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Developer Customer Service

New York, New York, United States
October 19, 2016

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Buffalo Grove, IL, 60089 Phone : 847-***-****



Sr Developer – Programmer/Analyst - Senior technical lead - experienced in all facets of the SDLC.

Worked on conversions, new development, enhancements/maintenance and production support - with

Agile and Waterfall methodologies. Have strong analytical skills ; well versed in designing, developing, coding, testing, debugging, planning, creating documentation and production support, identifying and fixing defects ALM.

Experienced in Legacy Systems and Data Warehousing systems - OLTP, OLAP - written in COBOL, BAL, CICS, DB2, IMS, JCL, Syncsort, CLIST, REXX, SAS, EASYTRIEVE, XML, MVS and z/OS, Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL Plus, Unix, Windows, MS Office, Word, Excel, Project, MS Access, Visio. Highly skilled in troubleshooting and identifying solutions.

Worked on designing, developing and testing - enhancements for database, ERP systems, retail, financial,

insurance, telephone and manufacturing applications, order management processes, mainframe interfaces, QA, SOX. Worked closely with DBA and other MVS support personnel on supporting and optimizing/upgrading existing system functions and adding new functionality. Created/modified functions, stored procedures, packages, views, triggers, sequences.

Proficient in DB2 and Oracle RDBMS: COBOL DB2, SQL, PL/SQL, Stored Procedures / functions / packages –

proven experience with Sql Plus and performing operational support for clients and users; troubleshooting tickets and providing quick analysis and support for other areas as well. Made recommendations for improvements and code changes in order for the COBOL programs, PL/SQL stored procedures and functions to run faster – optimized code. Understand Web technology, Java, J2EE, .Net. Knowledgeable of Unix, SQL Server, T-SQL, C#, Object Oriented Programming.

Have excellent communication skills. Able to satisfy the requirements of one or more user areas; work closely

with client management to identify and specify complex business requirements and processes, research and evaluate alternative solutions and make recommendations. I am a team player with strong communication skills, attention to detail and ability to prioritize and consistently meet deadlines.

Cyberlife experience: Worked for Cybertek(CSC) in 1999 – 2001:

Was educated in Cyberlife by Cybertek; transferred to CSC and responsible for building the product for NY Life insurance co. Modified the code – COBOL programs, JCL, test routines. Performed the mass compiles and tested the product. Also performed testing using the scripts provided for the baseline –model office - and requirements for NY Life.

Credit Card experience: 1990 – present

- Worked for Sears Technology Services on a Credit Card application called Sears Mainframe Routing Facility(SMRF) - the system was used to process approve/decline Sears credit card transactions. It worked on COBOL, CICS, DB2 - used CICS transactions to validate credit card info, negative files with credit card data (name, address, etc), the process would validate the transactions against the negative data, use elimination algorithms and screening techniques and return a decision of 'approved', 'declined' or 'pending'.

Input files came in either on tape or via ftp - or from different other platforms like Unix or Web(XML files).

Some XML files were converted to COBOL copybooks/programs.

- Worked at ABN AMRO on a similar credit application. Created/modified batch JCL to update the negative files and customer files with data which came in via ftp or XML.


Operating Systems: z/OS, MVS OS390, UNIX, Windows XP/7, VM/CMS, VSE,.Net

Programming Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, COBOL, PL/I, IBM Assembler, SAS, REXX, HTML, T-SQL, Java

Mainframe Applications: SQL, PL/SQL, TSO/ISPF, CICS, IDMS, BMS, IMS DB/DC, JCL, CLIST, VSAM, Quickjob,

FileAid, Version control tools: Panvalet, ChangeMan, Endevor; MQ Series,

COBOL Report Writer, IBM Utilities (SYNCSORT, IEBGENER, IEBPTCH, etc), AbendAid,

EASYTRIEVE, XPEDITER, Intertest, Insync, VSE, DOS/JCL, NDM (Connect Direct)

DB2 Utilities: BMC, IBM Load, IBM InfoSphere Optim Performance Manager, RC/Query

Non-Mainframe: PL/SQL, SQL Plus, UNIX, Red Hat Linux, Oracle Forms and Reports, Sql Server, SSIS, ETL,

SQL Developer, Benthic Golden, Lotus Notes, Remedy, Peregrine, NDM (Connect Direct),

FTP, MS Office: VISIO, HTML, MS Visio, MS Project, HP Mercury Interactive Tools: Test Director,

ALM, Winrunner, Java

Databases: ORACLE 10g, Oracle 11g, SQL PLUS, DB2, SQL, QMF, SPUFI IMS DB/DC, IDMS, MS Access

Applications: Data Warehousing, Retail, Financials, Insurance, Telephone, Credit Card,

Utilities: VENTYX Asset Suite, INDUS Passport

Insurance packages: LIFECOMM, Cyberlife, Life 70, Claims systems

Methodologies: SDLC: Waterfall, Agile


M.S. in Computer Science – Europe- 1980


Quality Assurance, Test Director, Winrunner MITS, Schaumburg, IL

Unix Fundamentals IBM, Chicago, IL

UML/RUP and Rational XDE MITS, Schaumburg, IL

SQL and PL/SQL MITS, Schaumburg, IL

PowerBuilder Chicago, IL

Three Tier Architecture MITS, Schaumburg, IL

Java, J2EE MITS, Schaumburg, IL

Cognos Reporting ACT Glenview, IL

.Net Framework, C#, Web Design ACT Glenview, IL

PMP training for CAPM MITS, Schaumburg, IL

E-Commerce: C#, Asp.Net MITS, Schaumburg, IL

Big Data, Hadoop MITS, Schaumburg, IL

Microsoft SQL Server, Transactional SQL (10774) Microtrain Technologies, Lombard, IL

Implementing Data Warehouses with SQL Server 2014(10777) Microtrain Technologies, Lombard, IL

Administering SQL Server Databases (10775) Microtrain Technologies, Lombard, IL


Consultant at Exelon – Chicago, IL Jan 2015 - Feb 2016

Work as a Sr. Developer in the Mainframe CICS/DB2 and Oracle/Unix group for the Passport Maintenance and Support team.

The project involved COBOL CICS/DB2 and IMS program changes – Oracle/Unix script changes, SPUFI queries, PL/SQL queries, SAS and Easytrieve program changes. Development and enhancements were performed in a Changeman environment.

Worked with the Business Unit to identify and fix ALM defects; performed data changes and production fixes. The application is VENTYX Asset Suite, Indus Passport – Invoicing, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Contract Management, Workflow Management, Inventory, Purchasing. The application is table driven; environment/operating systems are COBOL, CICS, DB2/MVS, Oracle/ Unix, Linux, SQL Server, Windows, Java, GUI front end, CICS. Calls to IMS database and updated segments.

The client converted part of the application from mainframe to Unix/Linux; the remainder still mainframe and Windows.

I modified and tested COBOL/CICS/DB2 programs interfacing with a GUI front end for user data entry. Also created/modified JCL

and used IBM utilities – IEBGENER, IEBCOPY, IDCAMS, SYNCSORT; batch SPUFI, ICETOOL, SyncSort, DFSort, IBM Load, RC/Query, Infosphere Optim Manager for DB2. Converted JCL and CLISTs to stored procedures on the Oracle platform. Created, modified and supported Unix shell scripts.

Converted Applications using BMC load utilities to IBM Utilities and CA utilities due to BMC not supporting those

applications in the future. Created and maintained JCL jobs and CLISTs, screens, reports, tables. Work with complex DB2 and Oracle tables. Performed production support as needed. Responded to tickets and defects and created the necessary SOX documentation. Scheduled and monitored jobs on mainframe and Unix. Work with DBAs, BUs, different vendors and users in a fast changing environment using Waterfall and Agile methodology.

Consultant - Loganbritton – Naperville, IL – for client Jan 2013 – Dec 2014

Sr Consultant on Database application/OLAP/BI group

Completed assignments on the mainframe database applications written in COBOL, DB2, Quickjob, JCL, CLIST, SQL, IMS. Used ChangeMan, FileAid, Xpediter, MQ Series(Webshere) and MS Office for testing and documentation- for the Retail industry. Designed and maintained CICS and batch applications creating/updating Db2 tables - developed COBOL, DB2 code, JCL streams and utilities. Used DCLGEN’s, SPUFI, QMF and other Platinum Utilities – DB2 Loader.

Worked on an multi faceted OLAP data warehouse financial application on Unix/Red Hat Linux..

Extracted and aggregated data from the Oracle data warehouse to be available to telemarketers and other departments. Designed, developed, tested, and maintained Oracle objects such as database packages, stored procedures, triggers and functions to support the applications; complex tables, terabytes of data, partitioned tables and indexes, views, optimization techniques and production support. Loaded vendor file data from files in UNIX to database tables using FTP, SQL loader and Connect Direct on the mainframe.

Consultant - EXPERIAN - Schaumburg, IL Aug 2012 – Dec 2012

Sr Consultant on Database application/Data Warehousing/ DataMarts

Responsible for mainframe COBOL, IMS, DB2 applications. Responsible for maintenance of GDG’s used to store vendor files which came in via FTp and were destined to the Data Warehouse(DB2 UDB). The programs were stored in ChangeMan and IBM load libraries.

Performed data extraction using queries, merges, upserts; the packages were optimized utilizing hints, cost-based optimizer, and optimal table join method practices. The application functions on Oracle 11g, DB2 UDB and UNIX (Korn Shell). Writing and executing the UNIX shell scripts to test the application components. The client uses agile methodology.

Consultant - TDS – Madison, WI 01/2011 – Aug 2012

Sr. Developer - Team lead – Oracle PL/SQL

Responsible for conversion - replatforming a Telecom application originally written in mainframe COBOL, Quickjob, Syncsort, DB2, CICS, ChangeMan - to Unix, OLTP, Subversion, ORACLE 10g – 11g - PL/SQL, Tibco, Oracle Middleware, Oracle Forms.

Responsible for mainframe projects and changes - performed extensive reverse engineering analysis of the existing application, extracted the existing business rules and created design documentation for the replatforming project, met with the users and BA's to approve the documents, built the product, tested and performed string testing and UAT.

Responsible for entire project; built the PL/SQL packages involved. Coded the functions and stored procedures, sequences, triggers, optimized the code to increase efficiency; rewrote packages to use same standard functions and procedures. Also performed unit testing and UAT using Oracle 11 g - Agile methodology.

Provided production and user support – responded to tickets, performed analysis and troubleshooting in a timely manner and moved changes to production. Made recommendations for code changes and new development.

Consultant – Express Scripts – St. Louis -MO 01/2010 –08/2010

Sr. Developer –Senior database technical lead.

Responsible for Full Cycle Development - analysis, design, coding, unit and system testing, UAT and QA of a Billing and Remittance multiplatform application (Healthcare) for Medicare-Part D. Also worked on the HIPAA team for modifications and upgrades of programs and stored procedures. Oracle 10g .Senior technical lead.

My role was programming in COBOL, JCL, Synscsort, CICS, IMS, DB2; preparing documentation, program design, changing code(stored in ChangeMan), testing, creating JCL streams, screens, reports, packages, FTP steps, stored procedures, production support, also educating customers. Attended daily meetings and conference calls with the management to achieve and meet deliverables /goals and deadlines. Worked with onshore/offshore teams as a senior technical consultant - also with SMEs, project managers and QA teams. Provided direction to QA testers after all elements were moved to QA. Solved issues in a timely manner and completed all tasks in time. Used Agile methodology.

Used MS Office: Word, Excel for documentation; created business rules and stored in MS Access.

Consultant – EDS at US Steel - Granite City, IL 06/2008 – 12/2009

Sr. Developer/tester – Senior database technical lead.

Was responsible for SDLC- maintenance and user requests - gathering requirements, creating

documentation, design, coding, unit testing – also participated in System testing and UAT - of several modules belonging to an ERP application, COBOL programs and stored procedures, SQL, MQ Series, SAS, Easytrieve, PL/I, DB2, IDMS, IMS, transferring data between the client and vendors: the client’s mainframe application received adds/updates (XML messages) from vendors, validated and loaded incoming data, and responded indicating status of the update. Responsible for the ERP application upgrade.

Worked on several service requests and tickets from users run queries and create reports as requested by the users and Business planning Units, wrote functional specifications, test plans, testing procedures and data for several IMS and DB2 in-house utilities; also used HP Quality Center: Test Director, Winrunner. Participated in writing use case documentation based on existing mainframe programs. Documented, communicated and reviewed with project team members and Business users.

Consultant – Kohl’s – Menomonee Falls, WI 06/2007 – 06/2008

Sr. Developer/tester – Senior technical lead.

Worked as a Sr. mainframe developer/tester on a COBOL, PL/1, CICS, Easytrieve, IDMS, ADSO, DB2, embedded

Oracle PL/SQL Financial system. Responsible for the maintenance and full cycle development of several applications: Labor Management, EDI/Container Manifest, Order Entry, Payroll. Created/modified CICS screens, stored procedures, IMS and DB2 programs, SAS reports, technical specifications and documentation using Microsoft Office, Visio, Lotus Notes.

Met with users on regular basis to gather and discuss design/requirements and demos, created unit and

system test plans, test data, performed unit and system testing using File Manager, SPUFI, QMF, Xpediter. Presented test

results to users and discussed production fixes to bugs. Used Peregrine/Remedy and SCLM for Change Management and Incident Reporting

Consultant – ABNAMRO – Chicago, IL 12/2006 - 06/2007

File transfer Analyst -

Worked at ABN AMRO – La Salle Bank on a team of mainframe, Unix, Windows, FTP experts – responsibilities included Electronic Funds transfer projects: setting up Connect Direct and Unix sftp file transfer accounts and answering/solving Peregrine problems and tickets. Also making changes to the existing file transfer environment - setting up lockboxes for outgoing electronic file transfers, working with databases, MQ Series, NDM/Connect Direct, Unix Servers, used CD Requestor and other testing tools.

Also responsible for reverse engineering, setting up and supporting FTP and Browser based connections

To CICS and protocols: Browser Based, FTP with PGP and Secure Transport GUI, writing/testing COBOL/DB2 programs and screens, HTML, Connect Direct, Tumbleweed software and servers, Unix and Windows servers – supporting file transfer operations, FTP setups and responding to problem tickets on Peregrine. Also had Customer Service responsibilities.

Technical Consultant, independent 1990 – 2007

Worked as a full cycle developer, tester, production support, user liaison, business analyst.

Customized insurance packages like LIFECOMM, Cyberlife and Life 70 for various clients . Responsible for

completing projects on multiple platforms: Mainframe, Unix, SAS. Worked on VM/CMS, MVS and DOS/VSE applications. Gathered users requirements, created documentation, coded, unit/system tested and turned over to production. Loading and updating CICS screens, IMS and DB2 tables. Participated in QA testing.

Performed full cycle development –Assumed several functions, responsibilities and roles within the IT department of several companies: Insurance, manufacturing, retail, banking.

Worked for Sears Credit Card mainframe Routing Facility for 2 years using COBOL, Concept 14 Assembler, CICS, IMS, VSAM, DB2..

*** Excellent references from consulting firms and managers/clients will be furnished upon request.

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