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Quality Manager

Buena Park, California, United States
October 26, 2016

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David Giroux

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South Jordan, UT / 84095

Phone 801-***-****


Over 30 years of industrial process improvement experience; generating approximately $100M in sustained cost savings. The methodologies (Lean/Six Sigma) and validation (ISO 9000/17025) experience are evidence that I approach opportunities and challenges systematically. Lastly, I have a history of providing succession planning through coaching and facilitation


BS-IT - University of Phoenix

MBA - Purdue University

Six Sigma Black Belt (certification through ASQ)

Certified Quality Engineer (certification through ASQ)

Facilitator (certification through ASI)

Third year undergraduate study in chemical engineering

Fourth year undergraduate study in chemistry


Staff Scientist, Peak Petroleum Testing Services (12-2015 to 5/2016)

oTesting and certification of Diesel Fuels, Aviation Fuels and Gasoline.

oDevelop ISO/IEC 17025 Quality Management System for North Salt Lake Laboratory (currently in development).

oEvaluate and deploy additional ASTM methods to scope

oEvaluating and updating training programs

Quality Management Systems/Laboratory Consultant, Horsehead Metals Products (05-2014 to 09-2014)

oPerformed a comprehensive evaluation of the plant process and compared client (plant) testing needs with the capabilities of the laboratory.

oPerformed gap analysis for testing methods, equipment, personnel and Information Systems.

oAdopting current procedures to published standard methods and writing quality manual and SOPs to comply with ISO 17025

oFiltering method selection to comply with EPA reporting requirements and aligning SOP’s and quality system for seamless integration with NELAC Standard

oEvaluating and updating training programs

Site Operations Manager/Laboratory Manager, POLARIS Laboratories (09-2012 to 11-2013)

oLeveraged production laboratory management, bench and ISO 17025 experience to an operation with low morale and high turnover. The more tenured employees had struggled through three lab managers in the previous 12 months.

oNegotiated a steep learning curve for new instruments and methods associated with a tribology lab, becoming the “expert” in six months.

oBegan coaching the technicians on the principles behind the operation of their instruments and the value of the testing to our customers. This approach instilled confidence and enabled the staff to manage the multiple work instruction revisions inherent in the administration of the Quality Manual.

oCross trained staff, including sample processing (i.e. data entry) to build a team oriented culture and improve responsiveness with a highly variable production volume

oUsed the gains achieved to expand the team concept across the company by processing approximately 10,000 samples over six months for other labs in addition to our workload

oAdministrative duties including ordering consumables, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on building and equipment, disposal of hazardous waste generated by the lab.

oSLC was the most productive lab in terms of samples processed per man hour despite the limitations of instrumentation and physical space

oRevenues of ~ $3.6M with a budget of $1.5M

Laboratory Accreditation Officer, Pennsylvania DEP (06/2011 to 11-2011)

oHanded approximately 2000 pages of documents which included standard methods, state accreditation requirements, federal (NELAP/ISO17025) requirements, state and department employee rules and union (AFSCME) information … and told to start reading.

oAssigned to edit and submit a revision to an electronic version of guidance document for applicant labs that would enable the applicant to pass an accreditation audit if followed correctly. This assignment was given two weeks after I started and had a four week deadline

oParticipated in site audits after three weeks

oConducted assisted audits at 60 days

oConducted independent municipal field audits at 90 days

oConducted independent contract lab audit at 120 days

oGiven the time constraints (AFCME work rules limited workweek hours to 37.5) and workload (projects, audit prep, learning curve as an external auditor) I was released after a 30 day extension of my 90 day probationary period because all the deliverables, though completed, were not acceptable to the Section Chief.

Quality Manager, Carmeuse Lime and Stone, (06/2007 to 05/2009)

oRecruited from SLC to York (PA) to overhaul the quality program at the Oglebay-Norton Pennroc quarry and processing facility.

oUsed my knowledge of tar sands analysis to reverse engineer a root cause analysis concerning aggregate specification failure in the customer’s asphalt production process.

oRCA and CAPA saved our customer “several million dollars” in losses incurred from “milling up” paving projects that didn’t meet PaDOT specifications. The level of commitment given to this customer enabled Oglebay-Norton to win back a $5M account.

oEarned the trust and loyalty of my QA staff by focusing on issues to problems and making proper process corrections rather than playing the “blame game” when fielding customer complaints.

oPerformed feasibility analysis on fines from the log washer to determine if chemistry and gradation were suitable for FGD market.

oSaved ~ $200K in manpower and energy costs through better process modeling procedures in the lab.

oAdministrative duties including ordering consumables, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on building and equipment, disposal of hazardous waste generated by the lab.

oDirected the laboratory remodel project including layout and design, directing RFP activities (Building conceptual plans, engineering, mechanical, permitting inquiries, selection of general contractor)

oSaved ~ $300K in manpower and energy costs by developing field chemical testing procedures to manage quarry deposit

oAssisted Carmeuse Corporate science team in quantifying marketable quarry assets for Oglebay-Norton acquisition in November, 2007.

oAchieved Cpk improvement of400% in chemical stone production in six months

oEngaged three clients in downstream exposure to improve my staff’s awareness of Carmeuse operations from a customer’s perspective

oConducted formal leadership training for my staff at my own expense

oReduced customer complaints from 37 to 3

Supervising (shift) Chemist/Associate Engineer, US Magnesium LLC (05/1989 to 09/2006)

oImplemented SPC program without adding paperwork in the foundry resulting in a 30% drop in internal rejects saving approximately $2.4M annually

oDirected capital project for ingot mold release system with a budget of $125K. This included the purchase of capital equipment and setting up a contractor in the company system for ongoing purchases of Boron Nitride. This project eliminated the need to “buff” discoloration from the final product effectively eliminating 4 positions, saving approximately $150K in labor costs

oProcurement of supplies through the internal “stores” system

oPurchase of “single use” supplies for a variety of project work directly from vendors, including fabrication services for project prototyping.

oMember of the project teams (cell re-design, DC casting, Chlorine conversion unit) that laid the groundwork for three major capital projects totaling $40M. These projects combined to comply with more restrictive emissions requirements, improve power consumption and position the company as a significant player in the large ingot market. Combined, these projects, increased production or reduced costs approximately $35M annually

oApplied Lean and Six Sigma methodologies to the process control laboratory, cutting cycle time on average of 50% and boosting productivity by an average of 150%

oDeveloped low energy alloying method ASTM AS41 that won a $1.4M annual contract

oDeveloped an internal warehouse audit program

oPiloted a graphite mold base program from spent graphite anodes prior to continuous casting project

oMember of the ISO 9000 roll out team

Quality Assurance Supervisor, Huish Chemical Company (10/1986 to 05/1989

oManaged two production labs and a crew of 12 technicians

oOrganized procedures into a quality management system and created the company’s first quality manual

oAdministrative duties including ordering consumables

oDeveloped and deployed the company’s first SPC program.

oPossessed the ability to detect, analyze and correct process related problems beyond laboratory analysis after only a few weeks on the job.


Kaizen/Kaizen Blitz using visual workplace methods to reduce cycle time

Reduced waste, variability and processing costs through modified testing

Implemented several SPC programs

Developed integrated LIMS

Developed testing models to improve raw material management

Led capital project teams to improve product quality and reduce non value added labor activity


Conducted formal leadership training courses with my group

Third Party audit experience

Coached staff in the development, use and revision of JSAs

Conducted weekly safety training and developed staff to perform this function

Developed quality audit programs for operator training and development

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