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Customer Service Manager

Maidenhead, Windsor and Maidenhead, SL6 7LB, United Kingdom
£ 9.50 per hour
October 19, 2016

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Andrew Coughlan


Desired Job Type: Part-time

Work Experience

Custome Service Duty Manager

British Airways Heathrow - Middlesex

May 1977 to Present

Customer Service Duty Manager

British Airways - London Heathrow Airport

May 1977 to August 2003


Attended a all sections morning meeting to which services were Red (over-booked). I would advise all departments which flights I intend to run a vol scheme on (to look for volunteers to take a later service in return for compensation).

Certain shifts I would be responsible for our World Traveller Cabins (economy). On other shifts I would be in charge of our European Services managing queue lengths and requesting more desks be open to clear the back log of un-checked customers. I would be in charge of our Premium Cabins ( Concorde, First Class and Club World ). On a rotating basis I would be in overall charge and could make decisions alongside our Customer Service Manager. Accomplishments

Ensuring our customers experienced my company even during difficult situations. For example if a customer had excess baggage, I made the final decision as to how much they had to pay in accordance with Corporate regulations.

Making sure everyone had the very best experience of BA and would return again. I have worked with A-list celebrities and overseen our Royal Flights. Skills Used

I thrive on Customer Service and am very much a people orientated person. I am a tri linguist and speak German and French fluently having lived there for 6 months in each and having A-levels in both. I am able to make fair, but final decisions and think on my feet.d I am able to remain calm in every eventuality and have flown to most countries in Europe East and West. As well as around the world several times, this has given me a first hand experience of diverse cultures and their various mores and folkways.

I am numerate and highly articulate and willing to intervene in most situations backing up my staff and having the ability to change the goal posts.

Calm, logical thinking, ability to ask for guidance if needed. Not ashamed to take a risk and accept responsibility for actions taken. A greatly responsible nature. I have had the High Life and now would like to keep busy with a part-time customer focused job. I am totally flexible but am only able work a maximum of 16 hours per week due to my BA pension regulation.

I do not care what shifts are available, I have worked nightshifts, early shifts, late shifts and double shifts as per my monthly rota.


1969 to 1976



O level Eng.Lang, Lit. Religion, French, German,Maths.,Music,Chemistry and biology, Psychology Ex. Graphics Design, Inventory Management, Legal Research. Experience

7 years

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Additional Information

A level German, French English Literature and English Language extended Shakespearian studies under taken and a very keen interest in Tennis, Classical music and the arts. All undertaken at college in Horsforth West Yorkshie.


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