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Mountain View, California, United States
October 26, 2016

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Timothy Shiu




Web Technologies

angular, ionic, react, redux,

polymer, material, node,

express,, mongoose, bcrypt,

request, mocha, chai, jquery,

bootstrap, foundation,

material-ui, d3, cytoscape,

underscore, python, django,

iOS, leaflet, mapbox, oauth,

passport, html, css, javascript

Development Tools

webpack, grunt, gulp, npm, bower,

ionic, polymer, curl, httpie,

live-server, sublime, emacs, xcode,

json-server, chrome dev tool,



mongo, sqlite, postgres, mysql, sql,


Issue Tracking

mocha, chai, jasmine, travis-ci,

gitlab-ci, bugzilla, github, gitlab,


Version Control Systems

git, p4, cvs, rcs, subversion

Web Services

heroku, docker, firebase, mlab


Software Eng MakerSquare San Francisco, CA 2016-2016

● Completed various MEAN full stack app projects at MakerSquare

● Created Lyritabs App for ukulele song writing and jamming

● Created Future Insight App for school tour for.

● Created Git Central App to analyze git commits histories.

● Created Mongo Databases for all app, on mlab for deploy and localhost for debug.

● Defined the node express restful Routes and API to crud data between server and mongo.

● Developed mocha and chai test suit to ensure data model is properly defined and used.

● Incorporated various frontend frameworks, angular, react, redux, polymer, material, ajax, async callback, promise http request, and

● Designed an efficient algorithms to improve speed and completeness of github api.

● Debugged troubles issues with heroku deployment, server restful api, package versioning. Sr R&D Eng Ausdia Inc Sunnyvale, CA 2013-2015

● Developed on constraint coverage analysis of various inconsistent condition, absent associated constraint specification.

● Developed multi thread SDC constraint analysis, diagnostic, optimization of clock network and data

● Developed multi-thread min cut partition to balance random parallel functional simulation.

● improved 10x run-time performance for debug_rule facilities for over 100 constraint validations.

● Developed new feature, multimode check (multiple constraint scenarios, different set of clocks, constant, disable, false paths, clock sense, clock group, etc.,)

● Developed new feature sdc lint check, a super lint for SDC constraint lint checking with a lightweight and coherent semantic check against net-list and user constraints, and library constraints.

● Developed new feature scan chain check, load DFT scan chains from LEF/DEF file, and check for lockup latch issues.

● Developed new feature constraints merge, across multiple scenarios, transform, insert, or duplicated constraints among different constraints from different scenarios.

● Addressed customers issue such as diagnose performance, feature requests, and worked closely with product application engineers.

Sr R&D Eng Lorentz Solution Sunnyvale, CA 2012-2013

● rote spice parser in python and lex/yacc, ast, and perform syntax direct translation

● Reduced lot of bugs of a product, high frequency design, by a net-centric mini layout-vs-schematic

● Improved infra-structure for calbire svdb cci interface (library components, netlist, and gdsii)

● improved run time performance, 10x faster, compiler/compiler modular approach for easy maintain and self contained nose/pytest unit test case.

● Supported AE customers, demo, software installation, and documentation

● Created spice python parser, ast, and code generator.

● Rewrite mission critical net-centric mini lvs to delivery 10x faster run time. Software Eng Nebulian Technology San Jose, CA 2012-2012

● Develope two iOS app for and

● Integrated Core Data (multi thread), MapKit, RestKit, ShareKit, Three20, XMPP.

● Developed Django web site using models, views, templates

● Developed iOS mobile app with XCode and Django Web, &

● Integrated various frameworks, Core Data (multi thread), MapKit, RestKit, ShareKit, Three20, XMPP (multi thread), WireShark

● Managed servers such as OpenFire jabber, MySql, OAuth2, and Apache.

● Developed Django web site using models, views, templates, with forms using Firebug, jQuery, and JavaScripts.

Sr R&D Eng I Synopsys Inc Mountain View, CA 2006-2012

● Developed Memory Pool Manager, System Verilog transpiler

● Developed emacs/elisp regression and analysis major and minor mode suites.

● Maintained Verilog, System Verilog, Qt, spice, and system task function.

● Enhanced ESP and Formality-ESP performance, fixed bugs Sr Software Eng LSI Logic Inc Milpitas, CA 2004-2006

● Developed a static timing analysis (STA) tool, in which I wrote function evaluation, logic propagation techniques using boost.

● Developed a SDF parser in lex, yacc, and C++ STL.

● Built the SDC tcl interface using SWIG (script wrapper interface generator).

● Integrated the Verilog Cheetah reader in lsista.

● Developed a Power modeling engine which made use of probability propagation of signals, accounting for the function information of cells.

● Developed an electro-static discharge (ESD) Analysis Engine using asymptotic waveform evaluation (AWE).

● Developed a function-covering program to determine arc completeness of cell libraries.

● Developed fast reachability (dominating) and root-first-visit algorithm.

● Developed C/C++ SDC parser with lex, yacc, and boost for static timing analysis

● Developed an electro-static discharge (ESD) Analysis Engine & Power modeling engine Education

M. Computer Eng. Georgia Institute of Technology, GA 1998-2004 M. Computer Eng. University of Michigan, MI 1997-1998 B. Electrical Eng. McGill University, PQ 1992-1997

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