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Team Leader Security

Fermanagh, BT74 6FW, United Kingdom
October 24, 2016

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Mark Fitzpatrick

* **********, ***********. **. *********. N. Ireland

0044(0)286-***-**** 0044(0)790-***-****

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Skype : Fitz 421

Male Nationality British





Team Leader/Project management.


2014 – 2015

Close protection Team Leader

Olive Group Operating base Majnoon Iraq

Aug. 2013 - 2014

Close Protection Team Leader

Al Murabit. Operating base Basra Iraq

A short term contract seconded to OLIVE Group. Oil and Gas.

As TL it was my duty to act as liaison between both companies as to the safety and well being of clients, keep up to date training/and records, returns, manage float and to mentor new contractors.

2011 - 2013

Senior Close Protection Team Leader

SOC USA. Operating base Baghdad Iraq

PSD Ensuring the safety, security and welfare of clients throughout most of Iraq, this would include oil and gas locations. Training and mentoring of both expats and local nationals on matters pertaining to close protection-hostile environments. Up-dating monthly training records.

Private Security and Logistics

2011 - 2010

Close Protection Team Leader

Blue Hackle. Operating base Kabul Afghanistan

PSD Ensuring the safety, security and welfare of clients at Kabul local villa to various locations. Close liaison with the US military. Training and mentoring of both expats and local nationals. Up grading and fortifying of villa.

Private Security

2010 - 2009

Project Manager

Watan Risk Operating base Kabul Afghanistan

Main duties would include, though not restricted to weapon handling/range skills, dress code and conduct, evasive driving and maintenance, first aid, emergency drills, risk assessments, safety briefings. Managing project expenses/invoicing, writing daily and weekly reports, close liaison with clients and facilitating their needs and requirements. Attend weekly meetings with both clients and country government officials. Ensuring the overall safety and security of clients (25-30) and work force (27)

Private Security Logistics Oil and Gas/Mining

2009 - 2009

Close Protection Team Leader

Olive Group Operating base Kabul Afghanistan

Short term contract to cover security during local government elections. To train teams in matters pertaining to close protection. Site recces/planning. Execution of safe movements throughout Afghanistan for clients to relevant locations. Maintaining the safety, security and welfare of teams and clients. Been able to react to requests and situations at very short notice under difficult conditions.

Private Security

2009 -2008

2008- 2006

2006- 2004

Team Leader

MAST World Wide

Team leader operating within a antipiracy team, various locations including Gulf of Oman, Indian Ocean etc. To ensure the team was properly equipped, trained and understood maritime law and contact drills. To ensure all RV’s and deadlines were kept. A close liaison with the Captain, port authorities and international naval forces. Giving the Captain and crew a full brief and recommendations regarding the safe passage through hostile areas. To initiate and carry through antipiracy contact drills and report writing back to London HQ.

Maritime Asset and Training

Team Leader

Aegis Operating base Tahlil Iraq

A reconnaissance team (Project Compass), working in various locations throughout southern Iraq. This was a 12 man team operation, working independently of all other security teams. Duties included, though not restricted to, entering high threat hostile locations, gleaning detailed information on local population, infrastructure and daily pattern of life.

Private Security

Team Member

Armor Group Operating base Baghdad Iraq

I was part of a private security detail operating at most as a personal protection officer. Ensuring the safety, security of clients to and from places of work. Working under extreme conditions and reacting to contacts.

Private Security


May 2014

June / July 2013

July 2013

October 2007

November 2007


Recognition and Initial care of injuries to bones, muscles and joints

Recognition and Initial care of burns and scalds

Recognition and initial care of other trauma related injuries

Skeletal stabilisation

Perform child and infant basic life support

Provide immediate emergency care (trauma)

Bag/ valve/ mask

Association of First Aid UK First Aid at Work UK

Aims, Priorities of Treatment, Primary Survey, CPR, Secondary Survey, Recovery Position, Management of the Unconscious Casualty, Head injuries, Stroke, Causes of Unconsciousness, Collapsed Lung, Choking, Asthma, Hyperventilation, Shock, Heart Conditions, Crush Injuries, Poisoning, Epilepsy, Diabetes, Treatment of Wounds and Bleeding, Treatment of Burns and Scalds, Treatment of Injuries to Bones, Joints and Muscles, Spinal Injuries, Equipment, and Law.

BTEC EDEXCEL Level 3 (Specialist) Close Protection UK

Skills and Teamwork in Close Protection, Legislation, Communications and Conflict Management in Close Protection. Risk Assessment, Operational Planning and Safe Route Selection, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Incidents and Dilemmas, Techniques for Close Protection Operatives

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EDEXECEL BTEC Hostile Environment Close Protection Course.

RONIN Concepts Security Elite Ltd. UK

Weapons Proficiency and Tactical Field Firing Course. Long Range, Close Quarter Combat Techniques. Weapon Systems Glock 17/19, AK 47, US M4 and H&K MP5’s.

Intavent ANUBIS Qualification in Laryngeal Mask Airway in Cardiopulmonary Airway

ANUBIS First Aid at Work.

FA Level 3 Diploma For Security Industry First Aid Supervisors (Close Protection)

EDEXECEL BTEC Level 3 Close Protection Operations.



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Spoken interaction

Spoken production

No other

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Levels: A1/2: Basic user - B1/2: Independent user - C1/2 Proficient user

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Communication skills

I have learned over the years that proper communication is a must, ensuring all fully understand what is been asked and said. This may have to be repeated when someones understanding of the English language is not that good. Be clear, respectful and confident.

Organisational / managerial skills

As an ex Royal Marine, I have always taken pride in all my skills, to plan ahead, rehearse/train. I have learnt well from others and in turn I have been able to pass those skills on. I have in the past been ‘thrown’ into the deep end from having to organise not only myself, but up to 100+ personnel, from course planning, briefings, instruction and day to day admin, which to date I have been successful in achieving the aims set out. I continue to learn and I am flexible to understand that procedures and conditions change, therefore I too have to adapt.

Job-related skills

I have enrolled in a number of close protection courses, using skills that I would not normally carry out, that would include advance driving in various climate and environmental conditions, advanced my knowledge in medical treatments. Had an insight how corporate companies and governmental departments like to be portrayed and treated. Security companies do differ to how they operate, so I have become very flexible and responsesive. I have become compassionate but professional, I have gained respect within the industry because I am a good operator, manager, trainer and mentor.

Computer skills

I am of an average user

Other skills

I have a law degree that has assisted me in some decision making and organisation skills. I have qualifications in electrical engineering that has come in handy when the power supply goes down in location!

Driving licence

I have a clean British drivers licence. B/B1/fkp


SIA Close Protection licenced (083*-****-**** 3441)

First Aid at Work

First Person on the Scene (Intermediate)

Commanders Award for Excellence US (for work carried out at Eastern Provinces Afghan/Pakistan border)


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