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Automation, Integration, Programming, Troubleshooting

Detroit, Michigan, United States
October 28, 2016

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Gene Szuch

Industrial Controls

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Geneva, Ohio 44041



I use my Knowledge, Education, Skills, Experience and Dedication to Save Money, Increase Profits Increase Sales, Reduce Scrap, and Improve Customer Relations.


Panel layout and wiring, trouble shooting, in electronics, electrical, pneumatics, and hydraulics. Design of electronic, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic circuits. Fiber optics, wireless Distributed Control. Both Design and Master Trouble Shooting Skills. I Speak Ladder, Stage Sequence, Basic, Forth, Fortran, Algol, Slueth, Pascal, C, C++” Boolean, and several machine codes, HMI, Some Robotics. Experience with Modicon, Allen Bradley, General Electric, Westinghouse, Square D, Omron, Automation Direct, Koyo, Cmore, Panels, Rockwell Panelview. Some experience with Funuc CNC. Experience with several versions of servo drives from Baldor, Marathon, Kolmogren, Boston, Siemens and a few others. EXPERIENCE

Skrl Die Casting, Cleveland, Ohio

2012-Present W orked on design, programming and installation of Robots, upgrading cells to work with error proofing and robotic transfer. Designed and built one 900 compression press for the fuel cell group. Continued to lead a five man Skunkworks group and twelve man maintenance team. Began a design of an all electric die casting machine using servo motors, planetary drives and ball screws.

2008-2012 Designed and built curing ovens with PID control and completely automated production cells for the fuel cell operation. Built numerous control systems for outside companies including work for nuclear submarines, surface to air missiles, gattling guns. 2002-2008 Started up a fuel cell business adapting previously unused equipment, by converting controls and redesigning the hydraulics and mechanical systems. Started a small Skunkworks Group from some of our best electrical, mechanical and hydraulics to quickly adapt and grow the fuel cell business. Became an officer of the Skrl companies. 2000-2002 D esigned and built 1200 ton compression presses for molding composite parts. Designed and built a robotic cell for processing large molded parts. Supervised a twelve man maintenance team and a five man design team.


Furnaces in the Die Casting Foundry were operating at Combustion efficiencies of 8%.

The Combustion systems were redesigned using forced air combustion, digital controls and high low operation. This achieved efficiencies of 38-45% and cost $50,000 but saving $585,500 per year.

The water use and bill in the Die Casting Foundry was extremely high and costly.

Redesign of the water system and automated control of the system using high efficiency circulating pumps high powered tower pumps and an oversized cooling tower. Control was under Plc with pressure, temperature, and level sensors, monitoring the entire system. This cost $39,000 and saved $268,750 per year.

The Entire plant, but primarily the Foundry Operations was consuming significant reactive power from large rotating loads After a study of the use of all equipment, capacitors were purchased and installed to lower reactive power Cost to install capacitors was $12,500 while reactive power was reduced by $224,000 per year. The Die Casting Machine, main productive units of the Foundry Operations with an approximate cost of $1,000,000 to $1,200,000, were becoming obsolete due to controls and ease of functioning. The control systems of all the machines were redesigned, hydraulics were redesigned making the machines faster, cheaper and easier to set up. The relays were replaced with plc’s, the vane pumps replaced with pressure compensated piston pumps and set up was changed from switches and timers to touch screen Panels. This saved the investment of $12,000,000 or more while costing only $296,000.

Several outside jobs for defense work needed precise control of of large masses and close measurement of non physical parameters. This was solved by clever design, low noise high accuracy A/D work, and servo controls Large bearings for naval nuclear reactors were mounted in a horizontal race and turned by a slightly under sized servo motor used as a micro stepper. This allowed positioning and repeatability measurement within a few thousandths of an arc second and the current drawn by the servo motor allowed accurate scaling of the torque required to move the bearing any microsecond in real time.

The Armour shell of the M1A1 main battle tank needed to be rotated for welding and balanced within less than 1%

This trick was accomplished using a standard welding fixture balanced around the same axis as the tank. It was elevated and driven longitudinally with a servo motor and planetary gear drive. A torque sensor on the drive shaft fed real time balance data displayed on a panel along exact position. This simply used a Plc and standard HMI interface

Robots need to be integrated into a production cell. First all the machine controls were updated to the same brand of Plc for simplified interfacing. Then the robots were physically installed and programmed. Next all the initiation and end of cycle signals were set up and wired in. The system was then smoke tested and debugged. Brought in under budget. $650,000 in work and materials for $1,100,000 in sales. The Quality Control Department wants remote gathering of machine data to free their personell from being data takers and allow them to be problem solvers

Each machine was fitted with a SBC that had wireless ethernet on board. The SBC gathered data from the Plc, sensors on the machine, and environment. This data was then transmitted wirelessly to two computers. One in the QC office and One in the production office. This both increased production and reduced scrap to near zero.


Case Western Reserve University Bachelor in Physics and Mathematics

Case Western Reserve University

Masters o f Electrical E ngineering

Weatherhead School of Management CWRU

Master of Business Administration


Alan Thornton 440-***-**** Work Colleague

Frank Merela 440-***-**** Work Colleague

Edward Tatman 440-***-**** Friend

Mary Tatman 440-***-**** Friend

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