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consultant clinical psychologist

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October 26, 2016

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Salah, El, Gaili, El, Shikh, El, Samani Title : Clinical Psychologist Married Mobile:+974******** Doha Qatar

Personal Profile

Assess a client’s needs, ability & behavior .

Using a variety of psychological methods, including psychometric tests, interviews and direct observation.

Work as part of multidisciplinary team to set up care plan.

Carrying out individual and group psychotherapy in behavior disorders.

Devising and monitoring appropriate treatment programmes, including therapy, counseling or advice, in collaboration with colleagues

Well skilled in handling psychological & emotional problems in multi nationality & particular for Khalegee culture patients;

Conduct Interpersonal & Cognitive behavior therapy, Motivation interview, Family therapy. Psycho-education; Stress and Anger management in accordance to client needs, both in psychiatry and addiction settings.

Lead others in demanding circumstances.

Responsible for organisation and professional leadership/management, service and policy development of psychology services .

Taught psychological courses,helped, trained & oriented University students in the field of psychology and relevant disciplines.

Supervised & ASSISTED undergraduate & postgraduate students in data compilation, preparation & organization of their research.

Undertaking Research, & peer reviewer

Self-motivated and hardworking individual.

Solid understanding of human behavior,

2001 Khartoum University Sudan

Ph.D. Psychology.


1988 Khartoum University Sudan

M.A. Psychology

1982 Khartoum University Sudan

B.A. “Honors” Psychology

English Proficient Arabic : Mother tongue.

Good Knowledge in Computer (ICDL).

Ability to cope with emotionally demanding situations

Analytical skills

Good communication and interpersonal skills

Good team working skills

Good Observational skills

Sensitive listening and questioning skills

Patience. skills

Problem-solving skills

Trustworthiness. Skills

Empathetic and compassionate



Tittle of research

Journal of addictive behaviors 29 (2004) 753-758.(Elsevier)

Journal of addictive disorder and their treatment march 2005-vol4-issue 1-pp29-38 .Lippincott Williams & Wilkins)

International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction Volume 6, Number 3 / July 2008…pp306-315. (Spring)

High-risk relapse situation & self-efficacy: comparison between alcoholics & heroin addicts

Precipitants of relapse among heroin addicts.

Factors affecting long term- Abstinence

Under process:

Self-efficacy as predictor of relapse among addicts.,

The impact of hajj on addict's behavior.

Stigma among addict patients,

Publications & Achievement

Preparation of :

Manual of Aftercare&Day Care unit.

Treatment programme Aftercare &Day Care unit.

Policies & procedures for After Care

Psychotherapy treatment Protocols

Monthly Activities report of psychological services

Quarterly activities report of After Care unit

Design of psychological assessment form

Adaptation & standardization of:

Situational confidence questionnaire

Inventory of Drug Taking Situations

Eysenck personality questionnaire

Under construction :

Automatic thought questionnaire

Global religious scale

External examiner; Um Al-Qura University

Teaching & Training Drug Counselors ; King Abdu Aziz University & Alamal Hospital


Treatmentand Rehabilitation Center (TRC)

Consultant psychologist &


5.8.012-31.12. 015

Work Experiences

Responsibilities :

Supervise and train psychologist,

Run and organize psychological work in the unit.

Focusing on problem solving regarding staff and patients.

Organize and professional leadership/management, service and policy development of psychology services .

Carry specialist caseload of clients: provides advice & consultancy to patients & professionals.

Motivate practitioners, assistant, trainee(s) from own and/or other professions.

Undertake research, teaching, lecture.

Construction, standardization & adaptation of Psychological tests .


Treatment and Rehabilitation Center

Head of After Care & Day care unit


Responsibilities :

Develop, evaluate, and implement evidence based clinical and psycho- educational programme .

Coordinate services for Aftercare programs in cooperation with the Director of Residential Services at each assigned location.

Assign, direct, and supervise work efforts of therapist & counselors; support staff in cooperation with heads of different specialty.

Periodically evaluate, and provide performance feedback to subordinates.

Maintain quality, confidentiality, and continuity of all required documentation and records

Supervise MDT meetings.

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Al-Amal Hospital

Senior / Consultant Psychologist



Individual and group psychotherapy in mental disorders & chemical dependency.

Psychotherapy designed to focus on the effects of drug and alcohol on client’s emotional and behavioral consequences that often impede their normal functioning. & to achieve of interpersonal and intrapsychic adequacy

Supervision o f staff .

Working for overall development of Al-Amal hospital

Participation in the education of the public; enhancement of awareness among community against substance abuse and promotion of mental health .

Develop work plan as suggested by the hospital

Involvement in research

Khartoum Sudan.

Khartoum Clinic for Nervous Disorders & Tigani Almahi

Senior Psychologist

1990 –1994


Provide outstanding clinical services including; individual and group psychotherapy, risk assessment, outreach and workshops to the undergraduate community in collaboration with other clinical providers .

Head department of psychology.

Training new staff, & staff . Set up diagnosis, & treatment plan.

Administered psychotherapy and psychological tests

Khartoum Sudan.

UNHCR and Commissioner Office for Refugees (COR)

Medical counselor


Duties :

Assessment of medical, psychological& financial needs for refugees.

Provide necessarily & appropriate services (e.g. psychotherapy, counseling, education and psychological testing etc financial, and/or social support).for the clients .

Khartoum Sudan.

Khartoum Clinic for Nervous Disorders & Tigani Almahi

Assistant psychologist

1983- 1985

Duties :

Worked with a comprehensive therapeutic team,

Consulted with traditional and religious healers to facilitate the process of referring severely psychiatric disturbed population of lunatic asylums to psychiatric hospitals and clinics.

Ran psychotherapy and counseling for inpatient-and-outpatient populations, administered psychological tests.

Carried out different studies to improve psychological services

Khartoum Sudan,

National AIDS Committee (Volunteer work)

Counselors trainer & Member of Sudanese


Relevant Experiences


Shared others members in planning & organization.

Participated in Making strategies and policies for AIDS and HIV prevention.

Trainer of trainers in AIDS and HIV preventive counseling.

Involvement in the education of the public and awareness enhancement of the community against Aids l HIV dilemma

Khartoum Sudan

Khartoum, University

Ahfad University College for women,

Higher Nursing College,

Sudan University for science and technology

Aviation science college

lecturer (Part time).

1987 –1995

Responsibilities :

Taught different psychological courses,

Helped, trained & oriented University students in the field of psychology and relevant disciplines.

Supervised & ASSISTED undergraduate & postgraduate students in data compilation, preparation & organization of their research

American psychological association.

Sudanese psychological society.

Islamic Psychologist Association


1.Dr Munior Soussi Consultant psychiatrist SCH Tel: +974********

2.Dr Ahmed Al-Agib consultant psychiatrist Naufar Clinic Tel:+974********


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