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Support Medical

Newark, New Jersey, United States
October 24, 2016

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Fred A. Sosanya


Fred is a positive minded professional who is seeking an opportunity where he could bring, diverse skills and experiences acquired over the years in the ever changing Electronic Medical Record environment with credential in the following modules:










St Luke's Fruitland Emergency - Fruitland, ID Sept - Oct 2016


Participated in Radiant Go-Live, providing elbow support to the

Technologist and Radiologist

Configuration of Radiant to required specifications

Analysis and optimization of workflows

New York University Medical Center, New York, NY Jan – Feb 2016

Optime & Anesthesia – CPOE, Clindoc

● Participated in Inpatient Go-live, providing

elbow support to staff

● Assisted clinicians on efficient use of EpicCare

● Assisted the clinicians in the use of Docflow

sheets, orders and documentation

● Supported nurses on how to properly work

with in a specific navigator on how to arrive and

discharge a patient, discharge planning and patient


● Supported nurses and physicians on how to

properly update information on flow sheets and

work lists

● Supported nurses on how to add and schedule

tasks on the MAR

Decatur Memorial Hospital, IL

Epic Go-Live Consultant – Clindoc June - July 2015

Support Nurses and clinical staff to navigate through their departmental workspace in hyperspace.

Educate Nurses to send in basket message to providers and how to create a letter in the in basket tab.

Assisted Nurses in printing.

Support End Users Personnel on how to document Encounter.

Assisted Nurses to administered medical using MAR.

Assisted and educate nurses about the workList button and how to navigate within it.

Unity Point Health, Des Moines AI.

Go-live-Ambulatory April-May 2015

Part of an Ambulatory Go-live support.

Assisted end users on how to cancel, copy appointment information, and reschedule appointments.

Assisted end user on how to schedule and register a new patient.

Assisted user to record patient arrival.

Assisted user to view providers schedules.

Assisted user with quickly recording an individual call about an appointment.

Helped front desk in documentation of patient insurance and guarantor information.

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. June-July 2014

Assisted Nurses with Patient Transferring from PACU to ward floor.

Assisted Nurses with Patient Discharging from PACU.

Assisted Nurses on how to view provider schedule.

Assisted Nurses with device data capturing into Flowsheet.

Collaborated and supported the end users personnel on how to document encounters, manage in basket, orders, preference list and efficient use of smart tools and communicate correctly.

Assisted nurses and clinical staff with troubleshoot workflow issues and report any technical issues to command center.

Assisted Nurses to administered medical using MAR.


Supported end users on how to link orders in order entry.

Assisted physician in the process of assessing the correct encounter.

Supported Nurses ADT on the floor.


Epic Go-Live Physician Support-Clindoc April - May 2014

Assisted providers to navigate in the patient workspace.

Support physicians with chart completing using Inbasket.

Support providers with placing an order and adding it to their preference list.

Assisted providers with creating and reusing of SmartText and setting a favorites SmartText tab as the default.

Assisted providers to review note and writing a consult note.

Assisted and Educate physicians on how to create out of contact and granting privilege to other physicians.

Assisted providers to navigate within the rounding, admission, transfer and discharge tab.

Assisted providers to create quick filters in chart review.

Baltimore Washington Hospital, Baltimore, MD Oct - Nov. 2013

• Assisting physicians, nurses, nurse’s assistants, clerical and other staff with Meditech (v5.64) CPOE, POM, PCS and PDoc (Physician and Nurse clinical documentation).

• Implemented, trained and supported Iatric Paperless Pharmacy.

• Also assisted in instructor-led end-user product training and competencies.

• Provided one-on-one physician training.

• Provided end-user support, documenting issues and escalating or troubleshooting any problems encountered.

NYU Levit Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY July-Aug 2013

Educated end users on how to create an addendum.

Educated clinicians on how to use the preference list.

Provided elbow support to physicians, nurses, and medical assistants on the floor.

Educated and assisted physicians on how to document encounters, and manage their in-basket.

Assisted clinicians to documenting using Note writer.

Assisted the physicians and other clinical staff to set up and utilize smart tools, consults, and their patient care plan and education.

Educate physician with abnormal results within the in basket.

Princeton Health Care System, NJ March-April 2013

Participated in Ambulatory Soft-live support.

Assist End Users personnel questions and help through difficult user issue.

Escalate issues to the command center as the need arises.

Assist End Users personnel how to easily navigate through the workflow.

Provided direct analytical Epic floor support to Providers, nurses, and other staffs during go-live.

Assisted user to configure the appearance of a report.

Assisted user with auto scheduling advance visit types and panels.

Yale University Health Care System, New Haven, CT Jan - Feb 2013

• Patients’ registration support.

• Provider assistance through Epic care.

• Assisted Radiology Tech & Radiologists, Medical Assist, Phlebotomist, and nurse with patient care in Epic care.

Lancaster General Health System, Lancaster, PA Oct. to Nov. 2012

Provided elbow to elbow go-live support while collaborating with super users to ensure efficient use of Epic systems.

Implementation Go-Live Support Consultant – Provide leadership and direction throughout the end user’s transition into electronic documentation workflows .

Exhibited strong problem solving, decision making, and crisis control skills


Business Information Systems (Bsc).

Computer Technician. (Microsoft Certified).

REFERENCES: To be provided upon request.

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