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Manager Assistant

Northampton, N'hants, United Kingdom
October 18, 2016

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Mrs Wendy JK Gardiner

Downlands, Churn road,

Compton, Berkshire, RG20 6PP


Mobile number: 075**-******

Work Experience:

****-**** *** ********* *** Animal health, BBSRC, Compton, RG20 6NR.

Microinjection Research assistant, 1996 - Promoted to group head / Lab manager.

2006-present day – The Medical Research Council, Harwell, Didcot, OX11 0RD.

Microinjection and Embryo Stem Cell Research Assistant, 2014 – Promoted to group head / Lab manager.

Lab manager skills acquired:

Procurement and daily maintenance of general and specialised laboratory equipment and consumables, liaising with maintenance staff and engineers when required.

The timely delivery of all current and new projects.

All aspect of health and safety, regularly writing and reviewing Standard Operating Procedures and all Risk Assessments, including COSHH and Genetically Modified Organism policy.

Recruitment, management, training and supervision of multiple teams of staff in all procedures and use of equipment.

The responsibility for regular performance reviews of multiple staff members.

Liaising and attending meetings with other group heads and relevant staff to ensure best practices and the continual smooth running of the group.

Auditing and ensuring that all work is compliant with the most up to date legislation and statutory requirements.

Reporting of non-conformities and discussion of preventative measures, (Risks and Control)

The identification of key Performance Indicators and the setting and prioritisation of group targets.

Accurate capture and archiving of all essential data.

Research Assistant skills acquired:

Preparation of specialised media in order to culture murine embryos and Embryo Stem Cells.

The use of variable microscopes, micromanipulation equipment, Biosafety cabinets, fume hoods, anaesthetic equipment, Cryosupply equipment and Cryostorage.

Thawing, culture, amplification, cryopreservation and electroporation of embryo stem cells.

Harvesting, culture and cryopreservation of all stages of murine gametes and embryos.

Pronuclear and Blastocyst microinjection of murine embryos.

Small animal surgery under full sterile techniques using injectable and gaseous anaesthetics.

Small animal husbandry including the use of IVC’s and negative and positive isolators.

Working under Category 3 containment procedures.

Clinical trials and sample retrieval.

Supervision, training and assessment of competency of multiple staff in all techniques.

Daily maintenance and upkeep of all equipment used.


ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and first line management- currently studying part time day release, complete in Nov 2016.

BSC (Honours) in Health Sciences - currently studying part time long distance with Open University.

Level 3 Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety (NEBOSH National General Certificate), completed in 2004.

Higher National Certificate in Science - Laboratory with Administration (BTEC), completed in 1995.

National Certificate in Natural Sciences (OU), completed in 2008.

National Certificate in Science (BTEC), completed in 1993.

Computer Literacy and Information technology Stage 1 (RSA), completed in 1998.

Introduction to system auditing (CMPS), completed in 2004.

Holder of ASPA Home Office licence for 25 years and modules 1,2,3 and 4.

IOSH affiliate member

IOB affiliate member

Referees: (They are contactable whenever you wish)

Dr Deborah Bogani, (IMPC Resource manager) previous line manager -

Mrs Denise Lynch, (ES cell Laboratory manager) previous supervisor-

Dr Martin Fray, (Head of Biological Resources Group), current line manager-

Supporting Statement

I am currently enjoying my position at the MRC, however I am looking for new challenges in order to further my experience and feel that the post that you are advertising would be ideal.

I have many years of laboratory scientific and management experience in producing Genetically Modified mouse models for research organisations of animal and human disease. The two posts I have held at the IAH and MRC are quite similar although the work is always diverse and changing and I enjoy the daily demands it brings on my accumulated skills. The diversity of a lab manager or team leader post keeps me encouraged and interested, I am motivated, flexible, enthusiastic and can work well as part of any team and can also work well on my own.

I think one of my main qualities is to be able to communicate with colleagues and others at any levels effectively and also using the appropriate media whether it be verbal or written.

I have supervised and trained many staff members, (technicians and scientists) in multiple techniques and I have a patient nature which helps in these situations, I like to be supportive and encouraging when training staff although I can also be assertive when required. I also like to think through problems and then come up with constructive solutions, prioritising and consulting the appropriate personnel, however I can also think instantly to solve situations if needed.

As a lab manager and line manager of people I have always had an interest in the Health and Safety aspect of the job in order to protect the colleagues and scientists that I work alongside and also the organisation that I work for. Throughout the years I have worked with many Hazardous chemicals and gases, one being Liquid Nitrogen in both its liquid and gaseous form for which I have written COSHH Risk Assessment’s to ensure it’s safe use.

I feel that I could bring my many years of accumulated skills and experience to your organisation and would look forward to any challenges that is required for this post. Looking at the criteria that you have set for this post I feel that I have most of the experience and qualities that you are looking for.

With Kind Regards,

Wendy Gardiner.

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