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Marine Corps Service

Arlington, Virginia, United States
October 28, 2016

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Arlington, VA

Mobile: 240-***-****

Email: B

COUNTRY OF CITIZENSHIP: United States of America


AVAILIBITY: J ob Type: Permanent, Temporary

Work Schedule: Full Time


U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) Wounded Warrior Regiment, 01/2012 05/2015 Wounded Warrior Battalion East

Bethesda, MD


USMC, 3d Supply Battalion, Combat Logistics Regiment 35, 04/2011 12/2011 3d Marine Logistics Group

Okinawa, Japan

Platoon Sergeant, Noncommissioned Officer in Charge

● Initiated, developed, and administered a supply program for a large inventory fundamental to the maintenance functions and operation readiness of the unit

● Coordinated with customers and provided oversight on the implementation of actions involving requirements determination, acquisition of supplies and materials, managing property accountability systems, and assuring that property is in place where and when needed

● Sponsored and developed training programs, conferences and seminars for Marines in the proper care in storage, location verification, and inventory processing of all on hand assets. Developed and issued supply handbooks and educated others in other Federal, Department of Defense, and local fire, safety and environmental regulations of a large storage facility to ensure compliance.

● Managed the Storage Retrieval Automated Tracking Integrated System (STRATIS) and the Defense Reutilization and Marketing System (DRMS) to improve inventory accuracy. Accomplishments:

● Recognized for reviewing and sustaining data processing systems that support supply programs, and documenting additions, changes, or deletions to optimize storage space without sacrificing responsiveness.

● Modernized a warehouse with 75 new modular containers, supervised the smooth removal of household goods for the installation of the containers.


2400 24th Road South

Arlington, VA

Mobile: 240-***-****

Email: B

USMC, Headquarters and Service Battery, Henderson Hall, Washington, D.C. 02/2008 03/2011

Warehouse Chief, Supply Logistics Section Platoon Sergeant

● Successfully managed financial and management control programs for supply operations such as controlling operations, determining supply costs, planning and budgeting, and evaluating supply management performance for over $600,000 in supplies and furniture, including supplies to the Pentagon and the Marine Commandant.

● Conducted surveys and analysis of supply operations to determine proper application of improved supply methods and approved industry techniques. M aximized the reuse of supplies to preserve stock in the face of budgetary constraints.

● Efficiently orchestrated the delivery and set up of large equipment and temporary structures for field exercises and special events including the design and development, procurement, production, storage, distribution, maintenance, transportation, utilization, and disposal of material.

● Developed design specifications, reviewing data processing systems that support supply programs, and documented additions, changes, or deletions of individual combat equipment. Provided procedural advice, guidance, and assistance on supply operations to military personnel.

● Successfully supervised 12 marines; provided technical requirements and descriptions of the work to be accomplished. Tracked progress and quality of performance; arranged for subordinates to conduct any required inspections and required testing. Planned works to be accomplished, set and adjusted short term priorities, and prepared schedules for completion of work. Mentored and guided Marines on work, life and administrative manners.


● Supervisor ranked 2:31 of peers as the “go to person to get things done.”

● Personally selected as the Color Sergeant for more than 15 special events, including retirements, balls, and VIP visits.

● Efficaciously created and implemented a first time key control program and process for the supply section to ensure accountability of key holders, and safekeeping of the keys by implementing a guideline for the timely return of all keys.

USMC, 2n d

Low Altitude Air Defense Battalion, Marine Combat Group 28, 3/2004 – 09/2007 Staff 2n d

Marine Air Wing

Cherry Point, NC

Embarkation/Deployment Support Staff

● Efficiently managed loading of personnel, equipment, and supplies aboard ships and aircraft in support of personnel deploying to the theater.

● Orchestrated equipment repairs with maintenance department and ensured satisfactory completion.

● Supported with billeting, transportation, ammunition, medical, dental, food and facility needs of personnel.

● Generated and analyzed Safety System reports for injured personnel for leadership reporting.

● Maintained inventory of equipment cages, managed keys to cages to ensure accountability of inventory. BARRON J. MCALLISTOR

2400 24th Road South

Arlington, VA

Mobile: 240-***-****

Email: B


● Coordinated the decommissioning of 15 trucks from battalion rolling stock to Defense reutilization program office.

● Streamlined process to create safer way to re shelf stock.

● Conducted an unprecedented “wall to wall” inventory to baseline 100% accountability, and reconciled all equipment with inventory logs.

● Organized and supervised battalion beautification projects, e.g., painting safety lines, barrier markings, and lines for pedestrians.

Duron Paint 01/2003 02/2004

Beltsville, MD

Logistics Chief

● Facilitated the sustainment of the strategic process and ensured just in time availability to increase effectiveness and efficiency, saving time, increasing productivity while reducing overall cost.

● Incorporated the actions of a variety of specialized support activities in order to develop a comprehensive logistic plan of action.

● Quality control of large contracts and outsourced orders; identify delays or problems and developing corrective actions.

● Efficiently loaded trucks, pulled orders and operated fork lifts.

● Managed the electronic inventory control system. United States Marine Corp, Marine Expeditionary Unit 06/2002 12/2002 Paris Island, SC/Cherry Point, NC

Stinger Gunner/Security

● Provided full protection and security without incidents post attach of the USS Cole in Yemen. AWARDS AND RECOGNITION:

● Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal, 2001, 2009, 2012

● Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal, 2011

● Iraq Campaign Medal, 2005

● Sea Service Deployment Ribbon, 2002, 2005

● Global War on Terrorism Service Medal, 2004

● Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal, 2002

● National Defense Service Medal, 2001

● Letter of Commendation, 2007

● Certificate of Commendation (Individual Award), 2005

● Letters of Appreciation (8), 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

● Certificate of Appreciation, 2002


2400 24th Road South

Arlington, VA

Mobile: 240-***-****

Email: B


● Cyber Awareness, MARINENET, 2011, 2012

● Noncommissioned Officer Program, Marine Corps Institute, 2010

● Warfighting Tactics and Techniques, Marine Corps Institute, 2002, 2010

● Cultural Awareness and Terrorism, MARINENET, 2010

● Instructor Skills, MARINENET, 2010

● Hot/Cold Weather Injury Prevention, Marine Corps Institute, 2002

● Tactical Decision Making, Marine Corps Institute, 2009

● Mine Awareness, MARINENET, 2009

● Base/Perimeter Defense, MARINENET, 2009

● Hazardous Materials Storage and Transportation, MARINENET, 2009

● Convoy Escort, MARINENET, 2009

● Responding to Depleted Uranium Leakage, Marine Corps Institute, 2009

● Leadership and Administration, Marine Corps Institute, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2009

● Battery Storage, MARINENET, 2009

● Warehousing Operations, Marine Corps Institute, 2008

● Warehousing and Automated Inventory Management), Supply School, Camp Lejeune, NC, 2007

● Supply Administration and Operations, Camp Lejeune, NC, 2007 CERTIFICATIONS AND TRAINING, cont.

● Introduction to Environmental Management, Cherry Point, NC, 2007

● INT RES CONS REC ACT, Cherry Point, NC, 2006

● Airlift Planning, Cherry Point, NC, 2006

● Military Operations on Urban Terrain, Marine Corps Institute, 2006

● Principles of Instruction, Marine Corps Institute, 2006

● Sergeants Program, Marine Corps Institute, 2005

● Counseling, Marine Corps Institute, 2005

● Low Altitude Air Defense Gunner, Ft. Bliss, TX, 2001

● Amphibious Warfare, Expeditionary Warfare Training Group Atlantic, Little Creek, Norfolk, VA, 2001

● Landing Force Air/Ground Task Force Staff Planning, Naval Air Base Little Creek, VA, 2001

● Stinger Gunner Operator, Army Air Defense School, Ft. Bliss, TX, 1999

● Anti Air Warfare/Air Support/Air Traffic Control, Ft. Bliss, TX, 1999

● Redeye Gunner/Operator, Ft. Bliss, TX, 1999

● Combat, Infantry School, Camp Lejeune, NC, 1999

● Recruit Training, Parris Island, SC, 1999

● BA candidate, General Studies, Jarvis Christian College, Hawkins, TX, 1993 to 1994

● Cannon Crewman, U.S. Army Training Center, Ft. Sill, OK, 1993 to 1994

● Diploma, Parkdale High School, Riverdale, MD, June 1993

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