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Manager Assistant

Penha de França, Goa, India
October 20, 2016

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End of Term

has started his contract as a Bar and was re-Rated to Assistant

r- a Dcr etEwalu atr(] was re-Kaleo to Asslstant E artenderin May. He has show good consistency in his,fl Tl-T^.i:t-Y1:9-ilindivigYal bars like c.rew Bar ana rerrace ouring summer cruise and has proven rhar he is capable to the bar alone with out much supervision. Johny will-be completing hls contract in the crows


onboard with lots of challening passengers. Thank you Jonny for your'rraro ior[ ano enloy your hard earn vacation. *niffi!'J;;ffi;';j;


and workins relati

needs to be more strong at nis aeffi


I do concur with his line manager comments, He has coped well in his new role as a supervisor and will only get better . I also recommend his revenue side of things which he need to focus on towards nis nex roo, His team to be drivln to achieve this and overall hehasbeenaconsistentleader.ThankyouforourrecentUsPHAUDlT,Welldonewish mv Aurora,,

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