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Sales Project

Anna, Texas, 75409, United States
October 18, 2016

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A bright, understanding full stack developer who has worked with all aspects of technology. Royale has a long track record of delivering on time, within budget. She attributes this success with having a strong plan of action in the beginning. Always keeping her eye on the ball and being able to have intelligent interaction with the stakeholders as well as understanding the depth of the technologies keeps her on top of the project at all times. Demystifying the developer’s role in the project keeps the line of communication throughout easier to understand for all parties involved. Royale stays involved in all aspects, and can deliver high valued matrixed organizations from different geographies. She takes direction well and works hard to manage stakeholder expectations.

Royale is willing to travel as necessary, and is currently looking for a position where she can shine.


Robert Half / Creative Group July 2012 -July 2016

UI UX Developer / PM / Solutions Architect


City of Coppell 2016 3-month project

Accountable for delivering critical projects within time constraints. Responsible for creating, and implementing design and code for digital signage throughout city. Responsible for web site domain changes and handing the system over to newly hired PIO.


Researched and developed plan for Digital signage throughout city.

Coded templates using MVC, HTML5, and Flash (for touch screens)

Prepared intranet for CMS migration from Unily1 to upgraded Unily2

Prepared Unily2 for three-month migration to Unily3 using Umbraco backend instead of previous SharePoint.

Coordinated update build of extranet, including mosquito spraying and other future event sites and pages for outward facing consumption. Instructed new PIO on best practices for getting website updates.

Updated current projects to reflect new PIO skillset, delegating to other departments to close any holes in skills.

Facilitated change from old PIO to new PIO ensuring current and ongoing projects did not get missed, and the changeover from retiring PIO was seamless.

Delegated responsibility for external digital signage over the departments

Built and crafted a how to video for digital signage training.

Poo-Pourri 2015 5-month project

Migration of CMS from WordPress to Shopify. Complete new build using design from old site and recoding to work with new technology. Migration included all customer data, recurring subscriptions, current design, and connection to warehouse. Completed within schedule, without downtime and prepared for influx of users projected from sales push.


Researched current platform including 84 plugins, and their migration or removal (All written in PHP CMS platform)

Migrated to new host and tenant recoding from scratch in new CMS technology (proprietary language Liquid)

Migrated web platform with functionality as exact match to prior site

Migrated customer data, and recurring subscriptions, coding plugins to same functionality as previous site with new code base.

Disassembled WordPress site with no data loss

Updated company security best practices

Created complete sales reporting per needed requirements

Trained personnel, sales and creative, on new platform front end reporting.

SMU Department of Internal Affairs 2015 6-month project

Migration of content management from WordPress to Sitecore. Migration of CMS from BBIS, Blackbaud to Sitecore also. Built java applications to display and organize current and past donors and alumni from various data sources.


Created several social sites for each department, including ‘Year of the Faculty’ and developing ‘Year of the student’ for the next promotion launch.

Developed pages and subsites from other CMS to consolidate site development to Sitecore.

Recreated pages and sites based on current design and functionality combined with departmental need in Sitecore.

Tori Burch 2014 3-month project

Creation of new website showcasing a product line of Fossil / Tori Burch collaborative watches.


Lead team in implementing approved layout

Developed security, login and hot map applications for new site

Developed and Implemented plugin usage for security and functionality

Quality controlled end result

Delivered on truncated schedule, on budget

Samsung 2014 6-month project

Implemented crossover from Jellybean OS to Kitkat OS on a carrier level. Created updated touch based simulators for devices on a carrier level. Implemented and created How to guide information and FAQ information on a carrier and device level.


Lead two teams of four in implementing and designing touch screen based simulator

Quality controlled outcome and facilitated UI changes

Updated and lead group in creating, quality controlling and implementing system of FAQ and HTG for new devices based on carrier

Updated timeline to reflect changes in Samsung needs

Completed project within new timeline and under budget

RMS Marketing 2014 3-month project

Completed several mock-up and designs for future bank projects, including architecture, development and resource allocation.


Designed architecture for web design that would serve as sales platforms for different banking clients

Implemented sales structure for sales people to best outline client needs

Designed web structure for load balance servers to replace defunct security protocol of current server

Delegated responsibility for different banking clients based on product and site functionality

Designed architecture for teaching platform, training clients how best to serve the banking community in regards to referrals and new accounts 2013 6-month project

New website construction including meetings and event planning, ticket sales, and registration. Construction included key policies and direction for contacting current legislators based on location.


Designed architecture for web design based on client needs

Developed, designed and coordinated plugin needs for client functionality

Quality controlled site and reconstructed site due to unforeseen necessity

Re-evaluated project based on new information and reconstructed timeline

Finished project under timeline to satisfy client’s needs

Rack Solutions 2013 9-month project

New UI for Magento CMS website, including connection to inventory program on back end, and complete advertising SEO/ SEM overhaul.


Completed work plan for project spanning several technologies.

Recreated and reworked $75,000 annual SEM spending to less than $20,000 with same end results

Built movement in website including gifs, and 3d rendering of current products

Increased traffic through backlinks, advertising, and web UX changes.

Completed project and trained current employees to handle upkeep

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