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Power Plant Electrical

Arizona City, Arizona, 85123, United States
October 24, 2016

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Travis Dalton

Licensed Electrician

Arizona City, AZ - 520-***-****

To Obtain employment where my experience and skills will be beneficial and rewarding. I am seeking employment as

a journey man electrician, electrical foreman or general foreman. WORK EXPERIENCE

Foreman Electrician

Saulsbury Industries - Cripple Creek, CO - January 2016 to March 2016 Responsibilities

I was responsible for a crew of ten electricians. We ran cable trays tubing trays pulled and terminated cables installed djb's, ijb's installed grounding lighting and heat trace Accomplishments

we met a series of three tough deadlines successfully with no injuries or rework to further the progress of the project overall, prior to my employment with saulsbury on that project they were three months behind schedule after the goals were met they were 1month a head of schedule. Skills Used

we had good team work communication and planning. I used schedules, work packets and detailed directions on what needed to be done and how we were to do it. Then ask for questions to insure everyone understood. As a team we taught anyone what they needed to know if they were to work on anything outside of there experience level.


tic/kiewit - Cripple Creek, CO - October 2015 to January 2016 Responsibilities

I worked on the crew that installed lights heat trace transformers MCC gears, disconnects etc pulled and terminated tech cables from 3c#10 to 4c500w ground for heat trace controllers and heat trace circuits. The 3c500 was from the secondary sides of the 480v,277v transformers. Accomplishments

All aspects of the job were completed with no rework or incidents, all while being done inside a live mill in

-30 working conditions.


Keller Electrical - Phoenix, AZ - May 2015 to September 2015 Responsibilities

I was responsible for planning supervising and executing all aspects of the jobs with the assistance of three to four electricians and general or sub contractors for various projects. Most project were for local city utilities like booster stations lift stations or pump houses. Some of the jobs were water treatment facilities. Accomplishments

most projects were completed on or ahead of schedule with no injuries or incidents. Skills Used

I have training and experience operating equipment like skid steers mini excavator man lifts etc and these skills were necessary for several projects.

General Foreman

tic/kiewit - Houston, TX - October 2014 to March 2015 Responsibilities

I supervised the fabrication and installation of duct banks, and stands to support ridgid conduit risers to there assigned elevations above grade. As well as temporary power to the offices fab areas parking lots and field. Accomplishments

we successfully installed several manholes hand holes formed and poured concrete for each bank. We finished all lights in the parking lot and around the site. Skills Used

I used, optical levels, rovers, cranes, and assited the surveyor in setting stands at the assigned coordinates to the drawings. I then shot in elevations using the optical level and rod. General Foreman

tic/kiewit - Ingleside, TX - April 2014 to September 2014 Responsibilities

I was responsible for supervising the crew that worked with nabors and IEC on the drill module, drill support module and Derrick for chevrons big foot offshore rig. Accomplishments

We installed and terminated all aspects of the, lights, recepts, fire detectors, on and around the DM DSM and Derrick as well as pulled in 444 666 and 777 kcm armoured flex cables for various motors from the mud pumps to that drag chain etc. We also assisted with the installation of various skids, motors, and gaitronix paga systems throughout the columns production deck mezz deck and main deck. Skills Used

We met all deadlines using tqms, one week, and three week schedules to help track progress productivity and material usage and needs.

Licensed Electrician/ General Foreman

T.I.C./Kiewit - Williston, ND - April 2013 to February 2014 Williston, ND

Ge lm 6000 turbine power plant with basin electric Licensed Electrician I worked on pre job doing task packages and material take offs for duct bank, temp power, conduit, and grounding.

I was the first person on site to assist and supervise with the site work for the lay down yard and temp facilities, as well as start on temporary power for fab areas and offices. I then supervised the fabrication and install of all duct

banks, ground grids, setting the pcm's. I then took over as the general foreman over the electrical department overseeing all the electrical work and assisting with instrumentation. Licensed Electrician

T.I.C./Kiewit - Bagdad, AZ - January 2013 to March 2013 I charted lay outs for anchor bolts on 15kv, 5kv, and 480v xfmrs and set xfmrs as well as the radiators. I installed conduit and cable tray in the mcc and at the 15kv xfmr. I terminated 5kv switch gear control circuits in the mcc, and built the dcs. I installed and terminated all fiber optic panels and cassettes, as well as built the ups system. Licensed Electrician/ Foreman

T.I.C./Kiewit - Pismo Beach, CA - January 2012 to January 2013 I installed all mcc sections, and switch gears in the main mcc, as well as ran all stove pipes, and cable tray. I then

took over as the crew foreman over seeing all conduit and equipment install and termination of lights recepts, and install of heat trace.

unlicensed Electrician

T.I.C./Kiewit - Big Piney, WY - June 2011 to January 2012 I installed, conduit, cable tray, and supports. I helped pull wire and terminated, power, control, and metering circuits. I assisted in start up and commissioning. unlicensed Electrician

T.I.C/Kiewit - Lubbock, TX - January 2011 to May 2011 Siemens power plant

Ran Duct Bank from 2 inch PVC to 4 inch ridged. Charted and laid out windows in all three man holes and assisted in setting the man holes.

Electrical Apprentice IV

T.I.C/Kiewit - Lost Cabin, WY - October 2010 to December 2010 I installed conduit, cable tray, tubing tray, and supports. I also installed mclx cable and terminated with tmcx connectors, and worked on the fire suppression system installing fire eyes. Electrical Apprentice III

T.I.C/Kiewit - Hayden, CO - June 2010 to July 2010 I installed conduit and supports, and helped pull wire Electrical Apprentice III

T.I.C./Kiewit - Culbertson, MT - January 2010 to June 2010 Worked on a little of everything from the admin building to the package. I installed, conduit, cable tray, electrical equipment, and devices. I pulled wire and terminated everything from 4-20 to 480vac. Electrical Apprentice II

T.I.C./Kiewit - Casper, WY - June 2009 to January 2010 I worked on the conduit and termination crews. Installing raceways, supports and running conduit and cable trays

terminating 4-20 ma to 24 volt DC and 120volt ac to 15 kv cables. Electrical Apprentice I

T.I.C/Kiewit - Rawlins, WY - September 2007 to May 2009 Rawlins, WY

Oil Refinery Cooker and Hydro cracker Electrical Apprentice I I worked on the heat trace crew, Installing self regulating and mineral insulated heat trace cables, I also installed

heat trace controllers, thermostats and RTD's in accordance to the NEC, specs, P&ID's, and ISO's. On the hydro

cracker I worked on conduit cable tray wire pulling charting lay outs and installing equipment and panels. I terminated rtd's, te's, pit's, etc.

mechanical helper

The Industrial Company - Maricopa, AZ - January 2007 to August 2007 Ethanol Power Plant

Worked with the Mechanical crew. Charted layouts, elevations, alignment and fabrications. Operated man lifts, fork

lifts and scissor lifts. I assisted with the install of ducts and conveyors in the main process building and the dryer. EDUCATION

General Studies

Ppep Tech High school - Casa Grande, AZ

1999 to 2002



I believe that some of the personal skills I have would help me in any position. I'm a motivated self starter, I have great people skills and excellent math skills. I can learn and preform tasks quickly and efficiently. I'm reliable and

very dependable. I hold a electrical license for the state of California and my NCCER v3 plus certification and I am

knowledgeable of the NEC and NFPA 70e. My license number is 154841 my Nccer number is 5821048.

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