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Sales Raw Materials

San Antonio, Texas, 78209, United States
October 22, 2016

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Implement knowledge and experience in a company with great values and policies, As well to achieve personal, professional goals and results.

An accomplished and results-driven operations professional, with transferable experience and a continuous track record of increasing success in inventory control, forecasting techniques, purchasing, pricing, conflict resolution, Lean manufacturing.

Reporting to the Supply Management and related team for documentations.

Have weekly calls with suppliers and see where they are at with delivering parts.

Negotiate with vendors any new material that they can supply for us.

Maintain all purchase orders up to date delivery date wise


Saint Gregory High School, Completed online: 2014


Basic Administration, Basic Welding, ISO 9000 / QS 9000 / ISO 14000, The effective Buyer, 6 S + 1, Working as a team, Apics courses taken modules 1 thru 5.


Software & Programs: Windows 95-2000, Office 97-2000& 2003 & 2007, Excel, Word, Power Point, PC Anywhere, Fax machine, Commuter phones, Coping machines, JD Edwards, BPCS, AS400, Man base, SAP and QAD.


Spanish 95% Written, Spoken & Read.

English first language


Accenture, San Antonio, TX: 2014 – Present

Supply Chain Buyer Analyst/ Delivery Assurance


Analyze any requirement for parts coded to me.

Validate all data before placing order thru system.

Compare any quotations received from potential suppliers.

Confirm that all requirements are valid in the system.

Expedite any material that needs expediting.

Run daily reports to follow up on parts being delivered by assigned suppliers.

Have weekly meetings to see any potential shortage of parts VS schedule.

Have weekly calls with suppliers and see where they are at with delivering parts, Look at any potential risk of late delivery, find out why and if possible, look for alternate options to not miss deadline.

Make sure all reports are updated on a daily basis for all corporate to see when needed.

System used: SAP

Beto’s Comida Latina, San Antonio, TX: 2012 - 2015

Line Cook


Cook orders to recipe

Clean as I go.

Maintain work station clean and organized.

Do inventory on a weekly basis.

Do weekly shopping for food needed for business.

Assist in any other duty that needs to be done.

Assist in training of new personal.

Help with prep list and do what needs to be done.

Sodexo (University of Incarnate word), San Antonio, TX: 2012 - 2013

Grill Cook


Help doing inventory every week.

Clean as I go.

Prepare food to customers as requested.

Maintain equipment clean daily and on a weekly basis.

Prepare food that will be needed for the following days.

Maacco Collision repair and Paint, San Antonio, TX: 2011 - 2012

General help / Estimator


Help doing inventory every week.

Assist on daily business trades.

Update customers with any inquire.

Help improve the process flow of the business.

Maintain accurate records of daily sales.

Globe Super Market, McAllen, TX: 2010

General Helper


Help doing inventory every week.

Clean as I go.

Help fix the Tortilla equipment.

Cover any shifts that needed covering

Denny’s Restaurant, McAllen, TX: 2009 - 2011

Line Cook


Cook orders to recipe.

Clean workstation as I go.

Portion out food when needed.

Help doing inventory every week.

Constant training for new menu roll outs.

Assist with any other duties that need attention.

Help with inventory when needed.

Laird Technologies, Reynosa Mex.: 2008 - 2009

Buyer / Planner


Run all purchasing reports for all departments.

Fix any invoice that needs to be corrected due to quantity or price discrepancy.

Expedite any material that needs to get here sooner than needed to meet customer demand.

Cancel any purchase orders that need to be canceled based on sales orders entered in the system.

Place purchase orders based on demand and safety stock levels of materials.

Negotiate with vendors any new material that they can supply for us.

Maintain all purchase orders up to date delivery date wise.

Release any production order that warehouse department may need to send out to shop floor.

Confirm all purchase orders placed to vendors within 24 hours.

Talk to vendors that show a bad delivery score and help them to ensure a better delivery time.

Make sure that all materials that are responsibility are coded correctly for a better reaction time to material demands or spikes.

Make sure that our Quality department has all drawings up to date from suppliers.

Make sure that Import-Export has all paper work from our vendors such as NAFTA certificates.

Analyze any material that might become obsolete and try to build and sale to customer of sale back to vendor to avoid making scrap and loose investment.

Work on reducing inventory and increase turns of material.

Helped set-up line for start-up shift.

Help new personal to use equipment in a proper and safe way.

System used: QAD

Andrew Telecommunications, Reynosa Mex.: 2003 - 2008

Planner / Buyer


Make a frozen production plan for departments.

Review on a weekly basis any future capacity issues based on forecast demand and future sales orders.

Make sure that all shortages are covered to not stop production and meet all sales orders on time.

Make sure that all production orders are opened without any shortages.

Confirm all sales orders that arrive on a daily basis.

Run all reports for Planning such as (Open work orders, Master schedule, Delinquent report, Sales order report, Auto Kan Ban report, Shortage reports and Open purchase orders).

Maintain master schedule based on forecast and future sales.

Place and cancel purchase orders based on MRP messages.

Expedite any material that is short depending if there was a cycle count made to such part.

Confirm all purchase orders sent to vendors and file them as well.

Make sure that all parts coded to me are accurate for Purchasing & Planning.

Review with customer care any potential sales order that might not be met based on customer demand.

As a personal project starting to review all suppliers to try and improve their reaction time by reducing their lead time with us to achieve a better reaction time for our customers. Or to say (Meet CRD).

Trained and certified in Kan-ban process and set up in SAP.

Achieved a 96% CRD VS 85% goal on physical year 2007.

Obtained a 7 inventory turns of inventory of all parts coded to me.

Helped in production line set-up.

Help train personal in the use of machinery.

Make sure everyone in the production lines assigned to me were using the machinery properly and safely.

System used: Man-base then SAP

BSN Medical S.A. de C.V., Reynosa Mex.: 2001 - 2003

Senior Buyer / Production Planner


Negotiate prices for the purchase of raw materials.

Review and maintain contracts up to date.

Source out potential vendors that can a give good service and prices.

Maintain minimum inventory on hand to achieve better turnaround of investment.

Schedule out production per week of each and every production line at responsibility.

Maintain a minimum stock of 6 weeks (Globally finished goods).

Measure the production by reports and assure the completion of all shop orders.

Purchase and expedite all raw materials for production of finished goods.

Review any artwork or specifications that engineering might have. And to start sourcing out potential vendors or suppliers.

Achieved cost reduction of raw materials by $ 500 K annually by sourcing out better suppliers.

Validate any new vendor and rate there products or services accordingly.

Measure out and graph all vendors based on delivery on time and quality.

System used: BPCS

Lexmark Electronics, Reynosa Mex.: 2000 - 2001

Expediter / Raw Materials Buyer


Expedite materials to avoid material shortages.

Place and cancel purchase orders according to requirements and MRP.

Run short list report to avoid down line situations.

Plan ahead for materials of long lead times.

Participated in negotiations for parts with new vendors.

Reduced costing part with long-term production based on accurate forecast.

Worked with Kan-Ban and Jit system to achieve a better turn around on parts.

System used: JD Edwards

Bronco Electronics, Reynosa Mex.: 1999 - 2000

Warehouse Supervisor / Expediter / MRO Buyer


Maintained an exact count A and B parts of raw materials.

Do cycle counts when needed to production lines.

Run inventory reports for each and every location in the plant.

Check that all materials received are identified correctly.

Expedite any materials that might create a line down situation.

Run vendor due reports to avoid shortages.

Purchase MRO parts and goods for machinery, office supplies and others.

Keep good inventory and flow of materials.

Reduce costs for parts with vendors via negotiation and contracts.

Report any inventory discrepancy from vendor and in warehouse inventory.

System used: AS400

Lucent Technologies, Reynosa Mex.: 1998 - 1999

Group leader / Assistant Supervisor


Run production reports.

Keep track of all information regarding production and statistics.

Keep an ongoing production with zero defects.

Control any Quality issues that might occur in production lines.

Keep in order and control all production lines.

Delnosa S.A de C.V., Reynosa Mex.: 1995 - 1998

General Helper / Group Leader/ Assistant Supervisor


Generate Status reports of ongoing production (daily).

Generate cost estimates on materials scrapped by repair stations.

Coordinate people to do their job right the first time.

Keep track of all quality and production information.

Assist in monthly meetings focused on cost, labor hours & productivity.

Maintain zero accidents and zero Quality issues.

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