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United States
October 25, 2016

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Frank Gonzalez

Phone: 954-***-****



Software Engineer, Technical Lead, Architect who has successfully designed and developed commercial quality, enterprise software. Articulate, experienced with written presentations. Results-driven, customer-focused, takes great pride in exceeding expectations and beating deadline. Proven leader with experience as an architect, technical lead and mentor.

Proficient in OOD, SOA, .NET, Framework Design, and Database Design.


Highly skilled C#, .NET professional. Microsoft Certified Application Developer

Full Web Development experience: ISAPI Filters ASP.NET Modules, Handlers, Web Form, MVC, JQuery, AngularJS, Web API and SignalR.

Database: SQL Server, Jobs design, SQL DTS Object Model. Oracle.

Design Architecture: MVC, MVVM, SOA, Design Patterns, Enterprise Architecture.

Administration: Team Foundation Server (TFS). IIS Web Servers.


UFL, Gainesville, FL January 2016 – Present

Senior Developer and Architect

Built the Web-based HydroExploratory System which provides interactive graphical capabilities for data quality control. Integrated JavaScript tools, SignalR, MVC and AngularJS for a remarkable improvement in the process of data correction and analysis.

Responsible for conceptualization, design and implementation of a data transfer solution to monitor remote sensor data collection to explore data graphically and discover unexpected insights. Integrated with Hydrobase system heterogeneous source of data provided by Decagon data loggers. Designed and implemented a real time Web-based dashboard to download data from Decagon Services by SignalR and AngularJS.

Added MVC features to legacy Web Form application.

WASD, Miami, FL November 2014 – January 2016

Senior Developer and Architect

Instrumental in the Paving-Restoration and Sludge Transportation Web-based Systems which are modernization of legacy Oracle Web- Forms applications. Designed UI prototypes to interact with final users. Worked heavily with MVC, Ajax, AngularJS, JQuery and Web services. Redesigned data models. Introduced GIS searching capabilities integrated with SignalR.

Developed a technology infrastructure plan to interact with Oracle remote servers. Implemented a service to launch Data Transformation Packages with Web-based management capabilities.

Documented Business Processes for Decision Makers. Managed TFS Activities. Specified Requirements. Assisted entry level developers. Modeled components and class structures with UML.

DESCARTES, Miami, FL December 2011– November 2014


Key member of the core Software Development team for the ICS/ECS Federated Application Suite. Solved complex problems in a real-time high volume transactional multi-tenant database and Service Oriented Architecture/Software-as-a-Service environment. Improved remarkably the scalability of the Web-based ICS system reducing deadlock and race conditions. Fixed many bugs and delivered many new features under tight deadlines for new application releases. Documented with test procedures all assigned tasks and fixed coding bad practices.

Accountable for ASP.NET Handlers and MVC modules in the Wed-based projects AIR America, AIR Canada and AIR Mexico.

INDEPENDENT CONSULTANT, Fort Lauderdale/Miami FL November 2002 – December 2011

Senior Developer and Architect

Designed and implemented new administration and data management features for the Hydrobase System 3.0. Augmented responsiveness and throughput of Web interface. Added new processing capabilities to Remote Uploader enhancing remarkably the performance of the uploading for huge amount of data. Performed DBA duties. Mentored final users.

Implemented in ASP.NET the Respondus Lockdown Browser API for the Prometric IBT system. Participated as a team member in the SAM project for NCARB. Implemented interoperability between C# and C++ code. Designed and implemented client and server WCF for the Grid Remediation application. Created test plans and decided testing strategies for refactoring and maintenance of legacy applications written in C++.

Developed the Hydrobase System 3.0. Augmented significantly the throughput and responsiveness of dynamically generated graphs and statistical reports. Provided new capabilities and processing abilities based on new requirements. Architected and implemented a WCF-based application for remote data uploading, which deploys huge amount of data with remarkable performance and robustness.

Instrumental in the Loxahatchee River Basin project, designed and implemented a multi-tier, WCF based application for data correction, processing and analysis. Designed and implemented strategies for integration of heterogeneous data sources into a central database.

Main architect and developer of the Hydrobase System 2.0, transforming version 1.0 into a Web-centric set of applications and services oriented to graphical analysis for educational and research purposes. Monitored integration tests and prepared product for deployment. Optimized the design of multithreading processing. Handled successfully the deployment and availability of millions of records. Challenged to enhance performance adding multithreading.

Accountable for the migration of the Gradience System into Windows Vista Platform which was accomplished with extraordinary success in schedule as well as in the robustness of the architecture and code modifications. Heavily involved with Windows Vista ACL accounts, virtualization and program manifest. Contributed by fixing dozens of bugs to the stability of several legacy applications written in Delphi and Visual C++.

Instrumental in the Hydrobae System 1.0, which has been praised by the Hydrological community of Florida due to its robustness and remarkable performance. Involved with N-Tier architecture, .NET Remoting, HTML, XML, multi-thread programming and stored procedures. Created multidimensional OLAP cubes for data mining. Designed and coded a user front-end for Multidimensional Analysis via ADO MD. Tuned database and implemented the database maintenance plan. Wrote project documentation and User’s Manual. Configured IIS.

Universidad Católica, Caracas, Venezuela June 1996 – July 2000

Developer/Analyst, Professor

Intensive work with Services in Windows NT, Thread Synchronization, Windows Sockets, COM Automation and ISAPI extensions. Designed and implemented different applications such as:

. Control and auditor of the Web traffic.

. Configuration diagnosis of the computers in the network.

. Management of computer failure reports in the network (over 800 computers).

. Reviewed a system containing nutrition, anthropometric and social information for administrative and governmental purposes Reanalyzed the requirements and determined the necessary modifications, rebuilt database relational model and redesigned the system transforming it to a Three-Tier solution achieving recognized performance and report enhancements (incorporating extensive use of Microsoft Office 97 automation).

Environment: C++, Delphi, Windows NT Kernel Objects, Socket programming (TCP/IP), MS SQL Server and MS Access, Watcon SQL and Oracle.

Instituto Superior Pedagógico, Havana, Cuba September 1986 – March 1993

Analyst, Professor

Designed and implemented several proprietary applications. Instrumental in developing Automation of Information and Documentation Centers. Supervised development team, reviewed documentation. Received very positive commendations by the highest authorities of the Institute.

Environment: Turbo C, Turbo C++, Borland C++.


University of Havana, Post-Graduate Course in Object Oriented Languages, Havana, Cuba (1992).

University of Havana, Post-Graduate Courses in Digital Signal Processing and Statistical Analysis, Havana, Cuba (1992).

Highest Technical Institute, Specialist in Processing Automation, Havana, Cuba (1985).

Highest Technical Institute, Graduated Magna Cum Laude with a GPA of 4.08 as Engineer in Geophysics, Havana, Cuba (1982).

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