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Operations Manager

Kenosha, Wisconsin, United States
October 22, 2016

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Scott A. Tobalsky

**** **** ******

Kenosha, WI *3140



OBJECTIVE: To contribute to a company's growth and success with my 25+ years of distribution experience at all levels.


My qualifications for this job include, but are not limited to:

• Project Manager overseeing advancement and improvement of the Inventory Control, Quality and Production Improvement.

• Facility Manager/GM for a $248+ million grocery Distributor

• Production Manager of a $140+ million grocery distribution center

• Warehouse Operations Manager

• Warehouse Supervisor

• Familiar with ISO procedures and training

• A sense of good judgment

• 25+ years of warehouse experience

• natural people skills

• quick decision making abilities

• a tremendous self-motivator


1989 High School graduate, Mary D. Bradford

1990 General Studies, UW-Parkside


1990 - 2002 Warehouse associate and trainer - Supervalu, Inc. - Midwest Region

2002- 2005 Supervisor, Supervalu, Inc. – Midwest Region

2005 -2007 Warehouse Operations Manager – Promotions Unlimited Co.

2007-2009 Production Manager – Tree of Life, North America

2009 -2013 Facility Manger (GM) – Capstone Logistics – At Affiliated Foods Midwest.

2013 -2015 Director of Operations - Capstone Logistics

2015 - present Project Manager - Affiliated Foods Midwest

During my supervisory tenure:

o Shift configuring on a daily basis for thirty (30) to sixty (60) employees

o Managing overtime on a daily basis in such a manner as to not hinder profit as a result of unnecessary overtime wages being paid

o Training new warehouse employees - order selection skills

o Training new warehouse employees to use the Vocollect selection system (Voice responsive order selection)

o Opening and closing both Grocery and Perishable shifts o Fluent in both WMS and LMS warehouse tracking systems

o In charge of new hires



Evaluations for promotion or termination

During my 2+ year tenure as a Warehouse Operations Manager at Promotions Unlimited:

• Managed daily activities of a sales/distribution warehouse for circular advertisement merchandise that is purchased by 500+ accounts

• Purchased new and used Production Equipment for a 400,000+ square foot facility

• Maintained close weekly contact with Finance to ensure that all monetary goals are achieved for budgeting purposes.

• Negotiated contracts for warehouse supplies

• Worked within the budget constraints of a family owned corporation

• Maintained worker production standards and issuing discipline for sub-standard work

• Established benchmarking goals that increased profits and productivity needs, within the warehouse

• Drafted documentation illustrating the Company’s policies and procedures to ensure that the working environment is both safe and productive

• Spearheaded the displacement of a 20 person driver fleet that resulted in an annual savings of over $1.4 million. (Freight cost difference, wages, benefits, and work comp.)

• Moved away from a 38 year old Company practice of floor loading all freight. This resulted in loads taking 4-6 hours to load onto trailers as opposed to the old practice of 2-3 days. This also cut the loading force down by 30%.

• Reduced the workforce from 111 employees to roughly 82 employees with no decrease in business. Sales versus previous year remained the same. ($811,000 savings in warehouse wages in 1 year period.)

• Decreased the supervisory staff by 2 as a result of better floor practices which require less supervision. (Company saved approximately $70,000 in salary annually)

• Displaced the assistant to the Warehouse Operations Manager.

(Company will save approximately $40,000 annually)

As a Production Manager at Tree Of Life, some of my duties included:

• Staffing and manipulation of a workforce of 100+ warehouse employees of a grocery distribution center.

• Managing/evaluating the duties of a 3 person supervisory staff

• Meeting and exceeding the budget requirements of a $2.7 million a week facility.

• Vice Chairman of the Midwest Safety Committee

• A member of the 8 person Corporate Training Committee that established all training agendas for the 10 North American divisions of the Company.

• Budgeting and forecasting of expenses to achieve profit against a percent-to-sales requirement.

• Managing and controlling training that allowed the Company to meet its ISO requirements.

• Chairman of the Midwest Safety Committee

• Reacting on a daily basis to changes in customer ordering and staffing needs, related to these changes.

As Facility Manager/General Manager with Capstone Logistics, daily duties included:

• Managing the largest of 260 sites operated by Capstone Logistics.

• Oversee 3rd party daily operations of an 800,000+ sq. ft. Grocery distribution center.

• Review/evaluate/promote a supervisory staff of 13.

• Maintain and delegate duties that support compliance with Corporate Safety Policies.

• Process weekly payroll for 200+ production employees.

• Interact/Communicate process improvement ideas with internal and external customers on a daily basis.

• Establish score carding for supervisors that increase productivity and performance improvements.

• Maintain a P&L of $7.5 million annually.

• Recruit and hire for permanent volume increases in warehouse setting.

Promoted to Director of Operations to oversee all 3rd party warehouse activities at two Affiliated Foods Midwest facilities.

• Interact with Partner to achieve goals and metrics outlined by the Partner.

•Maintain and establish the budgets for both 3rd party facilities and train/coach/mentor Facility Managers who oversee the staff.

• Review improvement opportunities with Capstone Staff and its Partner.

•Negotiate and acquire new billable revenue streams for Capstone Logistics within the facilities owned by Affiliated Foods Midwest.

Accepted position as Project Manger with Affiliated Foods Midwest to oversee Quality Improvement within the Kenosha, WI facility.

•Oversee and improve the production of the facility through reports and quality metrics.

•Maintain and report on the Performance tracking system daily/ weekly/monthly to Affiliated Foods Midwest GM and GM for Capstone Logistics

• Repair an inventory process that encompasses $38+ million of rolling goods.

• Execute new job roles for Inventory Control that streamline ownership and accountability for each associate.

• Participate in the redesign of the Repack department, in an effort to reduce shrink.

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