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LTE Engineer

United States
October 26, 2016

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Name Victor Salinas Hernandez

Cell Phone (626) -935-5205


Skype salinasv45


The University of Phoenix. Phoenix, Arizona

Master of Business Administration On Hold

Instituto Politécnico Nacional- Mexico City, México

Bachelor of Science Completed

Major; Engineering in Electronics and Communications

Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey. Monterrey, México


Major in Logistics Completed

Major in Management Completed


Nokia Mexico City, Mexico

GSS NI/TI Service Solution Specialist 09/2014 – 06/2016

Service solutions development of projects from the major carriers in Latin America and North America. Proposing the best installation and integration solution at low cost and less time (designing proposal) as a whole “Installation, commissioning and Integration” of Nokia proprietary equipment and 3rd party equipment (HP and Juniper mainly), delivery time, installation material and human resources reduction. Focusing all this solutions on RAN and CORE networks according to each project; products like GSM, WCDMA, LTE, VoLTE, DC Power dimensioning, Antennas, Backhaul, AAA, IMS, NecAct, etc. and some Virtualization Networks solutions. DAS, IBS and Small Cells as part of specialized solution with the most brand new equipment.

As part of the complete solution, Service and Technical description documentation were delivered. Describing physical installation, cabling, and materials needed for implementation according to the equipment and project, men work effort for site survey, site planning, commissioning and integration were also.

Instituto Politecnico Nacional Mexico City, Mexico

RF and Transmission project 01/2014 – 07/2014

Phase 1: RF design engineering proposing some cell sites to offer coverage to some rural community in Mexico, using propagation models to determinate coverage, site capacity and site location, join together with site survey and equipment and antennas proposals.

Phase 2: Transmission design using path loss as propagation model in order to link all these sites and be connected to the BSC, determination of the operation frequency, link capacity, site survey, path survey, antenna highs, dish diameter, equipment proposal and traffic capacity.

Grupo Radiofrecuencia y Propagación S. de R.L. Monterrey, México

Contrator 04/2013 – 06/2013

Validating of Huawei equipment installation as well as coordinating the installation of BBU power supply system and Microwaves links for Nextel.

Site survey to get all ATP formats and clean up processes to deliver installation to the final customer.

Ericsson equipment installation validation and troubleshooting live equipment for Telcel.

Lemcon USA Corp. New Jersey, USA

Node B Engineer 10/2010 – 02/2013

Nokia certificated engineer

AT&T Carrier Aggregation Project (New York, New Jersey);

Mainly activities; implementation, commissioning and integration, upgrading, downgrading for Carrier aggregation activities of Nokia BTS equipment, some cases Argus dc power supply with battery cabinets downgrading or upgrading, and Alcatel-Lucent NodeB equipment relocation or implementation, site support to troubleshoot BTS alarms after upgrading and downgrading BTS TRX capacity, these activities included site preparation, site survey, and site drawing, and get all documents needed for ATP and deliver to the customer.

T-Mobile Modernization Project (Dallas and Houston); Site survey, site preparation, and installation, commissioning and integration of new NSN Flexi multiradio equipment; swapping and turned off Nortel 2G equipment, installing new dc power supply, and fiber optic, cabling and ground system, call testing and cell neighbor for service validation, collecting snapshot for report and fulfill data documentation. get all documents and pics needed for ATP and get ready the site to deliver it to the customer. Mentoring of less experience technicians and supporting crew installation on site.

AT&T Project (New York, New Jersey); Site Survey, site preparation and site drawing of active cell sites for downgrade or upgrade Nokia’s equipment, according with AT&T work order, new site installation, commissioning and integration, new DC power supply equipment installation and new Alcatel-Lucent Node B. Site support for troubleshooting, alarms clean and mentorship of less experienced technicians

AT&T Project (Michigan/Indiana); Installation and Integration of Nokia’s 2G Ultrasite equipment, more than 100 sites installed and integrated to get the goal of the project, clean-up alarm site activities after project implementation, resolving configuration and operational issues as well as upgrade and downgrade of the site configuration and call testing and drive test. Site preparation and get all documents needed for ATP and deliver to the customer. collecting snapshot for report and fulfill data documentation. Getting all documents and pics needed for ATP and get ready the site to deliver it to the customer

T-Mobile clean-up project (Phoenix); Site Support identifying issues and troubleshoot the Nokia’s Flexi Node B operation, decommissioning and commissioning sites cleaning up all alarms, testing PDU’s and MHA’s and reconfiguring parameters and/or resolving problems including call testing analysis.

Human World (NSN Service Delivery) Mexico City, Mexico

FLM Manager Consultant 01/2010 – 08/2010

This project was developed in two different phases.

Phase 1; NSN service delivery as a new organization of Nokia Siemens Network needs to develop and identify all associated OSP activities, defining human and assets resources that compliment job activities, as well as organizational department and interdependencies of Nextel which is offered this solution (Engineering and Site Operation), translating all this Nextel’s organizational structure into the new NSN Service Delivery organization granted service operation, preserving or reducing the budgeting and actual carrier operation. That implied re-dimensioning and re-sizing the original organizational carrier structure (human resource, tools, assets, budget, etc.) all daily activities, identifying assets, KPI’s and complementary activities to support and ensure customer service without service interruption.

Phase 2; responsible to identify, avoid and resolve issues during phase 1 implementation via mentoring and training the management team about the new organizational structure, process and implementation between Nextel and NSN, be part of the team of implementation of KPI’s and capital and operation budget, reporting running projects (CAPEX and OPEX), its schedule and implementation, reporting weekly progress to NSN and Nextel vice-presidencies.

Grupo Radiofrecuencia y Propagación S. de R.L. Monterrey, Mexico

Node B Engineer 01/2009 – 12/2009

SDH and PDH NEC’s PASOLINK NEO microwave installation and integration

CISCO 2800 integration.

Nokia UMTS; install and commission of FLEXI node B, including dual antenna installation, RF lines and sweep test, BBU outdoor system (CD power plant), fiber optics and all the hardware ancillary co-existing wit GSM equipment, E1 test

Nokia GSM; installed and commissioned indoor/outdoor project execution for co-existent 800/1900 BTS UTRASITE, including ELTEK CD power system, battery backup, RF lines and sweep test, Antennas and all hardware ancillaries and electrical connection, DSX and RRI installation and E1 test

ADEX Telecom LLC Panama, Panama

Field Supervisor 11/2008 – 12/2008

Direct contractor supervision for Ericsson Minilink Traffic Node installation and alignment

RBS 2206 commissioning and integration, providing contractor mentoring, operation and installation guidance

Troubleshooting and alarm attendance and on-call response.

Grupo Radiofrecuencia y Propagación S. de R.L. Monterrey, México

Node B Engineer 01/2008 – 11/2008

Nokia UMTS; install and commission of FLEXI node B, including dual antenna installation, RF lines and sweep test, BBU outdoor system (CD power plant), fiber optics and all the hardware ancillary co-existing wit GSM equipment, E1 test

Site Audit and site distribution recommendation (Civil, Electrical, Tower, a line of sight) and CAD report.

Nokia GSM; installed and commissioned indoor/outdoor project execution for co-existent 800/1900 BTS UTRASITE, including ELTEK CD power system, battery backup, RF lines and sweep test, Antennas and all hardware ancillaries and electrical connection, DSX and RRI installation and E1 test

Drive test procedure to verify equipment operation after installation and parameters certification.

Ericsson ADM installation, commissioning and provisioning with customer delivery (acceptance test protocol) in Tijuana and Guadalajara

Siemens Microwave Installation, including ELTEK CD power plant, connections and integration, and E1 test

Ericsson GSM 2106 and 2206 sites attendance, line and antenna change, recovery system failure and test on preinstalled sites, including CD power plant, battery bank and microwave test and supervision

Ericsson UMTS 3106 trouble ticket attendance sweep test, antenna and RF line repair and sweep test

Civil site attendance, electrical cable recovery, RF lines and microwave BB cable repair

Microwave Harris True Point installation, including test, provisioning and customer delivery

DAS Implementation (BDA ) in-building distribution antenna installation, to improve indoor coverage area

Comunicaciones Nextel de México S.A. Monterrey, Mexico

Field Operation Senior Manager 11/2003 – 12/2007

Managing O&M northeast department with more than 500 cellular sites, dimension budgetary operation, human resources and hiring process (CAPEX and OPEX), sizing regional market budget for seven local markets this include, facilities, vehicles, tools, spares and budget for daily operation (OPEX) with contractors. Scheduling maintenance process joins together with coordinator's for contractors and technicians, determining workflow and identify and reduce cost with average annual savings of 18%

Daily RF traffic statistical analyzer and network performance observer, working together with RF staff members analyzing block and drop calls, link budget, antenna parameters, hardware provisioning, new site recommendation and frequency interference and utilization

Analyzed and implemented corrective action plans by the use of innovating Post Mortem report, improving personnel capability by creating effective corrective maintenance process to elicit faster repairs and reduce shutdown time

EBTS Manager 09/2000 – 11/2003

Establish and coordinate preventive and corrective maintenance plans for employees and workflow for contractors, designed technical procedures and conducted post maintenance monitoring to ensure performance and net reliability according to RF parameters and statistics

Project leader of microwave net re-design, emitting new path survey analysis via Pathloss and MapInfo, line of sight, interference analysis, and polarizations problems, detected and implemented corrective actions plans to increase network performance

Technical RF knowledge, installing the first combiner hardware configuration on site (in Mexico), this increased channel capacity (channel per sector)

Installation Manager 04/1998 – 08/2000

Project coordination skills, scheduling and tracking large-scale installations projects, implemented more than 480 cellular sites in the Center, Pacific and North of Mexico, on-time delivering and multitasking scheduling according to the Project Manager necessities

Constant hardware recommendation, saving more than $4 million USD in material contractors works labors and USD$700,000 in works labors from assigned CAPEX budget, trough re-engineering of CD power plant working together with the vendor, battery backup and HVAC cool capacity and distribution.

Identifying systems and equipment distribution determining and recommending equipment and ground system installation, type of RF lines trough loss of signal study due to distance and recommend better distribution on tower and hardware ancillary for microwaves antennas and RF panel antennas.

Mentoring engineers and contractor to achieve and reduce labor installation time from 28 days to 5 days (from layout to final ATP) saving more than 15% of the assigned budget.


OSHA 10 hours certification

WCDMA/GSM Commissioning and Integration Level 2, NSN certification, Dallas Tx, USA

C-RRU Rooftop and Ground Level 1, NSN certification, Houston Tx, USA

Tellabs 8100 Alarm analysis, Tellabs, Mexico City, Mexico

O&M Microwave Digital Radio Megastar SDH, Harris, Mexico City, Mexico

EBTS Installation, Operations and Maintenance, Motorola, Mexico City, Mexico

Installation, Operations and Maintenance of Lorain Power System 123A2 spec: PLM 80000, Marconi, Mexico

RF and Microwave Fundaments, Agilent Technologies, Mexico City, Mexico

O&M Microwave Digital Radio Microstar 13-23 GHz, Harris, Mexico City, Mexico

Systems of Ground Connection in Electrical Networks, Actualizacion Profesional Especializada

Minilink E O&M, Ericsson Telecom S.A. de C.V., Mexico City, Mexico

Grounding Practice and Applications for AC and DC Electrical Distribution Systems, R.O. Associates, LTD.

Avantel Outside Plant Operations and Maintenance, MCI, Richardson, Texas

O&M Microwave Digital Radio Series M, LC, Spectrum and Classic II, DMC, Mexico City, Mexico

RBS Installation, Teleindustria Ericsson S.A. de C.V., Mexico City, Mexico

Extend-A-Cell, Allen Telecom Group, Mexico City, Mexico

MDR-4XXX Microwave Digital Radio Maintenance, Alcatel Network Systems, Richardson, Texas

DMX-3003N Digital Multiplex Maintenance, Alcatel Network Systems, Richardson, Texas


Spanish mother tongue

English fluent

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