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Chemical Engineering First Class

Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Emirate, United Arab Emirates
4500 USD
October 21, 2019

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E-mail: Mobile: +971*********,+91-979*******

Targeting assignments as a Process Engineer with an organization of repute preferably in EPC/ Oil & Gas/ Energy sector.

Core Competencies

Project Execution

Coordination with Client

Hydro & Pneumatic testing

Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities


Inspection of Project Materials

ZADCO Offshore Safety, Basic H2S Training

Engineering Design

Manpower Handling

Knowledge of Codes & Standards

Academic Details in Chemical Engineering from ‘Anna University,Chennai’ in 2013 with CGPA 7.37/10

First Class

Diploma in Petrochemical Engineering from EICTPC,Erode in 2010 with 73.96%

First Class

Piping Technology from Arrow Creative Academy,Erode in 2010 with ‘Grade A’

Profile Summary

A competent professional with 7 years of experience as a Senior Field Operator in Oil & Gas Onshore & Offshore.

Presently associated with Petrofac (ADNOC UZ750K Project,Central Island - Abu Dhabi) Offshore.

Strong interpersonal, team working and leadership skills, an effective communicator with excellent client relationship, management skills and strong analytical, problem solving and organizational abilities.

Familiar with wellhead, MP & LP three Phase separators, gas lift injection wells. Gas treatment plant,

Test seperate handling Well testing isolation and hand over the wells to well service for perforation,

Pig launching and receiving, Heat Exchangers, Demulsifier & Anti foam injection, other chemicals (Scale inhibitor, Corrosion Inhibitor, etc.) injection rate calculations, chemical injection pumps.

I have well experience in piping related drawings like Isometric, P&ID.

Having experience maintenance and overhauling troubleshooting machinery like all type pumps and air & gas compressors various types of flow control manual operating valve and pneumatic automatic control valve.

Perform daily field walk downs/inspections to review the work for conformance with the design drawings,specifications, applicable codes/standards, and company policies/procedures.

Fluent in English, Good in computer knowledge, Reporting & documentation and leadership & decision-making skills.

Organisational Experience

Petrofac (ADNOC UZ750K Project,Central Island - Abu Dhabi) Offshore. Process Engineer

May 2018 toTill date.

Oil and Natural Gas Corporation of India in Mumbai Offshore. Process Engineer

02 June 2013 to May 2018.

Sea survial & Training programe attended

Personal Survival Techniques.

Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting.

Elementary first aid.

Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities.

Gas Testing and work permit system.

ZADCO Offshore Safety, Basic H2S Training.

Production activites

P&ID Checking and Marking.

Line Tracing and Make Sure as per P&ID.

Following Hydro Test / Leak Test Procedures as Team Member.



Punch List Preparation as per P&ID.

Following OTP (Operational Test Procedures).

Following Rotary Equipment’s (Pumps, Compressors and Blowers) Function Test.

Following Start-up and Shut-down Procedures as per Requirements.

Following all kind of Work Permit Systems, Strictly and Carefully.

Start Up and Shut down of all Plant Equipment’s. Like Screw compressors, Reciprocating and Centrifugal Pumps, Pneumatic Pumps.

Duties included Gas Separation from Gas Condense by using 3 phase & 2 phase separators, Low Temperature Separator.

PIG launching and receiving.

CI Chemical injection for prevent corrosion.

Inject Demulsifies in the Oil Stream & frequently watch the Injection Rate.

Changing Filters and Cleaning Strainers if Necessary.

Familiar with Permit to Work and system.

Carry out all works with following the HSE required for the job.

Process & Production

Familiar with wellhead, oil chokes, HP, & LP separators (Three Phase). Dehydration Tank, Heat Exchangers, Demulsifier & Anti foam injection, other chemicals (Scale inhibitor, Corrosion Inhibitor, etc.) injection rate calculations, chemical injection pumps (Electrical and air drive) Produced Water Tank, Skimmer Tank, produced water flash drum, knock out drum, Pig launching and receiving foam, scraper, preparation of daily production reports (Gas, oil & water).

Operation & Control of Roof Top intermediate Tanks (5000 M3), handling transfer pumps, booster pumps, Main pumps, current level of the tanks, Bottom oil transfer operation, water draining and operation of all motor operation valves at Crude Oil Pumping Station.

Test Run for the standby equipment as per the Schedule, isolations, and desolation of equipment for Maintenance, familiar with Work Permit Systems, gas testing, trouble shooting reports, Checking and testing all alarms and trip switches with the instrument technicians and also involving the preventive maintenance of the plant, Familiar with pneumatic panels.

Different types of valves, like PCV, LCV, FCV controllers, and transmitters. starting from the PLC & DCS panel, CO2 and UV detectors isolation for internal inspections, Fuel Gas purging and filter cleaning etc. Additional requirements involved lab sampling.

Well head operation

Operation of X-Mass tree (CAMERON, FMC, CAMCO & BHEL), Actuator operated Master valve and Wing valve, SSSV (DHSV), annulus pressure bleeding operation, panel board operations (BAKER, OILS, BRISCO & PETROTEC), Flow line choke changing and adjusting, Flow line PSL & PSH switches, FTHP well equalizing, gas lift injection wells, Flow and pressure recording (IIT BURTON, FOXBORO & ROSEMOUNT), isolation and hand over the wells to well service for perforation, Acid job, well cleaning, wire line operations such as SSSV removing, Bottom hole sampling, Reservoir study, down hole analysis.

Crude satabilization unit

We are handled FWKOD for removal of 90% of water in this separation system and three phase Separator are three stages like HP separator, MP separator, LP separator and TSGR.

(third stage gas recovery system) and sand filters, chemical injection like corrosion inhibitor for oil &gas, scale inhibitor, Demulsifier and pour point depressant.

Gas compressor unit

Handled reciprocating gas compressor with engine driven in associated gas plant capacity of the compressor is 60 MMSCFD.

Gas treatment plant

Gas treatment plant is to removal of moisture from compressed gas by using MEG (Mono Ethylene Glycol) TEG (Tri Ethylene Glycol) and recovery of hydrocarbon through the NGL separator with the help of propane refrigeration system, propane compressor is twin screw compressor, handling of gas-gas exchanger and NGL gas exchanger, and H2s scavenger injecting in well head.

MEG & TEG unit

Handled MEG and TEG units purpose of this unit is to remove the moisture content from the compressed gas and to avoid hydrate formation in pipeline, MEG unit at same time to recovery of hydrocarbon in NGL separator and maintaining the dew point for the sales gas as per the byer requirement, TEG system is only for moisture removal purpose only, maximum amount of moisture absorbed compare to the MEG.

Propane unit

Working principle of propane unit is Joule Thompson effect, compressed gas through controlled by JTF valve through chiller and exchanger.

Regeneration unit

Lean glycol collected form the gas-gas exchanger and chiller through NGL separator by separation of NGL and lean glycol, purpose of this unit to removal of moisture from the lean Glycol with the help of re-boiler by using hot oil and maintain the concentration and Ph of MEG, to avoid the crystal formation by using tri ethylene amine.

Produced water re injection

This system for to reuse the produced water for injection to minimize the oil in water content to produced water limit is 10ppm, separate the oil and miscible water content by using gas floatation method (IGF) Induced gas floatation system with the help of oil skimmer and disperser driven by motor.

Slug catcher

This is for non-associated gas separation system to removal of water, oil, slug and sand, to avoid the upset of the gas plant and minimize the load to the scrubbers of gas compressor.

Crude oil wash tank

This system to wash the crude oil through spreader nozzle to the tank and minimize the water in oil content, to separate small particle of the water coalescence in oil, by density difference.

Crude storage tank

Storage tanks is used for to store the stabilized crude up to export, known very well about gauging like manual and electronic meter and temperature gauging, double duct floating roof tank and fixed roof tank.

Chemical injection

Scale inhibitor, Corrosion inhibitor, Demulsifier, Biocide, Pour point depressant, Anti foam, Hypo chloride, Oxygen scavenger.


Handling in power unit like Gas Turbine and Instrument Air Compressor and RO Plant.

Interpersonal Skills:

Confident, Optimistic, Decisive and Hard working

Analytical skills, Problem solving capability, Result and target oriented

IT Skills

Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 & 10

Packages: MS Office, Excel, Autocad 2014

Personal Details

Date of Birth: 6th June 1990

Languages Known: English, Hindi & Tamil

Gender / Nationality: Male / Indian

Address: Rameswaram (Taluk).Ramanathapuram (Dist)Tamil Nadu, India - 623526

Passport Details: L2896969 (Valid Up To 16-7-2023)


I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge



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