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QA Manager

Brighton, The City of Brighton and Hove, United Kingdom
October 28, 2016

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Location; Seaford, East Sussex.

Contact details: Mobile: 075********, Home: 013**-******,


British, born in London. Married, 1984 with one independent child. House-owner from 1983.

I have been in manufacturing as a quality manager and / or engineer for 25 years, within medical laboratory automation, aerospace power electronics and water pumps for use with air conditioning & refrigeration plant. This has resulted in experience improving products and the processes that create them, using requirements analysis, risk management, project planning & management, quality planning, regulation compliance engineering, proposal compilation, process implementation, supplier selection, development & control, performance measurement, change control, calibration, process / product auditing, technical support, technical document creation / control and user instruction. These activities have required the use of most recognised techniques, many of which are identified in the body text. I am comfortable working in isolation, as a team leader, or member. I have always enjoyed learning and am keen to continue to do so. I welcome a new challenge that makes use of these attributes.


Microsoft; Word, Excel, Visio, Project, Access, Outlook. Adobe; FrameMaker, PhotoShop. Corel Paint Shop Pro.

ISO 9001 Auditor (Production Engineering Research Association).

Educational History and Qualifications

Salford University, Applied Chemistry Honours Degree 1st year

(including 6 months industrial placement as an Analytical Research Chemist at Allen & Hanbury’s, Hertfordshire.

Eastbourne College, Eastbourne, East Sussex.

3+ A-level passes: Chemistry; Biology & Physics with Electronics Endorsement.

8 O-level passes: English Language; English Literature; Geography; History; Mathematics & 3 sciences.

Employment History and Achievement Highlights

June 2013–Nov. 2014 Quality Assurance Manager, Roband Electronics, Horley, Surrey.

Design, development, component manufacture, electronic circuit assembly, mechanical fabrication, finishing, assembly, test, sales and repair of switch mode power supplies for high reliability applications.

Re-created QMS documentation to comply with revision C of AS 9100.

Documentation of process orientated assembly. Use of Japanese 5-S methodology.

Process performance measurement and reporting re-organised to improve visibility and effectiveness.

Managed small team of quality engineer, test technician and inspector.

Zero non-compliances after 2014 AS 9100 Rev.C / ISO 9001:2012 QMS surveillance audits.

Responsible for health & safety legislation compliance, through specialist staff member.

Jan. 2011–May 2013 Technical Author & Illustrator (6M Contract / Permanent)

Creation of test equipment maintenance manuals and a repair manual for an avionics switch mode power supply. Simplified and documented diagnosis, repair & test / verification methods.

Training of US Air Force technicians to repair BAE Systems / Boeing head-up display power supply.

Feb. 2010-Aug. 2010 Contract Quality Engineer, Elekta, Crawley, West Sussex.

Design, development, assembly, configuration, test, sales and support of linear accelerators & X-ray band radiation processing devices used in the treatment of cancer.

Many small investigations and three significant projects including the; investigation of the effect of high energy rays / particles on selected irradiated plastics, quantitative performance comparison of a selection of irradiated switches,

establishment of a “creepage” value (relaxation of structure, due to physical load) for lead.

Feb. 2005–April 2009 Quality Controller, Aspen Pumps Group, Hailsham, East Sussex .

Design, development, assembly & sales of a range of electro-mechanical condensate pumps for use with air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. Also a range of access ways and accessoroies for associated plant.

Reduction of internal failure rate by 80% within 24 months, by implementing Poka-Yoke technique et al.

Reduction of product warranty costs by 72% within 24 months, using root cause analysis / 8-D methodology.

Identification of chemical incompatibility problem, investigation of more suitable plastics and implementation of design changes to eliminate a specific application problem, enabling competitive advantage to be established.

Prototype development of complex industrial pump and introduction to market, addressing new market / application.

Design of injection moulded plastic Pulse Suppressor, to reduce operational noise (free with miniature pumps).

Introduced quality planning and cellular manufacturing as a precursor to Lean manufacturing.

Jan. 2001–Jan. 2005 Manager, Aird & Co. Ltd., Brighton, East Sussex

Retail sales and service of hand and power tools for woodwork, engineering, construction to trades and DIY.

Responsible for the day-to-day organisation of staff, ordering & handling of stock and sales.

Enabled business expansion within three years of joining a former colleague’s struggling business.

Dec.1996–Oct. 1999 Quality Assurance Manager, Zenyx Scientific, Burgess Hill, West Sussex

Design (inc. software) assembly, configuration, test, sales and support of range of sample processors, organic synthesiser, laboratory robot and diagnostic image analyser.

Extension of ISO 9001 registration to include Manchester site (from Zero compliance) within one year of merging.

Continuous improvement implemented to processes effectiveness & efficiency.

Zero non-compliances at both sites surveillance audits in 1999.

Auditing: QMS internal, QMS supplier and Product (technical).

Implementation of industry best practices.

Company expert / trainer for Microsoft Office applications and Windows.

July 1993–Oct. 1999 Technical Author / Illustrator (Part-time with quality management)

Created, maintained and edited service manuals and user guides for all new products and accessories.

Maintained (including complete re-organisation) pre-existing service manuals and user guides.

July 1989–Nov. 1996 Quality Assurance Manager, Kemble Instrument Company, Burgess Hill, West Sussex.

Design of mechanical & electronic assemblies, software (embedded & user programmable), configuration, test, sales and support of a range of medical laboratory automation instruments.

Implemented K. Ishikawa ‘s principles (company-wide quality) for registration to BS 5750 Pt. 1 / ISO 9001.

Implemented and participated in QMS auditing and calibration throughout organisation.

New product introductions for Radial arm robot, Organic Synthesiser, Guardian SPI & SPII & G2000 & accessories.

Established and chaired (on rotational basis) the Project Review Committee.

Studied and applied P. Crosby’s aim for zero defects and to quantify quality costs.

Devised, implemented & managed Supplier Development Programme to support adoption of Just-in-time.

Implemented KPIs for comprehensive monitoring & reporting of in-house process & product service performance.

Co-managed CE mark (inc. LVD 93/68/EEC) compliance project. Specific responsibility for power supplies & EMC.

Led product regulation compliance project for type approval in US & Canada (CSA #22.2) through distributor.

Dec. 1986–June 1989 Quality Engineer, Kemble Instrument Company, Burgess Hill, West Sussex.

Introduced product and process performance measurement and reporting.

Quality improvement of product (miniature mechanical 3 way valve, electronic motion controllers etc.).

Process efficiency improvement (rack & pinion motion assembly, precision pump assembly etc.).

Studied works of W Edwards Deming and J.M. Juran. Introduced SPC for batch quality control.

Designed, assembled, validated and documented the use of in-process test equipment.

Created, maintained and validated test procedures for assemblies to complete systems.

Recruited, trained & managed small team of inspector, test technicians and test engineers.

Created technical content (operational description, diagnostic charts, illustrations etc.) for service manuals.

Performed training in product use and service support to distributor’s sales / service staff and end-users.

New product introductions for Kemtek 700 & 1000 and many upgrades (including software) & accessories.

Company representative for implementation of COSHH regulations.

June 1983– Nov.1986 Electronics Engineer (Contract / Permanent), STC Business Systems, Burgess Hill.

Repair (to component level in PCB assemblies) of computer, peripheral and telecommunication devices.

Repaired microprocessor based circuit assemblies & associated electronic equipment involving analogue, TTL, CMOS 8008, 8080, Z80, 6802 & 16-bit 80286 / 68000 microprocessor PC technology.

Awarded a Quality Circle prize for a workshop layout improvement suggestion that improved performance.

Nov. 1981–May 1983 Electronics Technician, Weightech Ltd, Newhaven, East Sussex.

Design, fabrication, assembly, sales and support of electronic office and bespoke industrial weighing systems.

Diagnosed, repaired, re-assembled and re-tested production and field system electronic circuit failures.

Hobbies and Interests

Mechanical engineering; I have 2 lathe / mills and extensive inspection equipment.

Woodwork; I particularly enjoy routing and have designed and made furniture.

Photography - I have had SLR cameras and now use a DSLR with image editing software.

Military history, tactics and the application of technology to combat from medieval to modern, sea to space..

Astronomy - I have 2 telescopes and use planetarium software extensively.

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