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Project Manager

Sri Lanka
October 21, 2016

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Contact :mohamed.risan68@gmail .com

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Soft F.MCoordinator/ Cleaning supervisor

CARRIEROBJECTIVE: Based on outstanding housekeeping exper ience and per formance to join a growing organizat ion in to suitable posit ion contribut ingmy knowledge and exper ience towards the growth and prosper ity of the organizat ion thus proving me as a valuable asset to the organizat ion. PERSONALPROFILE:

Date of bir th : 14 th September 1968

Nat ionality : Sr i Lankan

Mar ital Status : Mar r ied

Religion : Muslim

Permanent Addr ess : No. 94, Galle Road,Balapit iya, Sr i Lanka. Passpor t No : N5321716

Date of Issue : 2006/ 01/ 16

Date of Expiry : 2016/ 01/ 16

Language known :Wr ite, r ead and speak : English

Speak : Ar abic and Hindi

Finish tr ade of cleaning tr aining progr ams,marble floor crystallizat ion, floor polishing, carpet shampooing, floor scrubbing, applying emulat ion polish, chemical dilut ion and mixing and bed room set t ing, pat ients rooms, oper at ion theatr e cleaning, hotel housekeeping etc.

Posit ive mental at t itude

Work hard and work smar t

Good team work

Win - Wins approach coordinator - New doha internat ional air por t Qatar 2013 to cont inue 2. Clean ing incharge - Nat ional Cater ing Company - Abudhabi, U.A.E 2010- 2011 3. Soft FMCoordinator - Geco Facilit ies Management Shar jah, U.A.E 2006 - 2010 4. Asst.Project Manager - West Cost Clean ing Company - Dubai hospital, U.A.E 2003 - 2006 5. House Keeping Supervisor - Dar Al Iman Inter cont inental, Saudi Ar abia 1999 - 2001 6. House Keeping Supervisor - Park Hotel Al Khobar,Saudi Ar abia 1998 - 1999 7. House Keeping Supervisor - Armed For ces Hospital,Tabuk, Saudi Ar abia 1989 - 1997 NATIONALCATERINGCOMPANYABUDHABI U.A.ECATERINGAND HOUSEKEEPINGJOB RESPONSIBILITIES.

Repor t ing to oper at ions manager .

Car ryingout cater ing and cleaning task in the magenta pear l village as per the standard oper at ion procedur es at NCC to achieve the high level of cleaning service.

Br iefing to the supervisor s day to day cleaning and cater ing funct ions and ar r ange daily task as per the standard.

Pr epar e monthly check list and the roset te.

Cr eate and ar r ange supervisor logbook phase one and phase twoar eas.

Develop a wr itten tr aining progr amme for induct ion basic housekeeping tr aining for the cleaner s.

Ar ranging monthly and weeklyand daily scope of cleaning.

At tending weekly management meet ing, discussingand monitor ing service level of magenta pear l village cleaning.

Control the chemicals and soft tools according to the budget .

Following the internat ional standard of cleaning procedur e as per the rules and r egulat ion ofU.A.E. Municipality.


As per the NCC integr ated management system and maintain the kitchen according to the U.A.E . Municipality rules.

NCC is providing the food thr ee t ime meals all over the G.C.C thr ee million meals per day. Note:- Below ment ioned projectsmaintained.

Margenta Pear l Village Cater ing - Clean ing (Eight thousand man days per day)

Al Salam City Cater ing ( Ten thousand man days per day)

Petrofec Cater ing ASABU.A.E. (Two thousand man days per day)

Technip Cater ing ASABU.A.E (Two thousand man days per day) Job Responsibil ities are Included below Mentioned Cleaning and SecurityProjects Maintained by Myself in the GECO Sharjah Facilities Management.

Arbit Bank cleaning and office boyproject in ent ir e U.A.E. (Abudhabi, Shar jah and Nor thern Emir ates)

Sahar a Tower cleaning and secur ityproject Shar jah.

Town Planning and economic depar tment cleaning project Shar jah and Nor thern Emir ates

Ruler s Palace Shar jah gr een t iles cleaning project .

BMWCar Showrooms cleaning and secur ity project Shar jah and Dubai.

Al Seef Palace cleaning project Shar jah.

Modern Pharmacy and biscuits factory secur ityproject Shar jah.

Al Yasat School cleaning project Abudhabi

GECOBank House Camp- Shar jah, Al - Thiqa Camp- Shar jah, Sonapur Camp Dubai. Cleaning Project Job Responsibil ities


a) Adequate stock of value for money mater ials is in stock with a main store. b) Co- ordinate all Mr ' s to ensur e cor rect descr ipt ion, quant ity and supplier each project . c) Liaise with store to ensur e minimum of thr ee months stock is held. d) Analyze and r ecommend supplier s for mater ials. 1. Ensur e up to date r ecords ar e kept of staff names sap no. job site etc. 2. Co - ordinate annual leave of soft F.M. staff, ensur ing adequate cover is maintained. 3. Develop a wr itten tr ainingprogr am for induct ion, basic cleaning and use ofmachine. 4. Ensur e adequate stock of uniforms is kept in the stores for the soft F.M. staff. 5. Develop a site inspect ion r epor t that can be completed for site visitswhen assessing and monitor ing service levels.

6. Look into what specialist tr aining is r equir ed for high level window cleaning. Sour ce a tr aining company to cer t ify some ofour staff and cer t ificate them. 7. Analyze r epor t and r educe over time of soft F.M. staff. 8. Cr eate a log of all equipmen t per contract site including items such as scrubbing, polisher s vacuums, hand tools etc.Ensur e the log is kept up to date with r epair s r eplacemen t losses etc. 9. Develop a daily r epor t monthly r epor t for each cleaning project . 10. Develop a log Secur ity guards to use to note act ions,visitor s patrols etc. 11. Monitor annual leave of cleaning supervisor s and ensur e adequate cover age and service delivery maintained at all t imes.

12.Take an act ive par t in put t ing together quotat ions for new cleaning and secur ityproject .Ensur ing labor, mater ials, equipmen t included at r elevant pr ices as per quotat ion r eceived. Note: Soft F.M: Cleaner s, Secur ity guards,Office boys. I would like to declar e that the informat ion given above is true to the best of my knowledge.


Your s faithfully,

Mohamed Suwair MohamedRinsan

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