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Manager Project

Forest Grove, Oregon, 97116, United States
October 24, 2016

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Manufacturing leader and project manager with expertise in assembly production, post electrical and probe/test management in relation to lean manufacturing, data validation and operational efficiencies. Demonstrated knowledge in the areas of workflow management, personnel development, strategy implementation, and operational efficiencies that drive structure and process improvements. Possesses a strong leadership presence along with astute organizational and presentation skills. Known for mentoring, training and developing strong teams that accomplish corporate goals while maintaining strict EHSS standards.

ISO/TS 16949 Process owner and audit participant


MS Office including SharePoint and Excel Services.


Micron Technologies, Inc. (1993-2015)

Boise, ID

Project Manager/Test Planning Manager (7 direct reports)

Position reports to the Site Planning Manager.

Staffing management for Test, Test Area Cycle Time Owner, Test Cost Saving Owner.

Quality Management Systems steward for the Test Die Process and identify NPI metrics for Test Production

Support Quality Management System activities to meet corporate & ISO/TS Audits requirements.

Support and coordinated external customer audits.

Support and monitored key process indices.

Monitor and contribute information to Test Area and Cost Savings budgets as necessary.

Managed planners whose responsibility it was to account and plan for product through the Test process. Product that were Micron native as well joint ventures like Intel and IBM.

Create Labor Productivity metric.

Boise Site Cycle Time Champion.


Cost Savings Project: Involved evaluating equipment footprint, facilities (LN2) as to consolidate Test to reduce staffing, reduce LN2 usage, and increase test flow efficiency.

Cycle Time Reduction Project: A project working towards a corporate incentive performance goal (Cycle Time) regarding cycle time reduction by creating production run plans to achieve desired results. Created a SharePoint site for publishing weekly CT reports for the entire Boise Site backend (RDL, Assembly, Test and Modules). Investigating how Cycle Time is being reported according to new Ship Lot Cycle Time reports. Interpreting data to provide direction on how to drive down cycle time. Building a graphical representation of cycle time specific to the test process and helping build a review process to enable production groups the ability to better identify processes or actions in their own areas to drive down cycle time. Project is running on time and positive results will be realized over the coming quarters.

TS 16949 Certification: Critical project focused on the continuous improvement of Micron’s Quality Management System (QMS). For the Test Die Process at the Boise site, created a process review standard. Established and built graphical representations of the key performance indicators (KPI’s). Established consistent review of KPI’s and implemented controls to alert KPI’s that are out of tolerance. Active maintaining and reporting on KPI’s to site execute manufacturing process owner and participating in all appropriate site process reviews. Efforts are designed to regularly evaluate the health of the test die process to meet the rigorous demands of the QMS.

Post Electrical Manager / Probe Shift Manager / Test Manager (6 direct reports / 50 indirect reports)

Reported to Probe/Test Production Manager.

Drove SPC activities including deployment and monitoring process.

Developed strategies to drive continuous process and system improvement.

Planned and implemented production priorities and strategies including capacity reviews, WIP constraints, and scenario and planning changes, run rates and SOS reviews.

Provided leadership in problem analysis and resolution.

Directed and controlled staff by managing on-shift production resources, knowledge sharing, conference calls, meetings with supervisors and production scheduling.

Executed operating processes by evaluating production data including capacity, critical assumptions, tool utilization, consumable usage, and headcount requirements.

Developed and implemented strategic capacity planning in partnership with cross functional departments

Consistently identified and evaluated opportunities for process improvements through workstation monitoring

Consistently administered and maintained an efficient EHSS environment.


Statement of Supply Challenge: Project designed to attain 92% accuracy on statement of supply (SOS) rather than managing WIP build which was previously 84-90% on SOS. Created a new position and identified key individuals who encompass critical thinking and high-level communication skills within line management. Refocused their day-to-day production routines to include building processes that will ensure higher rates of SOS. Surpassed initial goal of 92%, achieving 95% of SOS by instilling confidence in the individuals decision making contributions, holding shifts accountable for executing run plans, allowing line managers to challenge unrealistic goals set by test product planners, and by consolidating decision making capabilities to those who primary responsibility is SOS accuracy.

Created a robust versatility program designed to cross-train Probe Test Operators to become proficient in both areas. Effort covered critical production needs and stabilized staffing based on production demands. By holding supervisors accountable for consistent implementation of the program, fair and equitable rotation and training of probe test personnel was accomplished. Within two years, 87% of both teams were effectively cross-trained outside of their “home” area.

Created and implemented a structured Leadership Development program designed for Line Leaders and Trainers to advance into Supervisory roles. Empowered current Supervisors to identify, select, monitor, train and nurture strong candidates based solely on their critical skills, leadership traits and teaming abilities. Program gained momentum and achieved the goal of comprehensive fair development and equitable hiring practices along with better prepared candidates for leadership positions. Increased visibility across all shifts which boosted morale, confidence and trust at the peer supervisory level was also achieved.

Assembly Production Supervisor (18 direct reports)

Position reported to Shift Manager

Managed and supervised Wafer thinning, Wafer Saw and Die Attach.

Supervised Encapsulation and Trim and Form/Singulation.

Managed and supervised production team to achieve department's output, quality and cycle time targets

Determined priorities and constraints for the area and provide alternatives for improvement.

Worked with respective support groups to improve machine utilization and productivity.

Communicated and liaised with Management, Planning and Engineering on daily production issues.

Nurtured operators’ job development through mentoring and on-the-job training programs.

Provided suggestions for improvement and identified opportunities for continuous improvement.

Created and maintained a safe working environment that instilled teamwork, commitment and ownership.


Selected by the Assembly Production Manager to complete special projects including WIP build projections, leadership development and internal audits of the assembly process.

Played a key role in the positive turnaround of the Trim and Form/Singulation area. Initiated and partnered with fellow supervisors to implement and instill excellence by raising the standards of operator performance, increased training, implemented an Overall Equipment Efficiency program, dedicated mentoring and personal accountability. Within two years, TF/S area was streamlined into the highest performing area across Assembly. As a result, the Assembly Production Manager adopted and implemented a similar strategy across other Assembly processes.


B.A., Business Administration, American Public University, 2016

3.77 GPA


KT Problem Solving Certification

QMS Process Owner, Certified

All Applicable SCND/OTC Liaison Core Requirements

All Micron Leadership Core Requirements

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