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Des Plaines, Illinois, United States
October 24, 2016

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A determined, enthusiastic, and reliable professional with a bachelor’s degree in Finance and a minor in Economics, seeking a job opportunity where I can utilize my leadership skills, analytical ability, time management skills, and professionalism to expand my proven record of teamwork, strong Communication Skills, Adaptability and Self-Motivation.


University of Illinois at Chicago Graduated: December 2009

Bachelor of Science in Business Major GPA: 3.0/4.0

Major: Finance

Minor: Economics

ARM: - ARM 54 complete & currently preparing for second exam


Software: Advanced Excel, MS SQL, Tableau, SpotFire, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook, MS project, ThinkCell

Languages: Fluent in English, Hindi and Gujarati


Outstanding-year-end review for 2014

Stanford University Bank Management Simulation Competition 2009-First Place winner


United Airlines, Chicago, Illinois

Sr. Manager - Claims Analytics, managed care, financial controls October 2011- Current

Play a crucial role in managing $400M+ worth of injury liability through fact based data driven approach, using technics such as trend, probability & triangle analytics.

Working with direct report to design and create holistic claims reporting approach to create visibility around key risk contributors.

Setup multiple interactive scorecards using tools such as SQL, excel and SpotFire to provide actionable insights into claims.

Responsible for $15M+ budget and the controls necessary for SOX compliance.

Leading improvements of cost allocation process to drive accountability down to the cost center level.

Continually develop directly reporting analyst by putting together personalized training approach and encouraging continual learning.

Continue to work with finance team to track budgets, cost saving projections and accrual analysis on monthly basis.

One of the decision makers for multi-million dollar third party claims administrator RFP and its strategic implementation.

On an ongoing basis design and continue to implement holistic claims reporting approach to create visibility around each aspect of claims.

Analytics Specialist - Workers’ Comp & Managed Care

Led multiple ad hoc projects and play a crucial role in building reporting structure for the department.

Launched and maintain closure project that includes visibility around high cost states and key risk contributors to facilitate reduction of $60M in workers’ comp liability.

Continue to strategize with management on transitional duty (TD) & litigation program management improvements.

Worked with multiple vendors to identify and complete recovery of $240,000 for overpayments and setup controls to avoid future loss.

Led multiple data integrity and data structural changes to ensure efficient and fact based liability monitoring.

Successfully completed internalization of 6+ data streams and setup SpotFire dashboards by working with the direct report and IT.

Worked on multiple ad-hoc analysis ranging from key deferential indicators to determining financial impact of the decisions on weekly basis.

Workers’ Comp & Managed Care Analyst/Auditor

Participate in 7 comprehensive vendor audits per year to ensure adherence to service instructions and best practices.

Designed and created holistic claims reporting approach to create visibility around each aspect of claims.

Played a vital role in developing business cases for multiple in house clinics and physical therapy projects worth up to $3M each.

Worked with internal audit for 9 months on Workers’ Comp claim review and contributed to the achievement of an “Outstanding” internal audit score.

Daily job duties range from preparing, automating and designing interactive dashboards using excel pivot table & macros, which ultimately results in efficient, timely and impactful decision making.

Work with finance team to track budgets, cost saving projections and accrual analysis on monthly basis.

One of the five individuals to receive and “outstanding” in 2014 year-end review in the division.

Blue Cross Blue Shield, Downers Grove, Illinois

Large Group Assistant Underwriter II June 2010- October 2011

Handled about 55 small to midsize groups, which generated close to $55 million in premium revenue.

Responsible for accurately assessing renewal rates by analyzing the current claim trends, enrollment trends, medical trends and other possible conditions adding to the overall risk.

Reconcile billing statements of medium to high complexity to ensure the accuracy of billed rates and fees.

Meet with marketing to strategize and ensure the retention of business one year after another.

Responsible for reviewing, finalizing and approving contractual agreements.

Accurately prepare, analyze and generate exhibits for multiple senior underwriters to review for high complexity cases.

Prepare financial reports necessary for budgeting and financial reporting purposes for clients.

Worked with senior underwriters with new business proposals by preparing, organizing and reviewing data provided to help make rightful assumptions to predict the future claims.

Work in a highly deadline oriented environment without compromising the quality and accuracy of the work provided.

Achiever of an exceptional service award for helping to streamline the reporting processes by utilizing exceptional Microsoft Excel skills.


EdVenture Partners Consulting Agency (US Navy Project), Chicago, Illinois January 2009 - May 2009

Co-leader, Finance Team

Worked in a student-run advertising agency, in conjunction with the US Navy, with the goal of creating and implementing an on-campus campaign with an estimated value of $50,000.

Carefully assessed financial needs of multiple groups and set initial budget for $2500 provided by US Navy

Created and reconciled billing statements to ensure the strict adherence to the set budgets for each departments

Ensured the cost efficiency by personally initiating the market research before authorizing the transactions

Secured additional funds and discounts of more than $2000 from local business through individual networking and on-site presentations

Successfully carried out the campaign and secured over 150 contacts for the Navy recruiters


Finance & Investment Group, Chicago, Illinois May 2008- December 2009

Board Member & Portfolio Management team member

Managed an investment fund of up to $4000 and maximized return on investments by conducting necessary market research

Guided weekly seminars, and educated members with news affecting the equity market

Discussed and implement strategies to maintain a diverse, low-risk portfolio

Through 4 years of investing experience managed to achieve over 35% return on some of the investments

Led portfolio management team restructuring through a two organization merger resulting in additional 60 student members.

Research Experience

Periodic dividend strategy June 2009 – March 2010

Through curiosity, continuous observation and analysis of the equity market, identified reoccurring trend for further research

Distributed work amongst affiliates and collected data over the four month spam, resulting in a pattern analysis

Successfully compiled data and analyzed over 160 securities resulting in composition of predictive analysis.

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