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Sales Marketing

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
October 28, 2016

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With four- year Commerce degree in Finance, Sales skills, good communication skills, and research skills. I am interested in joining the Leading Marketing Firm team as Marketing Representative.

As a student, the interest in budgeted the individual expenditure and four years study in finance helps me easily to resolve some financial issues. When I was a university student, those major and elective courses taught me what the importance of time management, task assigned complement on time and team work. These experiences will be applied in my future job to help me doing well. Furthermore, I am equipped with basic financial and marketing knowledge due to these four-years hardworking in the university. So I believe that I would be qualified for this job. In addition, some management courses required me to do the presentation which required the interactive with each other in the group and present in public which taught me how to use an appropriate way to communicate and corporate with others. My volunteer experience for Beijing Olympic Games taught me how to communicate with different people which from different culture. Moreover, some courses required me do some research and analyze it that made me have a habit to do investigation. I can provide good information through my research analysis it.

My professional financial, good sales skills, communication skills and research skills will help me to qualify for the marketing representative. We can talk face to face if you are interested in my skills, or you can contact me, please call me at 1-902-***-****. Please see my attached resume for additional relevant skills.


Kunjie Wen

Kunjie Wen

56 Walter Havill Drive Phone: 1-902-***-****

Halifax, NS, B3N 0C3

Objective Position as a marketing representative, Leading Marketing Firm, which my financial, sales, communication, research, and leadership skills can help your company business.

Available Immediately, 2016, full-time employment

Relevant Skills

Financial Skills

Budget the individual expenditure and record for each month

As a customer of BMO, use some financial knowledge to invest the fund in the bank.

Sales Skills

As a trainee sales worked in the shopping mall to persuade customers to buy cell phone with high value in China.

As a trainee sales to sell the chemical products by B2B platform in China.

Communication Skills

Participated the communication meeting and grouping interactive discussion for some courses like management and marketing.

Do some individual and group presentation in public which required to management course.

Published essays about how to improve university student’s study efficiency on campus in Shan Dong university web site.

Research Skills

Do the research and gathered the research result about the important of corporate culture, and analyzed it in organization behavior management

Do the research about sustainable development and summarized it in ethics responsibility course.

Leadership Skills

As an organizer to organized the soccer match in 2010 at Shan Dong University in China.

In the group meeting for service learning subject, as a leader to edit and modify the data and to do the summary in university

Education Bachelor of Commerce

Major: Finance

Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, NS

Experience As a volunteer join the team to serve the Beijing

(August, 2008) Olympic Games in 2008.

(May, 2013) As a trainee sales working in the Shengshi Plastic Industry in summer.

(July, 2015) As a worker take the part time job at the Chinese

restaurant New Asia.

(March, 2016) Register the CFA exam and prepare it.

Interests soccer, basketball, computer games

Reference Available on request

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