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Chemical Engineering Engineer

October 24, 2016

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**** -**** ******** ****** ** chemistry processes being prepared

June 2013 National Engineering Diploma "Specialization process chemistry" National Engineering School of Gabes

****-**** *********** cycle mathematically Physics (MP) Preparatory Institute for Engineering Studies Monastir-EL (IPEIM) Mathematics Bachelor: Mention "Good"

Languages :

English: Good level

French: very good

Arabic: Mother Tongue

Computer skills: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Matlab, Aspen, Autocad, Pascal, SPSS… 2013 (5 month) Tunisie Lait, Treatment plant wastewater Sousse Project Graduation

- Operating Study of the treatment plant sewage

- Optimization of biological treatment of wastewater

- Proposed solutions to improve aeration and energy cost January 2013 National Engineering School of Gabes "ENIG" Gabes Sizing a geothermal heating system

August 2012 Tunisian Society of Electricity and Gas Sousse Engineer internship

- Combined Cycle Study

- Calculation of the efficiency of a cooling plate exchanger


May 2012 National Engineering School of Gabes "ENIG" Gabes Numerical Analysis Project


Rejab Asma

26 years

Cité Riadh 5 Sousse Tunisie

Souse_ Tunisie



Engineer - PhD in chemistry



Study of the adsorption by adopting Nonlinear model "Furusawa and Smith" to calculate the transfer coefficient of external and internal material

- The effects of the concentration, temperature, mass of adsorbent, the stirring speed for the dye diffusion process

July 2011 Company National Operating and Water Distribution Sousse « SONEDE » Work placement

- Control the quality of drinking water

- Biological control

- Overview of bacteriological

- Water purification steps of drinking water


- Industrial Utilities, prevention and safety, quality and industry standards, experimental methodology, technology chemical engineering devices ...

- Energy optimization of processes, chemical engineering mechanical operations

- Solid waste treatment, drinking water treatment, gas treatment, biological wastewater treatment

- Analytical chemistry, industrial, organic and inorganic

- Calculation of exchangers, separation of mixtures, evaporators and conductive methods chromatograph and spectro - photometric, electrochemistry, monitoring and regulating

- Thermodynamics, mass transfer, fluid dynamics, homogeneous and heterogeneous reactors

- Thermal transfer…

Training And Other Activities

- July 2013: English Training in Sousse Language

- September 2013: Autocad 2D Training in Media Training

- January 2014: Training in Moraine employment office Sousse

- February 2015: Participation in the Social Forum of the environment

"Our life aplus valuable than your profits"

- March 2015: Training "Human development"

قانون الجذبThe Law of Attraction « »

- Training of researchers-entrepreneurs, Action Pasri 080 of the National Agency for Promotion of Scientific Research (ANPR) and the Agency for Promotion and Industry and Innovation (APII):

April 2015: Module 1: Intellectual Property, Business Model, the Business Planning process and support structures of an innovative project

May 2015: Module 2: strategic and commercial study of an innovative project

May 2015: Module 3: technical and organizational study of a innovative project

ممارس معتمد فى الكوتشينغ- June 2015: Training "coach Practitioner"

- rebmetpeS :5102 gniniarT SSPS erawtfos "lacitsitatS egakcaP rof eht laicoS "secneicS

- yraunaJ :6102 gniniarT dedivorp yb eht HSAoC niessuoH jeT "cigam سحر الإقناع و أساليب التأثيرnoisausreP dna lacigolohcysp tcapmi sdohtem « النفسي»

- hcraM :6102 gniniarT dedivorp yb .rDauolaS enadiaS iugzeR

traP :A noitcA nalP ot eraperp rof sseccus dna noitaticapac

traP :B oT a wen noisiv fo noitacude deretnec gnihcaet fo IXX yrutnec - gninrael sloot dna sdohtem

- hcraM :6102 gniniarT dedivorp yb eht HSAoC niessuoH :jeT "ehT wal fo noitcartta dna eht terces fo "sseccus

"قانون الجذب و اسرار النجاح"

lanoisseforP secneirepxe

- rebmetpeS :3102 reenignE ta nretsaE gnidarT :puorG gnikaM sgniward htiw dacotuA rof latem strap

- yraunaJ :4102 ytilauQ reenignE ta :RACLAEDI gnirutcafunam ynapmoc eneigyh stcudorp

- yraunaJ :5102 DhP ni yrtsimehc sessecorp

- yaM :5102 rosivdA ni a llac retnec

- yraunaJ :6102 reganaM ta reveroF gniviL stcudorP STSERETNI DNA LANOISSEFORP SEITILAUQ

)التنمية البشرية,noitagivaN,levarT namuH tnempoleveD (

lautcelletnI,ytisoiruc lanosreP,noitavitom krowmaeT slliks

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