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Support Medical

New York, New York, United States
October 24, 2016

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Staten Island, New York

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An independent consultant interested in health informatics experienced in Epic software: Inpatient and Ambulatory modules, Go-live implementation experience, consultant in Epic Care, Ambulatory and Inpatient ClinDoc/CPOE, workflow analysis, support for Physicians, Nurses, and Medical staff. Also a Cerner Activation Consultant whose goal is to excel in a position that will employ my professional clinical educational background and knowledge and skill set in the area of Healthcare Informatics with a significant focus on providing sufficient expertise in training, implementing, and consulting. Experience providing training and support using Epic and Cerner. I am seeking a challenging role with a progressive organisation where I can utilise my skills and knowledge in an environment that allows for growth and advancement.

Personal Summary:

•Assisting Floor super Users on Issue resolution

•Experience providing support to clinical staff at Go-lives (Ambulatory and Inpatient).

•Over 2 years of experience in the field of Information Technology

•2 years of experience in EMR/EHR Healthcare IT Support.

•Excellent verbal and writing skills.


Cerner Go-Live Consultant August 2016-October 2016

University of Tennessee – Knoxville, TN

• Provided one on one support for Physicians and nurses during go-live, Supported CPOE, PowerChart, SurgiNet, Power Notes, IView, and Med Reconciliation.

• Elbow-to-Elbow support to Physicians and Nurses, Supported CPOE, Clinical Documentation, and Suginet.

• Developed a system of staff communication that ensured proper implementation of treatment plans and comprehensive patient care.

• Consistently complied with applicable laws and regulations and ensured facility adhered to Medicare and Medicaid regulations.

• Led clinical team in delivering care services that promoted optimal resident health.

•Created and maintained computerized record management systems to record and process data and generate reports.

Activation Consultant, Lahey Health System, Burlington, MA

March 2015 – April 2015

•Assisted physicians and midlevel providers on documenting on Admission, Transfer and Discharge Navigators

•Supported nurses on accessing the SBAR Hand Off and Req Doc reports.

•Provided support and educated nurses on using MAR

•Assisted Physicians in personalizing their Notes using Smarttools and Macros.

•Prioritized reviews and responded to user requests and participated in user meetings.

•Escalate issue to the Command center for resolution and follow up as needed.

Epic Implementation Support Consultant, Yale New Haven Sleep Center, New Haven, CT

•February 2015 – March 2015

•Assisted Sleep and respiratory technologists in navigating sleep study workflow in hyperspace

•Assisted physicians and midlevel providers on how to setup and utilize Smartools- Smartset, Smartphrase, Smartext

•Provided excellent support to stressed and anxious end users by actively listening, empathizing and taking appropriate actions to resolve their issues

•Escalate issue to the Command center as needed

•Follow-up on issues that require supervisory attention

Activation Consultant, Yale NEMG PRIMED Go-Live Support, Trumbull, CT

January 2015 – February 2015

•Assisted Physicians in personalizing their Notes using Smarttools and Macros

•Assisted nurses on how to manage their schedule folder, units and patient list

•Educated and assisted physicians on how to document encounters, manage Inbasket, orders, preference list.

•Escalate issue to the Command center as needed

•Follow-up on issues that require supervisory attention

Epic Go Live Consultant, University of Washington

May 2014- June 2014

•Assisted physicians in personalizing their Notes using Smart Tools and Macros

•Educated and supported nurses on documenting on the Care Plan and Patient Eduction Activities

•Assisted nurses on documenting on the MAR and using the Doc Flowsheet Activity

St, Catherine, Long Island NY July 2014 -Aug, 2014

Epic Consultant: Radiant Support

• Trained technologist on how to communicate with the radiologist using Study Notes,

•Instructed technologist to Communicate time of examination with the inpatient unit or ED and requested transport.

• Showed Radiologist how to choose the correct procedure within the same procedure category using the Verify Orders Activity (In Basket Message will be sent to Authorizing provider). Radiologist maybe consulted if indicated.

• I assisted Radiology nurses with imaging order entry and results routing validation

•I helped Radiology front desk in scheduling Non-invasive imaging exam validation.

• Proactively troubleshoots workflow issues and report any technical issue to the command center

Activation Consultant, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

April 2014 – May 2014

•Assisted physicians and mid level providers on documenting Admission, Transfer and Discharge Navigators

•Educated nurses on how to document on the Work List Activity and printing lab and patient labels

•Supported nurses on accessing the SBAR Hand Off and Req Doc Reports.

•Follow up on issues that require supervisory attention

Application Support Consultant, Harbourview Medical Centre Richmond VA

October 2013 – December 2013

•Assisted Clinician on how to navigate workflow using hyperspace

•Assisted end user on how to communicate in Epic using their Inbasket functionalties

•Assisted the clinician to manage their Meds and Orders by using Order Composer and preference list.

•Escalate technical issues to the Command Centre as need arises.

Application Support Consultant, Northwest Hospital, Washington State

August 2013 – September 2013

•Assisted Physicians and Nurses in documenting hyperspace encounters

•Assist end user in checking themselves into their Inbasket pools

•Efficiently supports clinicians to navigate through their clinical workflow on the hyperspace.

•Provided end-user support for managing Inbasket

•Educated and assisted clinical staff on how to place orders in epic and create preference list

•Escalate issues to the command center as the need arises.

Epic Go-live Consultant, Catholic Health Partners (CHP) Youngtown, OH

June 2013 – July 2013

•Participated in Ambulatory go-live (Physical Therapy Clinic)

•Assisted clinicians on hyperspace navigatioEscalate issue to the Command center as needed

•Provided support to physicians and nurses on the floor

•Assisted clinicians to setup and utilize smart tools- smart set, smart phrase, smart text

•Educated and assisted physicians on how to document encounters, manage Inbasket, orders, preference list.

•Provided support and educated nurses on using MAR.

Cerner Activation Consultant April 2013-May 2013

Broward Hospital – Macon, GA

• Trained & Provided Physician and Nursing support during Go Live implementation.

•Provided elbow-to-elbow support for CPOE, SurgiNet, PowerChart, Power Orders, Patient List, CareAdmin and Medication Reconciliation.

•Confirmed accurate completion of forms/reports for the admission, transfer and/or discharge of each resident.

• Led designed and implemented training programs and initiatives which contributed to a number percent increase in productivity.

Support Consultant Epic Go-live, University of Minnesota Medical Center and Fairview Project March 2013 – April 2013

•Provided support to physicians on the floor

•Efficiently supports clinicians to navigate through their clinical workflow on the hyperspace.

•Proactively troubleshoots workflow issues and reports any technical issue and other issues to command center

•Assisted the clinicians to set up and utilize smart tools – smart text, smart phrase.

•Educated and assisted the physicians on how to document encounters, manage their In-basket, orders, preference list and efficient use of their of smart set.

•Monitored and supported end users in resolving issues with navigation, troubleshooting, orders, patient plan care information, keyboard key combinations, efficient Epic Care system usage and other on-site issues.

•Provided 1-on-1 education and support for end users that were finding it difficult to adapt to the system.

GO- LIVE Support Consultant, Bon Secours St. Mary’s Hospital Richmond, VA

October 2012 – November 2012

•Provided Go-Live support to physicians and allied health staff during EPIC Ambulatory implementations.

•Follow-up on issues that require supervisory attention

•Correctly documented issues raised by end users and escalate to Command center if further attention was needed.

•Effectively and professionally dealt with difficult and frustrated end users during go-live.

Education History

•Peoples' Friendship University of Russia Diploma 2010

Certificate of Annual Practicing License 2010 MD

National Youth Service Corps (Certificate of National Service) 2013


Hospital 7, Moscow, Russian Federation 2005-2009

General duty nursing, paramedics, and medical practice

Hospital 64, Moscow, Russian Federation 2008

Paramedics, Medical Practice

General Hospital Ughelli, Delta State. Nigeria 2011

medical practice in internal medicine, obstetric and gynecology, pediatrics, surgery

surgery assistance

Marielo Catholic Hospital, Oyo State, Nigeria 2012

Physician Assistance

Medical Training

State Educational Institution for Higher Professional Training

Kaplan Medical Centre USMLE 2014

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