, UAE

March 8, 2014 The 1st Women and Child International Symposium DHA Accreditation No. 0350/14 (2.5CME Awarded)

Saudi German Hospital, Dubai, UAE

December 21, 2013 Neonatal Resuscitation Program (NRP) DHA Accreditation No. 0498/13 (7.5 Credit Points Awarded) Saudi German Hospital, Dubai, UAE

November 27-28, 2013 1st International Conference on Diabetes DHA Accreditation No. 1205/13 (10.5 CME Awarded)

Saudi German Hospital, Dubai, UAE

September 26, 2013 1st Laparoscopic Surgery Symposium DHA Accreditation No. 0942/13 (5 CME Awarded)

Saudi German Hospital, Dubai, UAE

January 31, 2013 Surgery for Epithelial Parotid Tumors Organized by SGH Educational & Training Committee

DHA Accreditation No. 0058/13 (1 CME Awarded)

Saudi German Hospital Dubai, UAE


Passport Number: EB9767749

Place of Issue: PCG, Dubai

Date of Issue: December 7, 2013

Expiry Date: December 6, 2018

Qatar Visa: under Husband Visa

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