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Engineer Manager

Jeddah, Makkah Province, Saudi Arabia
October 21, 2016

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Personal Information

Name: Mazin Mohammed Ali Abdalla.

Date of birth: 5th of Nov 1977.

Place of birth: Dalgo-Nothern state -Sudan.

Nationality: Sudanese.

Marital status: Married.

Language: Arabic & English.

Contact address:

Dammam/Alkhobar -Saudi Arabia.

Phone GSM: +966-***-******.


Total Experience:

More than 13 years, about three years in petrochemical company as operation engineer and more than 10 years in food production industry, more than 4 years experience in supervisory level. I attended several training, conference and obtained many certificates from Sudan and Europe, higher ability to participate with the planning team for the management and implementation of the annual, half-annual, monthly and weekly plans ( milestones) . Featured in the industrial process management and control on the input and output accounts implementing monthly inventory stock take.

-Valid Sudanese and KSA driving license.

-Registered under Saudi and Sudan engineer`s council.


Transferable Iqama available with chemical engineer occupation.


. 1998 – 2003 Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Gezira, Sudan. B. Sc with (Honors) in Chemical Engineering.

. Computer studies center, University of Gezira, Sudan. Diploma (2years) in computer science.

University Final Project in Design of reforming unit reactors in Portsudan Refinery as typical design of reforming unit reactors in Khartoum Refinery.

Professional Experiences and upgrades:

From 1st of October 2005 up to 1st Dec 2011 working with DAL Group-Sayga Investment Company Ltd in their main flour mills as PROCESS ENGINEER which is located in Khartoum north industrial area.

From 1st Dec 2011 up to 1st June 2014 as SENIOR PROCESS ENGINEER.

From 01st June 2014 up to 15th Feb 2016 as Line Supervisor with DAL GROUP.

Area of Responsibility (Line Supervisor):

Acts as backup for the operation supervisor/assistance production manager in his absence.

Head responsibility of Manpower covering is 10 process engineers,2 senior process engineers, 4 packaging senior technicians, 36 packaging machine operators and over 15 labors.

Follow up the daily production tasks to target the monthly and weekly production planning.

Follow up the related maintenance jobs

Review the entry of all process control related data into the performance manager in – SAGE- and -ON KEY 4 – system (Software managing program).

Follow up machineries’ performance and record data if necessary.

Carries out all tasks assigned from supervisors.

Acts as Representative for Sayga in leased mills ensuring that products are complying with Sayga and SSMO (Sudanese Standard & Metrology Organization) specification.

Share QMS in their internal audits representing production department.

Implement, share and execute 5S PROGRAM - LEAN WAVE.

Area of Responsibility (Process Engineer):

Execute daily production and packing quota to target monthly planning.

Execute maintenance and operation tasks schedule.

Follow up quality protocol to handle productions.

Enter and save daily operation and operation control data in the system(sage/On key4-Pragma).

Analyze operation data to ensure the accuracy of operation and to promote operation efficiency.

Hold communications to upper, online and lower level to made troubleshooting and to decrease breakdown time.

-From 19th of Dec 2002 to 19th of Sep 2005 with Khartoum petrochemical company as OPERATION ENGINEER in their LPG distillation, chemical refining, polymerization, and PP pelletization units, besides attendance of the overhaul shutdown and maintenance works.

- A good knowledge in calibration and adjustment of instrumentations such as valves, transducers, transmitters, DCS operation as well as PID tunings in controllers.

Area of Responsibility:

1/ 1st year as shift operator, six month to control labors and daily production reports in PP packing hall during operating PP extruder machine and blending utilities and executing –managing packing processes, packing labors and waste managing.

Next six month as plant operator to operate PP polymerization unit and LPG distillation unit as well as utilities (low and high propylene recovery units). 2nd year as shift leader in DCS control room (Yokogawa centum CS 3000) to operate LPG distillation unit and PP polymerization unit and their utilities.

2/ Review Poly Propylene plant and operating data on daily basis and follow up optimization of PP process operations and designs and implements special testing programs as necessary to anticipate, evaluate and resolve process problems.

3/ Carries out or participate in process trouble shooting, identifying respective causes of problems and recommending changes or alterations of operation parameters in order to avoid recurrence of problems.

4/ Prepare logical shut down and start up procedures as well as carries out execution of regeneration of propylene refining unit implementing plant safety guidelines.

5/ Prepare PP unit materials /equipments requisition specifications as per design considerations.

6/ Share with other departments’ annual internal audits with QMS.

Training and Courses:

-Training in Portsudan refinery -technology department from 27th of Nov to 12th of Dec 2001.

-Practical course in calibration of processing instruments-Control Union International (GmbH).

-Basic milling course from BUHLER training center- Switzerland, Oct 2006.

- Training course in SCADA from 2nd to 6th of March 2008 in Sudanese German center for quality assurance in co-operation with EAAC group for training and consultancy (Egypt).

-Advance milling course from BUHLER training center- Switzerland, May 2008.

- Now studying Correspondence course in flour milling in NABIM (National Association of British and Irish Millers) –1st semester completed- Intermediate Certificate received- and 2nd semester will be completed in May 2016- advance Certificate will be received on July 2016.

- Preparing to exam PMP(Project management Professional) as willing to be certified from PMI, required 45 hours of exam preparation studies was completed.

- Many short local courses in Safety, Hygiene, management, advance Microsoft office and data reporting.

Conference: Had Attended in IAOM conference in Abu Dhabi 5-8 Dec 2012.

Abilities and Skills:

Production lines performance:

• Downtime rate.

• Raw material / Finish goods waste rate.

• Conformance with Quality standards.

• Conformance to production plan targets.

• Capability in controlling logic shutdown and start up as well as analyzing control loops.

• Good analytical thinking and problem solving skills. Masters plant processes & lines parameters.

• Already has acquired enough experience in operation data reporting implying estimation of process operation and cost reports.

Production team performance:

• Ability to evaluate team level and potential, pro-active leadership with energy, enthusiasm and passion for excellence.

• Ability to train and build team spirit, effective communicator with the ability to interact at all levels to embrace changes and new ideas.

• Physically fit and capable to work under difficult conditions.


• Preventive maintenance effectiveness through down time rate control.

• Fluent communication with maintenance department.

• Accuracy of data entered in systems.


• Ability to implement, manage and improve Hygienic environment.

• Monitor conformity to regulations, HACCP and ISO policies.

• Ability to implement, manage and improve health & safety environment.

• Maintain records as per procedures and policies.


• Accuracy of data entered in systems.

• Accuracy of inventories.


• Process control system and process optimization.

• In reading and traveling.

Memberships and Registrations:

- Membership in Simit Volunteer Society.

- Registered as engineer in SEC under designated number EC/ER/GE/4362.

- Membership in Sudanese engineering council (SEC).

- Membership in IAOM, International Association of Millers.

- Registered in Saudi engineering society.


Hydrocarbon processing.

World grain.

Milling Journal


1/ Omer ALMamoun- KPC Prod Manager/ QA in conversion petrochemical company –KSA. 009***********, . .

2/ Eng: Osman Hashim Prod manager/Grain Handling Manager/ Bakery Value stream manager in Dalfood- Sayga-dalgroup: 002***********, .

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