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Software Developer Technical

Bayonne, New Jersey, United States
October 24, 2016

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Experience Summary

**+ years of experience in development, testing & production support applications using Internet, Web and Client Server Technologies in Java / J2EE / N-Tier Architectures

Very strong programming experience in Java (Core Java), JSP, Enterprise Java Beans (EJB3), JavaScript, Struts2, JAX-RS, Spring, JPA, Hibernate, Oracle, MySQL.

Extensively experienced in Middle Tier Development using Spring, Hibernate, JPA.

Experience in application/web servers like BES 5, OC 4J, glassfish v3, JBOSS AS 6.x/7, WebLogic 9.x/10.x and Tomcat, Jetty.

Experience in web 2.0 technologies like Dojo toolkit, JQuery, JavaScript, HTML, XML.

Hands on experience with JSP, JavaScript, JSON AJAX, Struts Tag Library, Jakarta Common Tag Library

Experience with version control systems such as PVCS, CVS, VSS, Subversion (SVN).

Hands on knowledge of Oracle SQL & PL/SQL.

Experienced in creating RESTful web-services using Jersey 2.

Have basic knowledge of scrum methodology.

Experience in working with onshore/offshore and cross-functional teams including co-ordination with client, product owners/architecture team for design requirements and offshore resources for development, testing and documentation needs.

Successfully completed many projects owned and authored modules as a good team player.

Excellent communication skills, good organizational abilities, good leadership qualities and excellent problem solving skills.


B.S. in Computer Engineering University of Pune (India) July 2000.

Employment History

Application developer [Mar 15 – May 16 ]

Bank of America, Jersey City, NJ

Technical Lead [Jan 11 – Mar 15 ]

Digtac Technologies, Boca Raton, FL

Technical Lead [June 09 – Dec 10]

Pantani Software.

Technical Lead [Sep 07 – Apr 09]

Flowserve, Dallas, TX.

Sr. Software Developer [Jan 05 – Aug 07]

Global Payments, Atlanta GA.

Professional Experience

Compliance Tools Bank of America,Jersey City Mar 15 – May 16

Application Developer

Developing compliance applications for reporting fraudulent trade /transaction processed through SMARTS.

Compliance tools enables compliance business users at both buy- and sell-side market participants to minimize the most common surveillance challenges:

Translating regulatory guidelines/rules governing trading conduct into trading alerts that effectively identify potentially abusive trading behaviour.

Efficiently analysing and managing alerts and outputs, and demonstrating appropriate review and escalation of alerts

Sourcing, capturing and maintaining data elements required to conduct a complete review of all trading activity.


Involved in System Requirement study, conceptual design and designing of Use Cases based on the requirements using UML.

Used Spring Framework for Dependency injection (IOC) and integrated with the Hibernate.

Implemented Spring AOP for implementing the business rules throughout the application.

Implemented persistence using Hibernate.

Used Jersey Oauth2 RESTful web services for integrating with the downstream applications.

Extensively used core Java concepts like Collections, Generics and Multithreading using Java Executor framework during development of business logic.

Coach, mentor and lead personnel within a technical team environment.

Environment: java 7 (java se 7), spring 4, hibernate 4, checkstyle, eclipse, subversion, Oracle 11g, maven, Junit, jersey 2.7 (jax-rs), Oauth2, json,jaxb.

Phoenix Communication Middle-ware (CM) Platform, EU Digtac Technologies. Jan 11 – Mar 15

Technical Consultant

The Phoenix CM is a rapid application development platform using cutting-edge open source technology based on the Java programming language. The main characteristics and design of the platform allows third-party developers to use it as a scaffolding or basis for creating larger, more complex applications without having to re-implement commonly needed functionality. Basic and more advanced features already offered by the different modules of the platform allow its users to focus on the business logic of their particular implementation leaving the heavyweight lifting of basic functionality such as user management, auditing, logging, security & encryption, etc. being totally handled by Phoenix CM. Additionally, more advanced services such as Document Management, Forum, Calendar, Blogs, Wikis, etc. are also offered as out-of-the-box services to be seamlessly amalgamated with new software. But Phoenix CM is not only about core services. In addition to the core services. The front-end part of Phoenix CM, the Phoenix Social Computing Platform (Phoenix SCP), is a modern Web 2.0 web application providing web-based access to the functionality of Phoenix Core.


Analysed business requirements, created Requirement Specification Document (RSD), and designed class and use case diagrams using UML .

Developed and implemented three tier Architecture using Struts2, EJB3 for server side.

Implemented RSS feed using rome library and custom result types, used custom interceptor for email notifications, logging etc.

Designed and implemented complete functionality for BLOG, WIKI, FORUM modules involving DTOs, Business logic execution and invocation using stateless EJBs.

Co-ordinated with Onshore Client, Product Owners/architecture team for design requirements and offshore resources for Development, Testing and Documentation needs. Once coding was successfully completed I worked with IT Ops for successful deployments in progressive environments to ensure meeting of the aggressive delivery time-lines.

Served as Technical Point of Contact to the client during daily status calls for open issues and resolution plan and for other team members working from offshore locations.

Wiki is being used to post concerns, solutions, and progress of inner team activity.

Junit test are built for testing stateless session beans using embedded ejb container.

Facilitated effective team interaction effectively utilizes each team member to his/her fullest potential. And always kept track of lessons learned and shares those lessons with team members.

Was involved in coding, testing for blog, mailing and wiki modules.

Take technical lead in team and client meetings, assess project technical risks and specifies contingencies.

Environment: java, ejb3.1, struts2, dojo toolkit, JSP, JRebel, subversion, jquery1.8, oracle 11g, JbossAS7, checkstyle, maven, Junit.

CMF(Customer Master File), Pantani Software,Pune India Jun 09 – Dec 10

Technical Lead

CMF system handles credit card transactions for different customers, merchants and terminal. CMF stores the data from UI as well as from WS according to different business rules validations. Project was divided into three modules for Customer, Merchant, and Terminal.


Involved in technical designing, analysis of the tool. Design involved Sequence, Class and Use Case Diagrams using Rational Rose.

Implemented Dependency Injection (IOC) feature of spring framework to inject beans into User Interface and AOP for Logging.

Developed Data Access layer using ORM framework Hibernate for mapping database scheme to Object model.

System development based on MVC/Model 2(Struts2 Framework) Implementation

Used JSPs in the Presentation layer, Used DWR (Ajax) in presentation layer for displaying different value sets depending upon user selection.

Written JUnit test cases and prepared code documentation for future reference and upgrades.

Implemented open source Log4j logging framework in whole application.

Wrote SQL, PL/SQL statements and stored procedures to retrieve/update/process the data from the database.

Environment: java 6, spring 3, hibernate 3.5, struts 2, checkstyle, myEclipse 7,subversion,Oracle 11g,maven 3.0.4, apache cxf, JUnit.

Flowserve Web portal, Flowserve, Dallas, TX Sep 07 – May 09

Technical Lead

Developing web portal application for Flowserve engineering team which is going to replace the legacy application used. This application provides the information for pricing, behaviour of different Flowserve mechanical pump lines under different conditions (represented by graphs and figures) etc for different set of lookup codes. This project is divided into three sub modules: - data migration, compilation and UI. Data migration and compilation modules are developed using EJB3 and UI using ADF Faces.


Involved in complete software development life cycle - Requirements, Design, Development, Dev Testing and Bug Fixes.

Developed the business logic using EJB entity beans, XStream API for data migration module and Front end using ADF faces.

Developed generic UI module for different set of look up codes and pump lines using ADF Faces (used tag libraries such as ADF Faces Core,ADF Faces html) and EJB3 session beans,

Written JUnit test cases and prepared code documentation for future reference and upgrades.

Implemented open source Log4j logging framework in whole application.

Working on the requirement gathering for the compilation process phase II.

Environment: Java 1.6, Ejb 3, JDeveloper 11g, Subversion 1.4, Oracle 10g, JUnit.

Retirement Services - Global Payments, Atlanta GA Jan 05 – Aug 07

Sr. Software Developer

The Retirement Income Program and Illustration Tool is designed for clients who are concerned about their retirement savings. This tool provides a solution using a variety of income options to create a plan designed to help clients meet their retirement needs.


Decision maker in application frameworks, designs, configurations, coding practices/guidelines.

Design Reviews and Development audits.

Design, development and implementation of Income calculations, PDF Illustrations, Configurations, Income Graphs, Charts generation, Administrator system, Annuity Workflow Image functionalities etc.

Architectural Documentation.

Managed a technical team.

Technical Consultancy to the entire team.

Client interactions for status updates, technical queries and requirements.

Environment: Java 5 (j2se 1.5), Struts 1.2, hibernate 3.0, Oracle 9i, CVS, JUnit.

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