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Driver Engineer

California, United States
October 27, 2016

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Purushothaman Sampath

Email: 16435, SW Estuary Dr

Mobile: +1-408-***-**** Beaverton, OR-97006


Passionate and results driven individual with around 9 years 10 months of intensive experience in software development and testing. The tenure splits as-

6 years of experience in development of Windows USB / Storage / NDIS-WDM / WLAN Network Device Drivers

2 years 6 months of development experience in MFC VC++ and MySQL Database

1 year of experience in WLAN system testing under Windows WHCK and Android platform

4 months of experience in Windows NT CMD Batch and UNIX sed scripting.


Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication Engineering from University of Madras, 2000 – 2004.

Pursued Advanced Diploma in Real Time Operating System at CRANES VARSITY, Bangalore, India


Operating System

Windows 8.1\8\7\Vista\NT\XP, Windows 2008\2012 Server, Android, Red Hat LINUX, RTOS


C (System programming), Windows Internals – Windows Kernel Programming, MFC VC++, MySQL Database, UNIX Internals and Windows NT CMD\Power Shell scripting


WDM (Windows Driver Model), KMDF, SCSI\SAS\SATA Storport Miniport driver for Windows 2008\2012 server, NDIS – MBN \WLAN 6.3\6.2\6.1\6.0\5.0 Miniport driver for Windows 8.1\8\7\Vista\NT\XP OS, USB 2.0, 802.11 a\b\g\n, WiFi-Direct, WMC\CDC, IPMI firmware


WDK (for Win8) \ WDDK (for Win7), WHCK (WHQL Certification) DTM testing, Ellisys (USB analyzer), Omnipeek (802.11 protocol analyzer), Wireshark, LeCroy, DbgView, Tracview, NDISTest, IxChariot, IPERF, Cygwin, Coverity, SDV (Static Driver Verifier), Racadm, WS-MAN Uboot and various SysInternals tools such as NetMon, FileMon, ProcMon etc…


WinDBG (crash dump analysis), DbgView, MSVC.NET 2010 IDE

Management tools

WinCVS, Perforce


TCP\IP, Routing and Switching LAN\WAN concepts


Working as “Technical Lead” in “Mindtree Solutions” from May, 2016 to till now

Worked as ‘Senior Associate’ in “Cognizant Technology Solutions” from April, 2105 to May, 2016

Worked as “Module Lead” in “Global Edge Software Inc.” from Sep, 2012 to Feb,2015

Worked as “Lead Engineer” in “HCL Technologies Ltd” from Jan, 2012 to Sep, 2012

Worked as “Senior Software Engineer” in “MCCI Interconnect Solutions Pvt Ltd” from Apr, 2010 – Nov, 2011

Worked as “Senior Software Engineer” in “Acme Technologies Pvt Ltd” from Dec, 2005 – Mar, 2010


Development of Windows Driver for Intel Bluetooth chipset platform

Description: This project involved development of Intel Bluetooth device driver under various windows platforms such as Win7\Win8\Win8.1 and Win10. The driver is developed for wide range of Bluetooth products using USB and UART interface.

Role: Implemented WPP tracing feature for Bluetooth driver for USB\UART interface. Also performed refactoring and optimization of application module used to interact with Bluetooth driver stack.

ESG iDRAC Firmware for Dell PowerEdge DCS server

Description: This project involved development of iDRAC (Integrated Dell Remote Access Controller) Firmware for Dell Power Edge 12G\13G\14G Power Edge DCS server solutions. The iDRAC firmware consists of abstract layer architecture containing IPMI stack, BIOS and application.

Role: Implemented various IPMI commands in iDRAC firmware integrating with RACADM and Serial application. Debugged and fixed various defects reported by customer. Interacting with various teams inside the group. Ramped up project within short time span, taken lead and groomed juniors to be in phase with the project.

Validation and debugging of Qualcomm MSM WiFi chipset driver

Description: This project involved debugging and testing WiFi driver for Qualcomm MSM WiFi chipset under Windows and Android platform

Role: Performed Validation, testing and debugging of WiFi driver under Windows and Android platform. Performed validation and testing of P2P two port concurrency and SoftAP. Ran WHCK for WHQL certification and fixing defects by analyzing crash dump raised from testing, customer communication.

Windows NDIS 6.3 Miniport Driver for WLAN (802.11a\b\g\n) Network Controller

Description: This project involved sustenance of NDIS 6.3 miniport driver (for Win8\8.1) for Marvell Avastar 8797\\8897 H\W chipset WLAN network controller based upon 802.11 a\b\g\n protocol which incorporate USB\SDIO\PCIe interface

Role: Implemented Selective Suspend feature for USB\SDIO\PCIe; OID’s and Status Indication for Station and WifiDirect, application IOCTL’s handling in driver, Ran WHCK for WHQL certification and fixing defects by analyzing crash dump raised from testing, customer communication.

Porting of LINUX driver to Windows Driver for Texas Instruments WLAN chipset

Description: This project involved porting of LINUX driver to Windows Driver (NDIS6.3 Miniport driver) for Texas Instruments Wireless chipset.

Role: Created design framework for miniport driver, Implemented OID’s; Lead a small team by assigning module level implementation to team members, monitoring and reviewing assigned activities.

Windows HBA Storport Miniport Driver for SAS\SATA controller

Description: This project involved sustenance of Windows Storport miniport driver for high end PMC Sierra – Adaptec SPCv(e) SAS\SATA HBA controller.

Role: Implemented S3 power state Hibernation feature in driver, Implementation of IOCTL’s for device information, Ran WHCK for WHQL certification and fixing defects by analyzing crash dump raised from testing, customer communication.

Windows NDIS 6.2 Mobile Broadband Network (MBN) miniport Driver for GSM Phones

Windows NDIS 6.2 Mobile Broadband Network (MBN) miniport Driver for USB Data cards

Description: This project involved development of NDIS6.2 MBN miniport driver (for Win7) for GSM phones based on ST-Ericsson specific AT commands and USB Data cards based on Qualcomm RmNet protocol. The mobile modem device incorporates USB hardware and device functions such as USB, Modem, Device Management, OBEX and Mass Storage.

Role: Created Basic framework for QMI MBN and vendor specific protocol. Created OID to QMI and AT command mapping based on specification. Implemented NDIS6.2 MBN miniport driver using QMI and AT command in RmNet module. Debugging crash dump using WinDBG and testing using ‘WWAN Driver Test App’. MBN logo and WHQL testing using WHCK. Documentation and Customer Communication.

Fixing Windows Driver Defects and running WHCK for WHQL certification

Description: The developed Windows device drivers are needed to pass WHQL certification. This has been achieved by running WHCK for various drivers shipped to customers such as Samsung, ST-Ericsson, Broadcom, Kyocera, etc…

Role: Configured test bed setup for WHCK controller, studio and target device. Ran WHCK for NDIS miniport driver, USB device driver. Collected and analyzed Debug logs, crash dumps for finding root cause of the problem and fixed in driver. Checked INF for errors using ChkINF tool and fixed PreFast errors in driver.

Implementation of Driver Restriction Policy in USB Bus driver

Description: This project involved providing driver restriction policies to USB bus driver. It is used to prevent customer drivers to be loaded for inappropriate devices by tweaking VID\PID in inf. There are three types of locking provided. It is VID\PID lock, Time Lock, Product Description Lock and Device Description Lock. If any of these lock is violated the driver will yellow band in Device Manager. This support is provided by USB bus driver.

Role: Implementation and Testing this module.

Development of Windows Driver Branding Kit GUI tool using MFC VC++ and MySQL Database

Description: This project involved development of Windows Driver Branding Kit GUI to create customer specific driver brands for various Windows OS platform. This tool generates Device Driver .sys and INF files for multi-function USB devices. It used ODBC MySQL database as backend application

Role: Complete Analysis of tool requirement. Created Requirement Specification document. Detailed Design and implementation. Performed Unit Testing, Functional testing and Integration Testing. Documentation and Deployment of tool. Mentored 3 junior team members

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