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United States
October 22, 2016

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Jamal Hassan

**** * ****** ***

Chicago, IL *****


Citizenship: USA

Radio Access Network (RAN) Engineer


12+ years of telecommunications professional; 5+ Years as Radio Access Network Engineer, 3+ Years as Radio & Microwave installation Engineer in cell phone Network, 4+ years as installation, Operation and Maintenance Engineer in Exchange, Telephone prepaid calling card, Telephone and computer systems

Project management & Team Leading skills.

In-depth knowledge of the 3G & 4G Wireless architecture

Experience in LTE (Long Term Evolution) remotely integration, CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access), GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications), WCDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access), and UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunication System).

Extensive hands-on live networks, operations, alarm management, provisioning, and implementation services.

Specializes in telecommunication network monitoring/operation management, configuration management, xml scripting, parameter discrepancies monitoring, troubleshooting and technical support.

Handling DT script writing (text based xml, moshell CLI/MML and DT) for Ericsson/Nokia/Huawei managed objects and cell data design during commissioning and integration, rehoming and swapout.

Handling technical support for the implementation of combined 2G, 3G and LTE radio access technology as part of the modernization project.

Accomplished NOC/GSM/UMTS/LTE engineer with demonstrated success in implementing technology solutions collected from various key roles in large telecommunications projects.

Strong problem solving skills with the ability to deploy expertise in mass parameter changes in order to solve complex telecommunications engineering issues.

Ability to work in high pressure environment including projects with aggressive schedules and more than customer expectations.


RAN/RNC Engineer

T-Mobile, Chicago, IL, USA Feb 2015-Current

T-Mobile Modernization Project (BSS/BSC/RAN/RNC/UTRAN/LTE/OSS/OMS) Engineer, Nokia Commissioning and Integration Support Engineer).

Performed E2E creation/implementation/integration on live LTE/UMTS/GSM sites from configuring Nortel/Ericsson/Nokia sites (GSM), changing cross connection in Tellabs DACS, configuring ports in Alcatel CSR Router, E911 calls verification to alarm & performance monitoring post modernization.

Tier III support, troubleshooting/fault resolution and implementation of parameter changes to UTRAN element of T-Mobile Central Region Market across 18 Markets comprising 61 RNCs configuration Modernizations guide by using OSS Plan.

Involve in LTE MIMO modification Plan process and procedure using OSS on Bulk sites.

Supporting Frequency Retune 2G,3G & 4G By using plan Via OSS on Bulk sites.

Supporting 2G swapping from Nortel/Ericsson to Nokia vendor, as well as 3G & 4G RAN Network elements (BSC, RNC, MSC, BTS, NodeB & eNodeB).

2G/3G Nokia site (TDM, PAbis & Ethernet) creation, Build (In RNC/BSC) & integration (With RNC/BSC), also conversion from Ultra to Flexi Multi Radio.

2G & 3G Site Commission File (SCF) Creation, Also LTE (SCF) Validation, Modification & Troubleshooting

2G, 3G & 4G NSN site Reconfiguration.

Software audit on RNC and NodeB.

2G, 3G & 4G NSN Create, Delete, Import, Export & provision Plans using OSS.

GSM, UMTS & LTE Adjacency Plan creation.

Alarm and performance monitoring post modernization.

2G, 3G & 4G NSN site troubleshooting issues and alarms.

Nokia Solutions and Networks, Irving, TX, USA Sep 2012 – Dec 2013

BTS Engineer

Lead BTS engineer for NSN 2G/3G and LTE equipment on T-Mobile Modernization Project USA National Team. My main task was to troubleshooting 2G through BSC, 3G though RNC and LTE after commissioning and integration. When sites are completed I was able to logged in remotely to each site to perform an audit, making sure the sites are alarm free, on air and taking traffic also TMA’s and RET’s are detected according to customers configurations . After efficiently handling the local market I was sent to Fault Management for Nationwide T-Mobile Modernization.

Fault Management for Nationwide T-Mobile Modernization

Handling the bridge, providing support to GC’s who are on site doing installations, commissioning, Integration and troubleshooting

Try to solve BTS alarms remotely

Providing technical support for remedy trouble tickets for GSM, AWS, UMTS and LTE and monitoring it for next 24hrs. If alarm found I was able to open tickets and if clear I would close tickets

If issue not resolved remotely I would sent out Statement of Work (SOW) to FM (Field Manager)

Provide technical Support to all markets BTS Software upgrade and downgrade remotely through OSS, also provide training and expert supports to team members; resolve outstanding issues.

Check software version for BTS in each market through OSS making sure it has correct version and Collecting daily alarms history for all sites through OSS.

Chicago, IL Local market

Handling the bridge, providing support to GC’s who are on site doing installations, commissioning, Integration and troubleshooting

Audit GSM, AWS, UMTS and LTE remotely after Integration completed and report the result

Commissioning and integration GSM, UMTS and LTE on site and remotely

Implement RF equipment such as BTS and integrated with BSC and RNC

Troubleshoot 2G/3G from BSC and RNC and LTE, through MML command and GUI remotely and on site

Provide technical support for remedy trouble tickets for GSM,AWS,UMTS and LTE

Provide first line of troubleshooting remotely, if required send tower crew for further troubleshooting

Provide technical support to field team in live networks, including weekly and weekend rotations in 24/7 emergency on call on duty support as needed

Cell call test data verification

Troubleshooting LMU for E911 call test

Collect Site Close Out Package (SCOP) and upload it in IPM

Support RF team remotely on MHA and RET troubleshooting, making sure they are set per RFDS

experience on Fiber optic testing and troubleshooting

Familiar with transmission like CSR router and how to connect it to BTS through (Fiber optic, Ethernet and T1).

ZAIN – Khartoum, SUDAN 2009- Sep 2012 & Jan 2014-May 2015

RAN Engineer

Project Manager for Huawei Base Station Controller (BSC) & Base Transceiver Station (BTS) Expansion.

Project Manager as Radio Implementation for Network Swap Project, from NSN to Huawei.

Direct and Monitor the execution of sites rollout as well expansion of 2G & 3G.

Preparing command line interface scripts for Radio Access Network

Running and troubleshooting command line interface scripts for Radio Access Network on (MSC, RNC & BSC)

Using Operation Subsystem Support (OSS) Graphic User Interface (GUI) for remotely integration and troubleshooting

New NodeB (Ericsson, Huawei) remotely integration in the Radio Network Controller (RNC) activities.

New Base Transceivers Station (Ericsson, Siemens, Huawei) remotely integration in the BSC activities.

Upgrade and downgrade sites configuration activities remotely for BTS (Ericsson, Huawei) in BSC.

BTS (Ericsson, Siemens, Huawei) Commissioning & Integration.

Upgrade and downgrade sites configuration activities remotely for BTS (Ericsson, Siemens, Huawei) in BSC

Radio & Microwave site acceptance and stand alone Test as Provisional Acceptance Test (PAT).

Site relocation, preparation and implementation activities.

Cell on Wheel (COW) site, preparation and implementation activities.

Experience in Telecommunication site readiness for installation (RFI) such as (Installation Specifications, tower, power, grounding, waveguide ladder system, entryway into telecom shelter, antenna, housing, cooling, and external alarm).

Work as part of a team to deliver the projects targets.

Manage processes, procedures, coordination, reporting activities for systems.

Monitor and measure vendor subcontractor companies’ performance.

Execute plans that deliver radio coverage, high quality network with availability.

Rx level and Tx power measurements using Power meter.

Assemble technical, detailed site reports.

Handling MapInfo and navigation systems.

1st & 2nd line troubleshooting of generated alarms and problems, Provide support to Field Operations and Project team as required. Reporting of all problems and network performance.

Faults escalation, follow-up with field maintenance and vendor when needed.

ZAIN – Khartoum, SUDAN

2006 – 2009

Radio Implementation Engineer

Responsible for Base Transceiver Station (BTS) (Ericsson, Siemens) site Commissioning and Integration.

Responsible for the PDH Microwaves (Ericsson, Siemens) connected to the BTSs.

Reconfiguration activities for BTS (Ericsson, Siemens).

Responsible for microwave (Ericsson, Siemens) site Commissioning & integration.

Responsible for all the parameters changes requested from transmission planning.

Responsible for installation of the BTS and Microwave equipment.

Responsible for telecommunication equipment acceptance and stand alone Test using site Master (VSWR), Avometer, earthometer, compass, OMT and LMT.

Responsible for new sites acceptance, Provisional acceptance test (PAT) implementation, Transitioning and handover of the new sites from the Role-out department to the Network Operation department after the end of one month-vendor warranty period.

Working experience in cell on wheel and relocation Sites, preparation and implementation activities.

Work as part of a team to deliver the projects targets.

Smart Card Company – Khartoum, SUDAN 2004-2005

Operation & Maintenance Engineer

Operation & Maintenance for Telephone prepaid calling card system.


Sudan University of Science and Technology-Khartoum, Sudan Dec,2008

Master Degree in Telecommunication Engineering.

Sudan University of Science and Technology-Khartoum, Sudan Oct,2005

Bachelors (Honors) Degree in Electronics engineering (Telecommunication)

Sudan University of Science and Technology-Khartoum, Sudan Nov,1996

Diploma in Electronics.

Short Courses Certification

PMP/EPIC Certification PrepCourse May 2011

Khartoum, Sudan

Problem Solving and Decision Maker Sep 2010

Khartoum, Sudan

Props for Project Managers Nov 2009

Khartoum, Sudan

Leadership training Nov 2009

Khartoum, Sudan

Power of choice training Apr 2009

Khartoum, Sudan

Advance Excel

Khartoum, Sudan

MS-Project2007 Jun2012

Khartoum, Sudan

A+ certification.



Chicago, USA


Chicago, USA

PDH Radio Systems Micro Wave supervisory System Jan 2007

Milano, Italy

Flexi WCDMA BTS Installation Planning Jan 2009


Khartoum, Sudan

Flexi EDGE BTS O&M EP3 RG10/S14 Sep 2010

Dusseldorf, Germany


Tellabs 3600 Nodes with Craft Terminal D253 Oct 2007

Copenhagen, Denmark

WCDMA System Overview Jun 2008

Khartoum, Sudan

SIU operation and configuration

Abis Over IP Abis Optimization on-site Jul 2010

Khartoum, Sudan

GSM Radio Network Features

Khartoum, Sudan

WCDM RAN P7 RBS3308 Installation Maintenance Jul 2010

Khartoum, Sudan

SBS BR 10.0 System Overview (RG10) Mar 2011

GSM BSS G10 Integration

Khartoum, Sudan

WCDMA W10 Air Interface Mar 2012

GSM BSS G10 Signaling

Khartoum, Sudan


MBTS 3900 O & M Jan 2011

BSC6900 O&M Feb 2011

Khartoum, Sudan

Single RAN5.0 RNC O&M Jun 2011

I Manager M2000 Network Monitoring

Shenzhen, China

WCDMA Radio Network Principle Training Apr 2012

WCDMA RAN12 HSPA+ Principles

Khartoum, Sudan

Tools & Network Management Servers

Mapinfo, Site Master, Compass, AVOMeter, EarthoMeter, binoculars, GPS.

Ericsson (WinFoil, OSS, Operation and Maintenance Terminal(OMT), Network Element Manager (NE),


NSN BTS site Manager, NetAct, NOLS, IPM, (Radio Commander, Local Maintenance Terminal (LMT),

Local Craft Terminal (LCT),NetViewer).

Huawei (I Manager M2000 Network Monitoring, Local Maintenance Terminal (LMT), HDEX).

Tellabs 6300 series.

Microsoft Office.


Ericsson BTS Systems - RBS2000 series, RBS3000 series, RBS6000 series.

Ericsson MW Systems – Minilink E, Minilink HC, Minilink TN (2P, 6P, 20P).

NSN BTS Systems – Flexi BTS, BTS240XL, BTS241XL, BTS82ii.


Huawei BTS System - BTS3900, BTS3900A, DBS3900.

Huawei BSC System – BSC6900.

Tellabs – Tellabs 6300 series.


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