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English Teacher and translator

Norwich, Norfk, United Kingdom
October 24, 2016

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Asma Satchell – English Teacher

Surname: Satchell

Maiden Name: Chouchane

First Name: Asma

Date of Birth: 1st September, 1981

Current Occupation: English Secondary Education / EFL Teacher

Address: 8 Upper Grange Crescent,

Caister- on -Sea

Great Yarmouth,


NR30 5AR

Mobile: 077**-******

Landline: 014**-******

E-mail address:

Marital Status: Married (to UK National)

Languages: English – Fluent, Read, Spoken and Written

French – Fluent, Read, Spoken and Written

Arabic – Fluent, Mother Tongue

Nationality: Tunisian

Memberships: Cambridge English Teacher Member since 2011

Institute of Learning Affiliate member since June 2014.

Personal Summary

An articulate, qualified English teacher who is able to effectively communicate with students from diverse backgrounds with varying degrees of ability. A committed and dedicated professional with a proven ability to teach, motivate and direct students to their maximum performance by encouraging a positive and energetic environment. Presently looking for an English teaching position with a progressive, upstanding school or Academy.

Career Statement

“I feel that my greatest strengths are my ability to understand and meet the needs of individual children with varied backgrounds and abilities..

Having a clear understanding of the importance of confidentiality and being able to provide a stimulating, caring and consistent environment for pupils.”

Asma Satchell.


2014 to Present: MA Applied Linguistics and TESOL, Leicester University (in progress)


2005-2006: Capes Session (Secondary Education Teaching Aptitude Certificate) from Tunisian Ministry of Education.

2000-2005: Studied at University of Human and Social Sciences, Tunis. Department of English. BA degree

1994 to 2000 : Secondary Education Studies


December 2015: QTLS

September 2015: Data Protection in the workplace Training Course.

August 2015: Equality Essentials Training Course.

August 2015: Safeguarding for Schools and Colleges.

August 2015 : Smartboard Teacher training course.

August 2015: Teaching with Technology: Apps & Social, Cambridge English Teacher.

August 2015: Apps for Teaching & Learning Certificate, Cambridge English Teacher

August 2015: Learning Oriented Assessment, Cambridge English Teacher

2013: IELTS Teaching Certificate

2012: IHWO Business English Teaching Certificate

2012: Professional Translator Certificate (Arab Professional Translators Society)

2011: EPOC Creativity Workshop (Creativity Assessor Certificate)

2010: Cambridge University CELTA

2009: I.E.L.T.S. Certificate for Academic English (7.0)

2006: CAPES: Certificate of Secondary Education teaching Aptitude. Tunisia.

2005: Training at the University of Aberystwyth, Wales, UK. (Teaching Academic English)

2005: University Degree (BA) of English Language, civilization and literature.

2000: Baccalaureate Certificate (Secondary Education Certificate)

Professional Experience

June 2016 to October, 4th, 2016

Computing and Creative Imedia Teacher : North Walsham High School, Norfolk


Summary : Teaching IT to KS3 as well as OCR National creative Certificate in Imedia

November to June 2016:

English and Drama Teacher : Flegg High School, Norfolk

Summary: Teaching KS3 and 4 English and KS3 drama.

The job involved teaching English language and English literature to KS3 and KS4 students using AQA and WEJC examination boards curricula.

Teaching drama to KS3 students. It involved theory and practical dramatic key concepts and performances.

April to October 2015:

Supply Teaching with Engage Education: City Academy Norwich.

Summary: Initially contracted in Norwich, to cover a week as an ICT teacher, which included lesson planning, preparation, assignment of equipment and helping the students complete set assignments on a variety of Apple Macs and iPads.

This was teaching at key stage 3 and 4.

At the conclusion of the week I was requested to meet with the principal, who offered me an English teaching position, to commence in the September term start. I also attended the summer trip with the school to France (being a native speaker helped) and we took a group of the more challenging students with us for a week outward-bound course.

At the start of the term I was informed that my rota was to be full with the lowest sets from each year, and that, coupled with the fact that the IT systems in the school had not been setup during the summer months to allow me full access to the on-line teachers paperwork, it caused me concern over the standard I was trying to achieve and what the school actually wanted, which at the time seemed more like a baby sitter, than a teacher. I had started to get through to the children in those classes, when again I had cause to request intervention and assistance from the school, at which point I was told by my placement company, that the school had decided, with no consultation or meeting with me, that my teaching was not to their standard. At this point I left being given no recourse to speak with the Head teacher to discuss the reasoning behind what had taken place. Considering I had completed prior to September nearly a complete term in ICT, which is not my main subject matter, and having received glowing reports and comments about my work whilst in that department, I was understandbly upset and confused by what had transpired.

March 2015 to April 2015:

Supply Teaching with Engage Education: GYPA Great Yarmouth.

Summary: The position at Great Yarmouth GYPA was for several weeks teaching English at key Stage 2 (year4) Level and lessons and teaching were going fine, when I was told the contract had been finished and I was no longer required effective from the same lunchtime. This had been also done to several others from other agencies who had been contracted to work there. No warning, just informed they were no longer required. This has left me wondering what has happened to the teaching system in the UK, as when I was coming up through my development in Tunisia, we were always told how great the English schools were and how polite everyone was, but having had now these two experiences, when all I want to do is to be able to pass on my skills in teaching English, it has left me very dismayed and disillusioned as to ever finding a role where I can present my subject and help pupils to advance and improve, given the passion and efforts I put into my preparation, and lessons.

March 2015 2 days:

Include – Catch22 Trust, Great Yarmouth.

Summary: This was with the Trust at the St James Resources Center in Great Yarmouth. Having been informed that the children there could be challenging, I was prepared for some ill behavior, but the extent to which the children were allowed to speak, act and interact between each other in class and out of it, was more like trying to quell a riot, than teach a subject. I had one child in one class, who was trying his best to learn whilst all around him his classmates were running about, throwing things around and totally unruly. As our hands are tied as to what we can or cannot do, I completed a couple of trial days and then on the day of starting, I was verbally abused and almost hit with a thrown object that I walked out at the end of the day and informed them, I was not going to return. There was no effort from the staff to reprimand any child, and when the incident of one child throwing hot chocolate drink over another happened, with one child suffering mild burns from the incident, the perpetrator was allowed back the very next day, and treated like nothing had happened, with no disciplinary action taken. That was not a place to teach and I was shocked and disheartened by the schools and pupils actions.

June 2011 to June 2014:

International House Muscat, Polyglot Institute, Sultanate of Oman.

Summary: Teaching English as a Second language to a range of students ranging from late teenagers to adults, and even Military personnel in His Majesty’s Armed forces.

I was responsible for preparation, content, key stage testing and everything to do with getting the students ready to take their Cambridge CEFR examinations. Classes were well behaved and set out under the European framework. My reason for leaving was returning to the Uk with my husband at the completion of his current contract in Oman.

August -October 2010:

Azzan Bin Qais International School, The Sultanate of Oman

Summary: Teaching English to pupils ranging from 11 to 18 years old. This followed the British curriculum and using the EdExcel examinations. I was in charge of teaching as well as planning and writing yearly work schemes for my KS3 & KS4 classes. I moved from this position to take up the role in the Polyglot Institute.

2009 to 2010:

Dorrat Al Khaleej Private School, Muscat.

Summary: This was a privately run and owned school where I was teaching English to pupils ranging from key stage 3 again to Cambridge checkpoint examination. I left to take up the role at the Azzan Bin Qais Intenational School.

2008 to 2009:

Ministry of Education Technical Co-operation Oman

Summary: I took up this role after applying from Tunisia on the technical exchange that existed between Tunisia and Oman for the supply of English teachers. Having been told we were to be based just 15 minutes outside of Muscat, the capital city, when we arrived we were taken to remote locations, some 150km outside of Muscat, where there was no infrastructure for Medical care, or free movement allowed, and we were expected to reside out in the desert locations with virtually no contact with the outside world. I immediately realised that this was not what I signed up for and started looking about for a role at a private school in the capital, Muscat. I was lucky enough to find a position at the Dorrat Al Khaleej private school and transferred to there after working the initial first year, in the Nomad communities, which was an enriching cultural experience, yet at times challenging and presented sensitive areas that needed careful approaches as in every cross-cultural meeting, misunderstanding is more likely to occur.

2006 to 2008:

Secondary Education Teaching (Tunisian Ministry of Education and Training).

Summery: After passing the Initial teacher Training examinations, I was recruited by the Tunisian Ministry of Education as a trainee teacher for a year (NQT in the UK), I had undertaken ongoing weekly CPDs and inspections from the Subject Supervisor, which led to me gaining a Tenured Fully Qualified Staff.

I was posted to a school in the North of Tunisia, some 135km from the Capital city Tunis. I was there for two years teaching English, and then I was contacted and informed I will take an Overseas secondment role, whithin the framework of the two governments Technical Cooperation.

2000 to 2013:

Professional Translation Services

Summary: As I speak some 8 differing dialects of Arabic, plus fluent Technical English and fluent French, I was requested on several occasions to provide talk-over translations in the film and video arena in Oman. These were usually information films for schools and government organisations, which required a good command of the proper usage and composition of translated Arabic to English or English to Arabic, for either close captioned screen displays, or verbal talk over for audio translation for the movies. During this period I also became a member of the Arab Society for Professional Translators.

2000 to 2008:

Private Language Tutoring

Summary: Both at home in Tunisia, before I moved to International work, an then once overseas, I was requested by some private individuals to provide assistance and teaching of English, either for covering interviews, or job recruitment, or Professional business meetings. Having done several translations at presentations live between English, Arabic and French at live Seminars.

Other Relevant Information, Courses and Certification.

QTLS awarded in December 2015 as a recognition of my QTS in Tunisia

UK NARIC Statement of Comparability for Overseas Degrees

UK DBS up-to-date

Full International Driving License. As well as UK driving license .

Fully conversant with all Microsoft PC packages especially MS Word©, Excel©, Power Point© and Internet, on both Windows XP©, Windows Vista©, Windows8©,

Freelance technical document translator

Multi-language live translator/presenter for Seminars/Presentations.

Voice over and movies subtitling translation.

Producing and singing own songs.

Recording video and voice over commercials for Omani Companies.

Participation in Online EFL / ESOL conferences

Presenting online conferences. (Example can be accessed with below link).

Presenting EFL workshops for fellow teachers and supervisors.

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