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Project Engineer

San Jose, California, United States
October 26, 2016

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Ridima Pendse

Sunnyvale, CA-***** (TEL):216-***-****



Seeking an embedded/firmware engineer position with firmware and hardware engineering application, where my educational qualifications and acquired skills will be utilized to their best for the project and to contribute positively to build a long-term career with the company.


Excellent mathematical, designing and programming skills.

Certifications in C, C+ +, C#

Worked in Mat lab, Xilinx ISE.

Studying Python.

Deep knowledge of electrical circuits, control systems, VLSI and PLC.

Good understanding of Networking protocols, Digital Communication and Mobile communications.

Understanding of Software development life cycle, software quality assurance.

Good at understanding newer technologies and fast at grasping them.

Good analytical power and comprehensive problem solving abilities

Exceptional leadership qualities, a team player, self-motivated, adaptability and flexibility in working environment.

Excellent communication and inter personal skills.

Well-organized and able to meet deadline

Profound commitment and determination towards work.

Intermediate knowledge of French language



Provided continuous monitoring to all incoming cyber incidents for potential security breaches for the company. Working alongside the incident threat response team was able to understand, monitor and analyze the network while gaining a practical knowledge of how a threat is detected, analyzed and mitigated. Analyzed logs in Visereon, produce reports, assist and co-ordinate with the incident threat response team. Achievements:

Took up a role of security engineer different than my educational profile and was able to successfully fulfill the given responsibilities.

Initially hired for 3 months, was given an extension up to 9 months. HEAD TUTOR - ON CAMPUS EMPLOYMENT WITH AMERICA READS JAN 2014-MAY 2014 Used to tutor students from 3rd to 12th grade primarily Math, Science and English. Assisted Students to understand and complete their home assignments, help them prepare for their exams. Also organized various fun activities like games and quizzes for students from 3rd grade to 5th grade to help them learn better. Achievements:

Initially hired as an assistant tutor was promoted to be the Head tutor. EDUCATION AND CERTIFICATIONS

Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH Graduation Date: 05/09/2015 MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering GPA-3.42 Pune University, Pune, and Maharashtra, India Graduation Date: 08/12/2013 BS in Electronics and Telecommunication engineering GPA-3.2 Name of Institute Curriculum Perused Completion Month Seed InfoTech, Pune, Maharashtra, India Certification in C# August 2012 Seed InfoTech, Pune, Maharashtra, India Certification in C++ November 2011 Seed InfoTech, Pune, Maharashtra, India Certification in C September 2009 ACADEMIC RESEARCH/PROJECTS

Door Lock System-Completed (GRAD SCHOOL)

Operating system platform: Windows 7

Technologies used: Express PCB, Microchip

Ridima Pendse

Sunnyvale, CA-94087 (TEL):216-***-**** 2

Device Used: PIC16F877

Project Duration: 3 months.

Project Description: A home security system, which requires password to unlock the door. The system shuts down completely after three wrong inputs.


Collected specifications for the system and designed the circuit accordingly.

Tested and debugged the circuit using circuit simulation tool.

Created flow charts and algorithms and developed the code using them.

Prepared a detailed project report, documenting the design and development of the system. Landmine Detector (Undergrad)

Operating system platform: Windows XP

Technologies used: Express PCB, Kiel

Device Used: AT89S51

Project Duration: 7 months.

Project Description: The project required the development of wireless robot car. The landmine detector was mounted on this robot car. The mine detector detected the (mine) metal and the GPS communicated the co-ordinates of the location to army base.


Collected design requirements and specification to develop a metal detector using Colpitts oscillator.

Designed and build the robot on which the detector was mounted.

Designed the flowcharts and algorithms required to developed the code.

Used modular programming approach and then transformed all modules into final code.

Assisted in debugging and code testing.

Conducted extensive studies on GPS and GSM technologies, RF transmission to assist a team member in developing the communication system.

Prepared a detailed project report, documenting the design and development of the system. RELEVANT PROJECTS:

1.National Level Robot Race: Lead PCB Designer

The objective of the race was to traverse a track full of series of obstacles in shortest possible period of time.

Created the requirements of the design by speculating the obstacles, and then designed the circuit accordingly.

Worked and Coordinated with the other team members to make constant improvements to the design and were able to complete the product before given deadline. 2.Presentation

Conducted a study on use of VoIP in healthcare and presented the paper for computer networking class.

The presentation included the benefits of using VoIP as method of communication in hospitals.

Discussed the Motorola VoIP EDA in the presentation. 3.Alarm Clock and Timer

Developed an alarm clock and a timer as an exercise to better understand the subject Electronic Circuit Design.

4.National Level Student Tech. Fest. Member

Participated in National Level Student Tech fest where programmed a product using C ++ in given time frame.

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