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Information Technology Engineer

Dublin, California, 94568, United States
October 19, 2016

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Meith Jhaveri


Address: **** **** ***** ****, ******, CA 94568 Phone: 585-***-**** Email: Github Bitbucket Website


Game Engineer Intern at Anki Inc. from June, 2016 – September, 2016. o Write code to build game engine components for their robotics based toys. o Refactor code to build a maintainable and stable code base. o Write scripts to build third party libraries for game engine.

Teaching and Research Assistant at RIT from August 2014 – May 2016. o Made tutorials and examples for OpenGL.

o Tutored students and solved doubts in c/c++ programming concepts, basic data structures and algorithms and graphics programming concepts.

Technical Skills

Programming Languages: C and C++

Fundamentals of data structures and algorithms. Dynamic programming. Divide and conquer. Sorting and searching techniques. Stacks, queues and tree algorithms. Graph traversal and path finding algorithms.

Game Engine Concepts:

o Graphics Engine: Rendering using OpenGL. Graphics pipeline. Basic shader programming in GLSL for vertex, tessellation, geometry, fragment and compute shaders. Instanced rendering. Basic lighting. Model loading. Model transformations. Perspective and orthogonal projection. Frustum culling. o Physics Engine: Integrators and equations of motion. Collision detection and resolution. Spatial partitioning algorithms. Rigid body simulation. Fluid Simulation. Particle simulation. o Mathematics: Vector and geometric algebra. Matrices. Derivatives and integration. Linear equations. Basics of SIMD acceleration.

Personal Projects

Language/Library: C/ SDL (2.0+)/ OpenGL (4.0+)

o Personal game engine created as a self-learning exercise to understand how to architect code as components. Implemented all programmable shaders in the graphics pipeline, model loading, math library, input handling, camera component and transform component. Older version also has an integrator for rigid body simulation. Link: New engine. Old engine.

o Particle simulation using compute shader. Link: Particle simulation.

Language/Library: C++/ SDL (2.0+)/ OpenGL (3.0+) o Eulerian grid based fluid simulation. Link: Fluid simulation. o GPU Instancing. Link: Instancing.

o Separating axis theorem and collision resolution. Link: Collision. Capstone Project

Sense3: Game created in unity with 5 other friends as final year project. Endless runner game where the player has to use all three senses of sight, touch and hearing to build music and avoid obstacles. Video. Code. Education

Master’s of Science in Game Development from Rochester Institute of Technology (United states of America).

Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology from Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management and Engineering (India).

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