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Engineer Field Service

Tucson, Arizona, United States
October 24, 2016

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Matthew Liechty

**** **** ********* ****** ******, Arizona, 85741• 520-***-****•


Bochemist and molecular biophysicist with expertise in chimeric transgene expression vectors, bacteria culture development and recombinant protein purification. Experienced in propagation and maintenance of mammalian cells. Practice in cGMP and aseptic pharmaceutical manufacturing. Successful class A100 gowning. Meticulously documented maintenance of sensitive computer and hand written records. Mechanically inclined with specialized repair in pneumatic electric and hydraulic pumps.

Laboratory Skills

DNA Expression. Protein Expression. Upstream Bacteria Production. Downstream Protein Processing. DNA Ligation. Digests. Transformation. Platting. Electroporation. SDS-PAGE. Electrophoresis. PCR. Mutagenesis. Point Mutation. Protein Purification. Chromatography. Bioreactor. Fermentation. TOPO Cloning. Cell Culture. Gel Extraction. Cell Propagation. Plasmid Purification. RODAC. CPR. First Aid.

Professional Experience

Environmental Lab Monitor, Independent Contractor, Huffmaster, West Point, PA, April - May 2016.

Aseptic environmental monitoring, SMA microbial air sampling, particulate air sampling, surface sampling, swabbing and personnel monitoring for class A clean rooms.

Certification in class A/100 aseptic gowning, aseptic processing and aseptic techniques.

Knowledge and practice in cGMP and aseptic pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Demonstrated clean and traceable good documentation skills and (SOP) skills.

Knowledgeable in manufacturing of cell, virus and vaccine processes.

Present and discuss results with colleagues and department teams and apply informative action.

Substitute Teacher, Amphitheater School District, Tucson, Arizona, November 2013 – present.

Enjoy mentoring and connecting with students while educating and teaching life skills.

Appreciate the rewards of teaching and witnessing the moments where the light of understanding pops on for students.

Process Improvement Specialist, Clinton Liechty PC, Tucson, Arizona, May 2009 – September 2013.

Researched the biologic nature of S. lacrymans and produced a safe low cost fungicide that cut purchasing cost by 91%.

Experienced fabricator and remodeler with emphasis on layout and artistic design.

Research Associate, University of Arizona, Tucson, June – December 2008.

Topic: Research the photoactivity of chimeric PYP mutants and point mutation of PYP- phytochrome hybrid protein Ppr.

Construct several gene mutants for vector use in escherichia coli to promote proteins of interest.

Ensure uptake of vectors to cells, cultivate bacteria growth and harvest hybrid proteins.

Successfully express chimeric protein and point mutation with positive experimental outcomes on photoactivity and kinetics.

Matthew Liechty

4063 West Firethorn Street Tucson, Arizona, 85741• 520-***-****•

Research Associate, University of Arizona Cancer Center, Tucson, August - December 2007.

Topic: Research colon cancer cell polyamines metabolism and the effects of inhibitors on plated cancer cell lines.

Conduct experiments on cancer cells under laminar air flow in aseptic laboratory conditions.

Prepare media for cancer cell cultures, plate, incubate, maintain and harvest cells.

Trouble shoot various microbiology experiments and authenticate tests performed elsewhere are correct.


Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics, University of Arizona, 2008.

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