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Project Sql Server

Plymouth, Minnesota, United States
October 22, 2016

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Pradeep Bohara

Ph No: 612-***-****



To obtain a position as Solution architect in enterprise software solution services division, where I can utilize my technical and management expertise. The position should give me an opportunity to learn new things, hone my existing skills and should provide performance-based advancement to my career.


A technocrat with 16 years of experience in software estimation, design, and development and Solution Architecture along with a Masters in Computer Science from Illinois institute of technology Chicago USA. Lead projects for application development maintenance & support for reputed global clients with onsite offshore model. I have extensive experience in Print and Mail, Document composition, customer communication management. Dedicated self motivated achiever who is committed to success and adept at juggling multiple task in high pressured environment. I have worked for prestigious clients like GE, GM, Citibank, Vanguard, Prudential, RRD, State Farm Insurance, Deutsche bank, Transunion, Merril Lynch, DHL, Aviva, NAGE, Capital One, Vodafone etc.


1) Jun 2015 to Present with Cognizant US as Senior Technical Architect

2) Sept 2012 to May 2015 with Williams Lea, UK as Technical Architect

3) June 2011 to Aug 2012 with Espire Info labs as Solution Architect

4) Jan 2009 to May 2011 with Macrosoft Inc. as Technical Consultant

5) July 2007 to Jan 2009 with Sungard as Technical Consultant

6) June 2006 to June 2007 with Lason as Senior Programmer Analyst

7) Dec 2002 to June 2006 with HSBC as Analyst Business System

8) Aug 2000 to Dec 2002 with IIT Online as Internet Media Developer


Project Employee Benefit Contract Solution

Platform Exstream Dialogue V8, Java J2EE

Duration June 2015 – Present

Employer Cognizant USA

Role Senior Technical Architect Team Size: 8

For this role I am involved in creation of Benefit Statements for Group Insurance policy. The Project requires migration of output from DLF to DocX format. Placeholder Documents with multiple sections and paragraphs are designed to control multiple content on the output. Creation of Benefit Booklet also requires setting up the Multiple ups.

Conventional waterfall model is recently been replaced with Agile/Scrum model and hence the development is carried out in multiple sprints. Performing a role of Scrum master and working with Product owner, team members and Project sponsors over multiple sprint planning sessions

The other areas of focus are

1.Migration of 2000 templates from Documerge to HP Exstream

2.Implementation of EWS and Real time applications

3.Integration of HP Exstream with Java J2ee front end

Project Wiiliams Lea, Luton, UK

Platform Exstream Dialogue V6, V8, Doc1 series4,5, SQL Server 2005, JCL, COBOL, Streamweaver

Duration Sept 2012 – Present

Client Williams Lea, Luton, UK

Employer Espire Infolabs, UK

Role Technical Architect Team Size: 8

For this role I am involved in multiple Projects handling Williams Lea’s multiple clients ranging from Banks, Financial Services, Telecom etc. A lot of BAU work, enhancement Projects, constant involvement in defining and strategizing Architecture to handle the performance and other parameters for ever growing applications. Retiring a lot of legacy based applications and moving to more Tool of choice HP Exstream, hence a lot of effort is involved in reverse engineering applications from Doc1, Papyrus and other composition based tools to HP Exstream. I am also involved in migration of all the HP Dialogue Applications from a lower version (Version 6) to a higher version (Version 8). This was required for client’s internal PCI requirements to keep all their applications on latest versions of dialogue. The application goes through an orchestration module (Dollar Universe) for end to end processing. Pre-processing activities are handled through an ETL tool (Data Lever) and all the post-processing activities are handled using either Sreamweaver, VIP/VDE or DocBridge Pilot.

As a Technical Architect I am responsible for

Program planning after coordination with different stake holders.

Constantly working with Dev, QA, Change and PrintOps team to plan multiple streams for BAU/ Project related changes and enhancements

Working on multiple POC’s around Dialogue Live, Remote collaboration, Application consolidator etc modules of Exstream to explore feasibility around new solutions

Reverse engineering of applications from Doc1, Compuset, Papyrus etc to HP Exstream

Work with HP Support Team for raising bugs and following up on resolution

Application Development on Complex Applications to ensure delivery is error free.

Coordinating with offshore team on assigning development tasks and scheduling webex sessions

Project PBMS

Platform Exstream Dialogue, Doc1 series4,, SQL Server 2005, JCL, COBOL, Streamweaver

Duration June 2011 – Aug 2012

Client Pitney Bowes, Harlow, UK

Employer Espire Infolabs, UK

Role Solution Architect Team Size: 8

This project involved migration from Mainframe to Client Server Model. Start from scratch planning, acquiring required resources and executing development efforts to successfully migrate. This engagement was very time critical as the client wanted to retire their mainframe applications (total 2500 templates) and move completely to client server. This saved them on licensing costs for IBM Mainframe. The original application was developed long time back and hence the development efforts required reverse engineering to understand the existing environment (Mainframe and Doc1 based) and re-writing the applications. The preprocessing of data was done using scripts and the composition was done using Exstream Dialogue on Windows environment. Few Application required upgrade from Dialogue v6.1 to V7.0 and I was involved in setting up the installation, moving the database to a different server and utilizing compare tools like Fastest etc

As a Solution Architect I was responsible for

Program planning after coordination with different stake holders.

Designing and implementing enterprise migration activities for the new architecture

Coordinating different program activities and facilitate required communication.

Monitoring and control program activities in different areas.

Providing work status and issue escalation to higher management on regular basis.

Involved in Exstream Dialogue Conversion from DOC1 V4.0.

Document Composition- Handling print request’s for Business Customers and Altering the Outputs based on the requirement changes and delivering prints in AFP, Metacode, Postscript and PDF formats.

Project CGI,

Platform Exstream Dialogue,, Windows, SQL Server 2005

Duration Dec 2009 – May 2011

Client Comgraphics, Parsippany, New Jersey, USA

Employer Macrosoft Inc

Role Technical Architect Team Size: 8

The project involved migration from client’s existing Mainframe environment to Client Server. The output is CGI’s statements and Daily notices with both PS and AFP print ready files. The front end was written in scripts to modify the data for adding the household logic. Since the new statements had to match pixel by pixel with the existing statements, the Fastest comparison tool was used for comparing the before and after pdf’s

As a Technical Architect I was responsible for

Requirement gathering, design development and reviews.

Setting up the environment with collaboration with Infrastructure team

System Design for setting up the Client Server environment

Strong interface between the team and client managers, Providing work status and issue escalation whenever needed

Project Vanguard 401 K Statements

Platform Exstream Dialogue,, Windows, SQL Server 2005

Duration Jan2009 – Dec 2009

Client Vanguard, Alabama, Birmingham, USA

Employer Sungard EXP

Role Technical Consultant Team Size: 6

This was a new business initiative with Vanguard. The Project required development of 401 K, IRA statements based on complex logic. This also required householding of statements mailed to the same address and hence required sorting and bundling. Multiple Pre-printed stocks were used and this required statements to be generated with dynamic Paper type

As a Technical Consultant I was responsible for

Discussions with Client

Hands on development on Exstream Dialogue as this required due diligence to develop it error free

Document Composition- Handling print request’s for Business Customers and altering the Outputs based on the requirement changes and delivering prints in AFP and PDF formats.

Extensive usage of Exstream dialogue to create Money Market Statements and Confirms.

Processing of high volume Statements with Section Data and Post Sort processing in Multi pass environment.

Handling daily statements data for processing once the Project was moved to Production

Project Sungard Exp Migration

Platform Pres, JCL, TSO, Exstream Dialogue, Perl, J2EE, SQL Server 2005

Duration Oct2007 – Jan 2009

Client Various Clients (Birmingham, Alabama)

Employer Sungard Exp

Role Technical Consultant Team Size: 10

Sungard Exp Migration was Pres to Exstream Dialogue migration project. It involves moving the Projects from Pres environment to Exstream Dialogue. There were some limitation with the PRES software in regards to Portability and design flexibility and hence it was decided to move the application to a client Server environment. All the pre-processing and post processing of data after and before the composition was accomplished by using J2EE based workflow system. This was designed as a thin client application with SQL server as backend. Job processing and scheduling were performed using this application

As a Technical Consultant I was responsible for setting up the environment in coordination with Infrastructure team

Worked on a 401 K statements for Prudential Finance.

Involved in architecting application for clients on Exstream Dialogue and Open systems.

Worked on diverse statements and daily notices for Financial services, Insurance, Utility Companies

Worked on Checks and Invoice Applications for Auto, FS, Insurance clients

Strong interface between the team and client managers, Providing work status and issue escalation whenever needed

Managing and balancing between team and the top management by keeping the highest level of employee and client satisfaction

Concepts used

One pass and Two pass process

Sorting and Bundling (Bundling for householding)

Multiple Dialogue versions 4.0, 5.1, 6.1 and 7.0 (as per the client’s request)

Worked with diverse sets of data files: Columnar Data, Delimited Files, XML, Print image, pdf etc

Placeholder Concepts

Dynamic File Import

Dialogue Live


Project Transunion Rewrite

Platform Exstream,, C#, SQL Server, XML, Windows XP

Duration June 2006 – June 2007

Client Transunion, Livonia, Michigan

Employer Lason System

Role Senior Programmer Analyst Team Size: 8

This project required a complete re-write of credit score application for the client. The data was processed in both Batch and Real time environment. A front end in C# was written to pre-process the print image data and convert it to a pipe delimited file. As a lead I was responsible for implementing the change requests made by the client. The print statistics were captured in a Report file. The process also involved creating check and invoice application.

As a Senior Programmer Analyst, responsible for

Responsible for process definition and implementing processes

Provided technical solution for critical functionality policy transaction reconciliation process

Represented the project for all internal and external audits

Provided Functional and technical support in technical issue resolution to team.

Generating monthly metrics at project level comprising all details about various activities

Project DART

Platform Exstream, IBM Websphere, IBM Filenet, Windows NT, UNIX

Duration Dec 2002 – Jun 2006.

Client HSBC (Internal Client), Elmhurst, IL, USA

Employer HSBC

Role Analyst business System Team Size: 8

I was responsible for converting the HSBC’s entire Consumer Lending and Mortgage Serve Documents from the existing system EFS (Mainframe based composition tool) to Exstream Dialogue on Windows. The Production engine was set up on the Unix Box. The Application consist of automation of different loan origination documents, Good Faith Estimate, HUD 1 a, Checklist document etc. The existing system required a lot of manual calculation performed by the AE’s at different branches in different cities. This resulted in incorrect charges on some of the fees and hence it was required to automate all the calculations in Exstream.

The applications were divided into three different processes: Batch, Online and Tiff. Batch process was performed at the end of day after getting the customer data for the entire day’s activity, where as online application required real time processing using DDA module in Exstream for the account executives to pick up the documents real time in Branches. The tiff process was created as second pass process for imaging the documents to Filenet Panagon. This was required for the auditing purpose.

As an Analyst Business System, I was responsible for

Extensive usage of Exstream dialogue to create Multi App Databases for Clients to include Tax and payroll related printings.

Processing of high volume letters and Checks for several corporations with Section Data and Post processing in Multi pass environmentAnalysis of the requirements

Correspondence with client

Script Development using java script


Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification

PMI, USA ( (Dec2008)

Master of Science – Major in Computer Science GPA – 3.5/4.0

Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USA (Aug2000 – Dec2002)

Bachelor of Architecture – GPA – 3.8/4.0 (65%)

Malaviya Regional Engineering College, Jaipur (Aug 1994 – July 1999)


Available on request

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