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Management Sales Executive

Ampang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
October 19, 2016

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Resident: B*, Desa

Ukay Condo, **

Jalan Teberau, Ukay

Heights, 68000

Ampang, Selangor,


Mobile: +601********



Skype: benfoo007




Application: CEO, Director of

Business Development and Chief

Operating Officer


I would like to share my 20 years’ experience in people management compiling from 3,000 peoples I have ever work with. As we are aware, leader in the organisation is not the first person whom encounters the challenges in the field. But how can leader could resolve the problems with effective execution plan and to eliminate double work or unsolved. Inter-department communication is essential to integrate internal resources to mitigate problem solving strategy with effective solution. In addition, good rapport with outsourcing party is a must to eliminate over hiring. Thus, HOD in your organisation may request additional resources for temporary unsolved matters and as a result of abandon workforce accrued.

As a leader, product’s knowledge core competency is all about product’s benefit. This is the key fundamental for business approach, accomplished with facts and value proposition into the business proposal. A good service level agreement (SLA) is essential to simulate company’s expertise in project implementation and to obtain customer’s conviction with decisive decision.

Capitalised communication technology advancement is critical for business sustainability and to empower customer’s loyalty within a community network. Mobile apps solution is a personalised conduit/ channel to engage CRM within appropriate timing and agenda. It is a platform to ensure accountability and deliverables can be articulate within workforce via remote participation. Internal communication harmony is a mission impossible task, but it is very crucial to integrate individual skills to combat problems within the timeline. A good mind mapping strategy is required to cluster the chain reaction and deliverables with effective execution roadmap within internal and external resources.

Outstanding presentation skills and approach with targeted frequently ask questionnaires to discover client’s requirement and decision making. Knowledgeable in business culture from both Asian and European that have capitalised from passed working environment.


To capitalised my working experience and grow together with your organisation. I’m very confident with my experience and skills will atmosphere the bottom line for bigger market share. My entrepreneurial experiences will lead modern ideal and capitalised new talent to perform based on new economy business conduct and trend. SUMMARY SKILLS

Microsoft Office tools: Expert

Language: English = Expert, Malay, Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese, Hainan, Fujian) = Fair, Romanian and Hungarian = Beginner.

Problem Solving=Very skilful: Identify problem by asking right questionnaires. Solving problem by improvise discussion among department, mind mapping action plan to eliminate risky implementation.

Presentation= Managing expectation with preamble approach, embrace value creation, benefits, value proposition, and intrinsic values. Enchanting business continuity to satisfy all stakeholders. We are selling “Hope”.

Corporate: Shareholders affair, Equity, Due diligent, Re-structuring, Public Offer road show, Term sheet agreement, Valuation, Financial Projection and implementation strategy, Transforming Vision to Key Result Areas and Fund raising.

Management= Financial (Cash flow, Balance sheet), Constructive decision derived from accurate yardstick, KPIs policies integration, Identify HOD’s ability with analytics questionnaires, activates internal communication to eliminate operation risk.

Marketing=Outstanding: Creative, Simulative, Ascertain, Product’s packaging, Modus operandi, Market positioning (localised and globalised), and accurate. Experience in internet communication and online transaction business accruement from consumer community and consumer empowerment. Cloud computing provides business mobility and to personalised consumer’s needs with intelligent data analytics automation processes.

Salesmanship: Attitude, behaviour, preparation, product’s knowledge blend with market trend and brand proposition.

Leadership=Polished and learning: I believe in facilitating problem solving discussion to lead effective execution strategy and plan. Local culture adaption is essential to the good leadership. Team understanding and unity is critical to business performance.


Bachelor Degree of Computer Business Administration Eindhoven University of Technology

National Computer Centre (NCC) Diploma in Robotics at Informatics Malaysia. Age: 47, (1969,

March, 30th)

Nationality: Malaysia

Race: Chinese

Heights: 172cm,

Weights: 76KG

Status: Married

Spouse: Romanian

Children: 2 daughters,

Age 19, and 16.

Golf, Pools, and


Search on internet.

Online marketing trends,

Green energy, Recycling,

Mobile enabling, Business

and human management

from human expectation.

Cloud computing

connectivity and

development tools.



1.) Apperintis Media Sdn Bhd

Position: Managing Director

Started from: 2013 Jan

Industry: Mobile apps developer and provider

Location: Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Achievements: We have published Mytax mobile apps cater for Malaysian individual to manage their personal Tax relief for the entire year. It is a free apps and soon we will charge RM 9.90/year on pro version. Currently is available at Google store (type: Mytax LHDN). You can maximise your claimable tax relief guided by the calculation with simplify indication. We are targeting to obtain 3.0 million Malaysian tax payers to be our paid subscribers within 3 years. After all it is secured and cheaper than a hard cover file. Appcare is another unique technology caters for after sale support. It is a white label mobile apps to be customise UI for your organisation CRM and empower your customers self-managing maintenance schedule. Hence, such service allowing you to collect valuable and accurate data for change management.

My Accountabilities:

To develop business operation policies based on company's vision and mission transforming into KPI's which derive from Key Result Areas


Financial and revenue projection management

Constantly improve business operation based on market demand and improving CRMs with rewards schemes caters for all stakeholders.

To understand the bottom line of cost per capital derived from crowd sourcing business and mitigates the commissioning scheme and rewards structures to formulate into back office administration for transparent payout and to eliminate dispute.

To develop operation SOPs included freelance driver recruitment processes, security, referrer schemes, payment terms, legal, logistic handling preventive measurement, electronic messages, communication, strategy to recruiting retailers, SOS, claims, liability control and more.

Shareholders and board of director resolutions and affairs

Team management with communication and mind mapping to address problems


2.) Oasis Energy Resources Ltd (HK)

a. Position: Advisor, and COO

b. Started from: 2011 September

c. Industry: Recycling Engineering

d. Location: China (Wuhan, Shenzhen and Quanzhou, & Hong Kong) e. Achievements: Raised USD 3.0 Million investment for the invention of flameless recycling technology caters for waste tyres to harvest crude diesel fuel, carbon black and steel. This technology has been patented in year 2015. It is a compact size with 30 MT daily capacity waste tyre recycling technology. Develop a BOT partnership agreement term sheet offer to the existing waste tyres collection operators. This would lower down the initial cost of investment from recycle operator and to capitalise their waste supply chain.

3.) RCG limited listed in HK and Aims London Listed a. Position: Business Development Director + COO

b. Started from: 2008 June- 2012 February

c. Industry: Education, and RFID security technology d. Location: Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Dubai, UK and Hong Kong e. Achievements: M&A, corporate matters and business development.

4.) Globalnet Education Consultants Sdn Bhd

a. Position: Executive Director, CEO (Co-Founder & Investor) b. Started from: 2004 June- 2008 February

c. Industry: Classroom E-Education

d. Location: Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Achievements: Merge with RCG ltd on year 2008. Recognised and being implemented into 150 schools nationwide Malaysia since year 2009. There 3 comprehensive and impressive reports being generated by the Ministry of Education Malaysia. The project was being implemented within 3 months involving 13 states urban and rural schools from both primary and secondary schools nationwide Malaysia. We train 1,500 teachers and engaging 200,000 students with IES (interactive evaluation system) to ensure classroom teaching

& learning more fun with full participation via remote control correspondence devices. This project was BOT till year 2014.

Knowledge I’m still


Mobile commerce:

Technology enabling

business automation

and administration by

empower customers’

input for intelligent

analytics and e-


Green Energy and

Resources: Flameless

production and self-

sustainable energy

from minimum kinetic

movement as an



5.) Paracorp Berhad (Public Listed Company)

a. Position: Senior General Manager

b. Started from: 2002 June- 2004 June

c. Industry: Government Projects, Electronic manufacturing and Property Development

d. Location: Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

a. Achievements: Project involvement with several Government agencies

; Police Traffic management, Military force equipment supply, retail property fundamental, and digital billing. M&A corporate due diligent matters.

Develop new business venture

Business Proposal Approach Development together with KPMG (Dr. Chin Senior Partner and Aaron Low Associate Director).

Project involved : Intelligent Traffic, Hospital Information System, Bomba Assets Management, and Coaster Guard Ship Maintenance. To obtain project from Tenega National Berhad (TNB) for the digital meter.

Business development on Military was simulation training program.

Member of think-tank for the Pavilion Project Development.

Government IT related business planning and implementation

New technology business development

Trading business aggregation

Due diligent on new business proposal

New business investment

Joint Venture proposal

Joint listing (Mesdeq) Venture

6.) 2000-2002 Sep Sdn. Bhd. Subsidiary of Bhd

(Main board Listed)

Position: CEO (Co-Founder)

Started from: 2000 Jan - 2002 June

Industry: Dot com Internet business

Location: Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur


Managing 130 staffs started from Start-up Company with total investment RM 12 Million.

Awarded “The Best E-Learning” under the @my 2001 Malaysia Internet Industry.

The company successfully develops Web based and LAN based E- learning application and content follow to the Malaysia Government school syllabus for year 1 to form 5.

Acquired the MSC status in year 2001 to obtain tax free for 5 years Business development on Vertical and Horizontal market: References contacts:

Dato Lee: +601*******


Dato Wey:


CEO President of

Redtone Ltd

Salary Expectation:

USD 12,000 monthly


Web marketing with computer distributors

School Lab E-learning on lease and rent basis

The first company partnering with Maybank2U on online subscription venture. Joint venture with Informatic System Snd Bhd and Computer Assisted Learning Sdn Bhd on MyESchool membership.

Joint venture with Digital Chosun Inc. (Korea) on English e-learning content development.

7.) Business Network Solutions Sdn Bhd

a. Position: CEO (Co-Founder)

b. Started from: 1996 June - 1999 December

c. Industry: System Integration and Document management solution d. Location: Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Achievements: Within 18 months, the company has NTA of RM 2.0 Million. Business Partner of IBM, HP, Compac, Cisc, Microsoft and Novell. Manage 50% of the Malaysia legal firm begin with Y2k implementation together with value-added solution document management. Annual revenue secured with 60% recurring income from support and maintenance and with the growth of 300% yearly.

Involve in computer networking consultant services and installation in Internet, Intranet and Extranet platform.

Y2K campaign with IBM for SMI and SME to increase the saless prospect over the unique millennium opportunity. We have successfully makes know to Legal industry and Pharmaceutical industry which has contributed 60% of the total turnover in year 1999.

Providing repairing support for in house (Monitor, Mainboard, and Power supply) product as the Europe service Hub centre.

Certified IBM Business Partner trained by IBM on computer component, network equipment and e-business software. It is a synergy business partnership which will leverage big brand blended with our technical solutions.

Product range: System Integration on LAN, WAN (Novell, Microsoft, Thin Client Ctrix Metaframe and Linux), Consultancy (Simplified Work flow processes and recommending suitable solution), Document Management, PLC, MRP II and ERP.













8.) KT Technology (S) Pte Ltd Managing Director (Hungary and Austria) a. Position: Sales Executive, General Manager and Managing Director b. Started from: 1989 December - 1995 December

c. Industry: Computer hardware manufacture and OEM d. Location: Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Holland, France, Germany

(Bremen), Hungary (Budapest), Austria and Romania. e. Achievements: Single handed start-up the operation in Hungary located at Budapest. Become the largest computer hardware distributor within 7 months operation with turnover USD 2 million monthly. Involving largest tender supply for Hungarian hospital project. To capitalised local talent with low wages for RAM repair for the region of Western Europe countries branches. Currency hedging to prevent forex loss.

Begin from Malaysia as Sales executive, General Manager in Nederland office. Develop new business in East European market. Setting up new offices for KT Technology and managing three branches in Europe France, Hungary and Austria. The company has capitalized the pioneer status with tax relief advantage to offer an attractive pricing to the Europe market. Hungary also being setup as the East Europe regional hub (bonded warehouse) in Budapest free trade zone.

Providing repairing support for in house (Monitor, Mainboard, and Power supply) product as the Europe service Hub centre.

Computer components, sales and distribution with annual turnover of USD$24 million.

Tender involved supplying all of Hungary’s hospitals with 3,500 units of computers and other peripherals.


National IT Survey for the Prime Minister’s Department on Economic Planning Unit. Provide vital information on IT related technology.

Member of IDC on IT Market Survey.

Committee member for Permadam (NGO) in IT Division 2002 AWARD

Year 2000, Honourable Business Management degree from California University.

Year 2001, Malaysia Institute of Business Association College Senior Fellowship.

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