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Data Analyst

San Leandro, California, United States
October 21, 2016

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Yuxiao Du


***** ****** *** ****,*******,CA 94541


Data analyst and programmer with 6 years’ experience in analysis, design, development and testing in SAS, SQL, EXCEL, SPSS.


Abundant background in performing business analysis like Customer behavior, Marketing Campaign, Risk Management, Project Planning, Unsecured Loan and E-business.

Sufficient skills in SAS Data Processing, Data Management, Data Quality and Data Analyze.

Strong background in predictive modeling using SAS modules for Linear, Nonlinear, Logistic, GLM, Mixed, Time Series, and ANOVA etc.


Experience in developing and debugging SAS/MACRO to extract, modify, merge and analyze data as well as generate analysis output.

Experience of simple sampling, separate sampling and stratified sampling with PROC SURVEYSELECT.

Solid SAS skilled in statistical analyses using statistical methods.

Rich experience in SAS Marketing Research and Business Analytics through data mining, optimization, and decision tree etc.

Extensive knowledge and experience in MS Excel for data extraction and manipulation to evaluate programs, analyzing trends and history in order to provide the team with business insights and findings. Support the team with ad hoc analyses and other operational

Highly motivated, organized with excellent analytical and communication skills in establishing effective task priorities as a team player with result oriented attitude.

Technical Skills

Software: SAS, SQL, R, Excel, VBA,SPSS, Tableau, Access

Skills: Data Analyst, Project Management, Business Analyst, Bank Lobby Manager, Statistical Analyst/Programmer

SAS Certifications

SAS Certified Base Programmer for SAS 9

SAS certified Advanced Programmer for SAS 9


MS in Statistics, California State University East Bay, Hayward, CA

BA in FINANCE, Northwest University, Xi’ an, China

Work Experience

Data analyst, Autodesk, Inc. San Rafael, CA


Job summary

My position is a part of the Enterprise Data Management (EDM) organization. I am focused on customer data and working to transform data into reliable, relevant, actionable information that promotes revenue growth opportunities. My focus will be on, researching and understanding the various makeup of company structure and translating that information into hierarchy structures, understanding and applying business rules to reduce data duplication and to provide metrics for work completed and in the pipeline.


Analyze Account and Contact data in multi languages

Analyze large volumes of data and perform analysis requested. Analysis includes data quality, company structures, metrics reporting and data enrichment

Make decisions based on data review and/or web research and company policies

Establish parent to child account relationships to create “Complete” views of a Customer

Communicate timelines, data issues and expectations from key stakeholders to various enrichment vendors

Run SQL queries and output result set to Excel for various analyses

Perform analysis of data sets and present findings and metrics upon completion to stakeholders in SAS/Admin.

Manage expectations and work load for analysis projects; determine if analysis should be performed individually or delegated to another member of the team

Created large datasets by combining individual datasets using various inner and outer joins in PROC SQL and dataset sorting and merging techniques using SAS/Base.

Provide regular and advanced analysis, report, and metrics to key stakeholders and Manage multiple projects that consist of research, analysis, or support that fall in line with the team and company*s overall goal

Coordinate with Sales Operations and Finance in planning, executing and delivering account hierarchies that meet the team*s yearly goals of completeness and accuracy

Analyze large volumes of customer records and perform analysis requested. Analysis includes data quality, company structures and business, metrics reporting and data enrichment. Make decisions based on data review and/or web research and company policies

Review duplicate customer records in the customer database to determine appropriate survivor accounts and/or parent company relationships

Assist the report/visualization developers and statistical modelers in filtering, tagging, joining, parsing, and normalizing data sets for use in reports & analytical models

Support customer hierarchy data management team with review, validation, and build activities to support global Sales organization.

SAS Analyst, North Windsor, Inc. Princeton, NJ DEC.2014-JUL2015

Risk Management Department starts following initiatives in order to better manage their Credit Card Portfolio and compliance with regulations such as Basel II. We need to build a forecast model to predict delinquency asset based on the Roll Rate for each delinquency bucket.


With PROC SQL, extracted, arranged and labeled account samples from data warehouse, eliminated duplicates in raw data using distinct option, applied required format onto certain variables.

With given requirement, established segmentation for the behavior of customer with PROC FORMAT based on their credit score. Applied this segmentation on all selected data sets.

Defined new variables and assigned different designated values to them based on campaign matrix using CASE expression in PROC SQL, derived product information for each customer.

For all numeric variables, performed data quality check with PROC MEANS, focusing on minimum, maximum, and missing values. Did correction for errors and marked missing value.

For all character variables, checked data quality with PROC FREQ. Found invalid and missing values. Corrected invalid values and assigned supposed value to the missing ones.

Analyze business requirements and profile data sources to develop conceptual data model, data flow diagrams and ETL process models.

In order to improve accuracy, introduced separate sampling simulation method with PROC SURVEYSELECT.

Developed and designed SAS / Macro to access and analyze financial

According to the data set, using SAS/STAT, SAS/ANOVE, and logistic model to analyze the every sample data for getting the predicted model

Do a significant test for every sample to show the result is useful or not with SAS/GLM

Compare result of each sample in SAS/admin.

Involve in discussions with business users and data architects to define metadata for tables to perform ETL process.

Derive trends from data and provide actionable recommendations to further define or revise decision making and strategies.

Involve in developing, testing, and writing programs and reports in SAS according to specifications as required.

SAS analyst, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China JUN.2013-SEP.2013

The bank wants to check the customers’ satisfaction in business lobby due to too much complaint. My primary job is to find the factors that have an influence on the satisfaction. My tasks include preparing data extracts of customer and transactional behavior. Designed, developed and implemented a SAS automation process for factor testing.


Data preparation, cleaning, manipulation, and visualization. Extract data from relational databases and perform complex data manipulations. Also conducted extensive data checks to ensure data quality.

Created large datasets by combining individual datasets using various inner and outer joins in PROC SQL and dataset sorting and merging techniques using SAS/Base.

Performed data analysis, statistical analysis, generated reports, listings and graphs using SAS/BASE, SAS/MACRO and SAS/GRAPH, SAS/SQL, SAS/STAT.

Developed programs using SAS/BASE, SAS/SQL and SAS MACROS to generate new reports.

Developed reports by using PROC REPORT and PROC SUMMARY; also provided descriptive statistics using PROC MEANS, PROC FREQ, and PROC UNIVARIATE; provided linear regression model with GLM, PROC GPLOT,PROC CORR, PROC PLOT, PROC RANK; Marketing Research with PROC PHREG, TRANSREG, CLUSTER, FACTOR.

To check the model is fit or not using T-TEST, F-TEST, p-value, Correlation Coefficient, R-square, Estimate Parameters, Scatter-plot Matrix, AIC, BIC, AIC, Backward, Forward, Stepwise Methods.

Document all SAS programs developed and write other documentation as needed. Identify best idea for key topics.

Analyze data across multiple segments and provide strategic recommendations based on the project objectives including trends, alumni/member engagement, campaign performance, marketing mix informed by the data

Responsible for the proper documentation and validation of programs/macros/procedures to produce the standardized data displays.

Business analyst, ICBC MAR.2010-SEP.2011

The bank has a strong network and sufficient fund. Now it focuses on increasing its revenues. Its basic plan is improving population of customers. In order to acquire more new “good” customers, I collected data set from the client and tried to identify what kind of customers are easy to be attracted.


Wrote code using SAS/BASE and SAS/SQL to extract data from Excel file, Access and Oracle Database, CSV

Using DATA STEP, PROC FREQ, PROC CONTENTS, PROC FREQ, PROC SQL, PROC MEAN, AND PROC UNIVATIATE for data profiling or data quality checking

In order to get formed dataset, using PROC FORMAT, AND LABEL to get unique variables

For cleansing dataset, PROC SQL, SAS/MARCO and DATA STEP are used for making datasets more available

Integrated data from different datasets, with MERGE, JOIN AND SET statements for a whole dataset.

Experience in data mining to classify the data, and to find the relational pattern in marketing analysis.

Acquired the information for completion of market analysis and data mining projects, and in which the databases were accessed and modified accordingly.

Creating documentation including run books/system specifications/process flow and test plan.

Wrote Koran-Shell Scripts performing various automation steps like running a SAS code, emailing the output files, removing and copying files, archiving files for historical data and zippiup files to send to external locations as attachments in emails.

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