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October 18, 2016

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Vitae: Nadia Razaie

Female, ** Years and married

Address for communication

Nadia Razaie

Kabul, Afghanistan

Mobile: +93 (0-079*******

E-mail: or

A.Formal Education

2010 Education Faculty (Dari Literature/linguistic, BA),Baghlan Province, Afghanistan

2008 On line German Afghan Business and Management College (Basic of Management, Logistic, Marketing), Kunduz, Afghanistan

1997 Bi Bi Fatima Zahra Girls High school (Baccalaureate), Baghlan, Afghanistan

B.Key professional strength

1.Political/Security Analysis skill and reporting

2.Development stratygic planning

3.Gender mainstreaming, Planning and Policy suport in development and governance process

4.Capacity building of Government department, CSOs and organizational staff on different subject (On job training)

C.Professional Experience:

-National Political Affairs Assistant, January 2011 up to date, Central Regional Office, Kabul – Afghanistan, United Nation Assistance Mission for Afghanistan (UNAMA),

Scope of work:

-Preventing and resolving conflicts; building confidence and promoting national reconciliation; monitoring and advising on the political and human rights situation; investigating and making recommendations relating to human rights violations; maintaining a dialogue with Afghan leaders, political parties, civil society groups, institutions, and representatives of central, regional and provincial authorities; recommending corrective actions; and undertaking good offices when necessary to further the peace process as well as mainstreming Gender and women empowermen in Peace and Security according to UN Resolution 1325

-Program Manager, Baghlan,, 2008 to Dec 2011, Baghlan Regional Office, Aga Khan Foundation, Afghanistan (AKF,A)

Scope of work:

1.Core Responsibilities & Duties (the main things which is handled by this position. Examples of the duty / responsibility areas : supervisory, capacity building/staff development, administrative, planning, reporting, internal relations, external relations, budgetary / financial, program/project development, organizational development, advisory, etc)

2.Occasional Significant Duties (Additional things which is handled by this position which occurs occasionally / of incidental nature outside of the things which are covered by point)

3.DECISION-MAKING & AUTHORITY (area of decision making & scale of authority which is attached to this position. ‘Area’, for example : Administrative, HR, Budgetary/finance, technical / programmatic, etc. ‘Scale’ can be based on : geographical / locational scope, amount, quantity, grade, rank, level, etc)

4.Gender and Child Rights plan implementation in all area of the work (office and community)

-Personal Officer to RPM (Acting Executive officer), Jan 2007 to Jan 2008, Baghlan Regional Office, Aga Khan Foundation, Afghanistan (AKF,A)

-Program Support Officer with Natural Resource Management Program (NRM), Feb 2006 to Dec 2006, Baghlan Regional Office, Aga Khan Foundation, Afghanistan (AKF,A)

-Donor and Grants Management (DGM) Program Support officer, August 2004 to Feb 2006, Baghlan Regional Office, Aga Khan Foundation, Afghanistan (AKF,A)

-Monitoring & Evaluations Analyst (M&E), Feb. 2004 to July 2004, Baghlan Regional Office, Aga Khan Foundation, Afghanistan (AKF,A)

-Office Secretary / Human Resource Assistant, May 2003 to Feb.2004, Baghlan Regional Office, Aga Khan Foundation, Afghanistan (AKF,A)

-Admin Assistant & Radio Operator, March 2002 to April 2003, Focus Humanitarian Assistant, Europe Foundation

-Final checker, 2001, Eman Textile Company, Karachi-Pakistan

-Language Translator (interpreter), Feb 2000 to March 2002, Medicines sans Frontiers (MSF), Baghlan, Afghanistan

-MD Dr Assistant for Gynaecologist and Obstruct services, 2000 to 2002, Public Health Hospital & Private Clinics for Women, Baghlan, Afghanistan

-Admin Assistant, Jan 1997 to Aug 1998, Afghan Red Crescent Society (ARCS), Baghlan, Afghanistan

-Head Master, 1997 to 2002, Islam Qela Boys High School, Maihan English Language training Center and Estiqbal English training Center, Baghlan, Afghanistan

Notes: Conducting In-House English Training course for Girls volunteer (During Taliban`s time, 2000-2001)

D.Language Proficiency

Native language: Dari

Other Languages:


















Computer: MS Word, MS Excels, MS Access, MS Power Point, outlook, Lotus

Communication: e-mail, Fax, NGT Radio(CODON), HF and VHF, Photo Copy(Toshiba, Canon, Sharp), Scanner

Training Received:

Report and Proposal writing workshop, AKDN Baghlan Regional Office on 2002

Community mobilization training workshop for a week, AKF PLK/Baghlan 2003

NSP Training workshop, AKF Baghlan

MS Access in Kabul AKF 2004

Practical Statistic training as a working group team in Doshi District 2004

Log frame Training workshop, AKF Baghlan 2004

Practical Post Election Analyst Training in Dahn-e-Ghori and Andarab Districts on 2005

Database Training workshp for 5 days, AKF Baghlan Regional Office 2005

Practical Statistic Mother’s Literacy training workshop in Doshi and Khinjan Districts, Baghlan Province 2006

Gender Training, AKF Baghlan Regional office 2006

Livelihood baseline Survey for one week, AKF Kabul 2006

Report writing training, AKF Baghlan Region 2006 & 2007

Report writing skill training, KBL BRAK Training center on 2007

Environmental Assessment Workshop, AKF Baghlan on 2007

Gender Exposure visit to India (Gender sensitization/mainstreaming) on June 2007

Case Study Training for one week, AKF Baghlan Regional Office on July 2008

IED (Institute for Education Development) training for MoE staff for 21 days (15th of October to 5th of Nov 2009), AKU trainers

Early Childhood Development Training Course (ECD) for three weeks, AKF MRC in East Africa, Kenya, Mombasa on February 2009

ECD Program Learning Meeting in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan Republic, Central Asia May 2009

Upper/Early Grad Language Training (Text scaffolding process), AKF,A Kabul, Dec 2009

Second phase of ECD training workshop in Afghanistan, Aga Khan Madrasa Resource center, East Africa, Kenya April 2010

Women in Security Conflict Management and Peace (WISCOMP), India 30th to 4 December 2011

UNAMA Training Received:

Basic Security in the Field “Staff Safety”, 7 February 2011

Advance Security in the field, 27 January 2011

Security and Safety training, 9-10 May 2011

Conduct and Discipline training, 11 May 2011

Team Building training, 29 May 2011

Communication training on RADIO Cells (VHF, HF) 23, June 2011

Report Writing workshop, 4 August 2011

Creative Problem Solving, 8 August 2011

144th military Course on Law Of Arm Conflict (ILOAC), Sanremo, Italy, 7th to 18th of Nov 2011

Stress Management training, 24 to 27 Nov 2011

Basic Security in the field II (BSITF II), 12 January 2012

Conflict analysis for prevention and Peacebuilding, 19 to 22nd May 2012

Diverse Team Building, 12th June 2012

Reflecting on Conflicts and Mediation, 27th to 29th of November 2012

Occupational Health and safety Training, 13th December 2012

Business Trainings:

Business (Accounting, Marketing and Management) training course by USAID, Azar BDS from October 2009 to April 2010

Women entrepreneurs/Women Functional Business Groups on Functional Literacy and Gender Mainstreaming, AKF, Baghlan, Afghanistan

Business Planning, Situational/Feasibility Analyses, AKF, Baghlan, Afghanistan

Business Management, Enterprise Development, AKF, Baghlan Afghianstan

Trainings Delivered (2004 to 2010):

Teaching methodology/Scaffolding and on job training support for Mother Literacy Teachers in Doshi District of Baghlan province on 2006

Gender Training workshop for AKF Field Staffs With Gender Consultant from India on 2007

Report Writing Skill for Regional and Field Staff of Baghlan AKF on 2008

Establishing of Resource Center to school head/key teachers and Principles on Sep 2008

Whole School Improvement for school head/key teachers and Principles on Sep, December 2008 and March 2009 as well as March 2010

TTC Practicum for TTC and school teachers and teacher heads on Sep 2008

Making of Library Corners for school head/teachers and key teachers as well as education ECEs on Sep 2008

Leadership & Management training for school head teachers, principles, PED staff on December 2008

Field Implementation of IED training for MoE Staff on March 2009

Second phase of IED field implementation for MoE on October 2009

ECD Community Training for communities in 2009

Community libraries on September 2009 as well as TTC Practicum

Leadership and Management support for transition, Dec 2009

Gender Fair Teaching, Jan 2010


Pre- Primary & Primary Education Methodology, AKF

Livelihood Survey and research Program, AKF

Women in Education and Women Situation and Analysis for making gender strategic planning


4 appreciation letter from the principality of school administrative

oOne Appreciation Letter in 1995 and one in 1996

oTwo appreciation letter in 1997

An appreciation letter from Teacher Training Collage (TTC) based on hard working and supporting TTC team in Baghlan, March 2010

An appreciation letter from Baghlan Provincial Education Directorate (PED) and Baghlan Governor based on hard working and supporting PED and DED team/program in Baghlan province, Sep 2010


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