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Microsoft Office Accounting

Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
October 18, 2016

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Mohamed Metwally Mostafa Salama

Personal Information:

Date of Birth: 17 Mar 1987

Contacts: - Mobile: 002 – 010*-*-***-*** / 012-**-***-*** / 011*-**-***-**

- E-mail Address:

- Post Address: 3 Saad Abd-Allah st. from El-Galaa st. – Quesna – El-Monofya - Egypt

Military Service: Exempted from military services

Education Information:

Qualification :

2014 – 2016 : Master of business administration "MBA"

Degree of Graduation: 90% "Excellent"

University: Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport

Date of Graduation: June / 2016

2004 – 2008 : Bachelor of accounting – English section

Degree of Graduation: 76.375% "GOOD"

University: Benha University

Date of Graduation: May / 2008

Key experience:

- Working on National Bank Of Egypt "N.B.E." (1/12/2010 to NOW)

- Working as Receivable Accountant for Tiger Aviation Services Company "TAS" (2/2009 to 11/2010)

- Working as transaction and transportation accountant for Lotus Tourism Transport (Taba) (9/2008 to 1/2009)

- Working in Financial accounting for legal accountant "CPA Yasser Abd-El-Wahhab" (8/2008 to 9/2008)

- Training in National Bank of Egypt "N.B.E." (7/2007 to 8/2007)

- Training in National Bank of Egypt "N.B.E." (7/2005 to 8/2005)

Detailed courses:

11/2016 - Credit Course (American University in Egypt)

3 / 2015 - Design thinking for business innovation (University of Virginia) (Remote learning)

6 / 2013 - Pre-Master (Monofya University)

2 / 2010 - Part 2 of Certified Management Accountant " C.M.A. " ( ARADO )

4 / 2009 - Part 1 of Certified Management Accountant " C.M.A. " ( SCHADA )

7 / 2008 - Advanced level of English (A.U.C.)

4 / 2008 - Development Human Resources

3 / 2008 - Studying of local and international markets

11/2007 - Accounting and managerial fields in hotels institution

7 / 2007 - Communication Skills

- Electronic Accounting and its applications

- Internet and the different uses in the commercial fields

- New Tax Law from the payers' point of view and tax authority's point of view

- How to be computerized accountant

- How to be success broker in the market of exchange

- Feasibility studies for small projects

Language Skills:

Arabic: Fluent "Native language"

English: Excellent "A.U.C. certificate"

Computer Skills:

Excellent in Microsoft Office, Writing and all of internet using

Personal Attitudes:

Self Confidence Dependable Hard Working Enthusiastic

Sociable Creative Smart Co-Operative

Optimistic Energetic Clear Reliable


I'm equally comfortable working independently or as a part of a team and I'm highly motivated to achieve all the goals. You will find my background and experience directly applicable to the position needs and I have enclosed my resume for your review. I think also that I have a flexibility to work in the different places.

I want to mention that I have learned a lot through my school of business and I got enough Knowledge in certain syllabuses and I can indicate them as production management, financing and investment management, business administration, marketing and consumer protection, materials management, personnel management and planning of work forces, project management, tax accounting, cost accounting, and managerial accounting that has a lot of my time by studying CMA to polish my studying field and connect it with the practical life.

I am working at National Bank Of Egypt (NBE) that teach me how to deal with different customers and how to reach the optimum satisfaction with them and teach me the process of documents and the responsibility. I am working swifts, teller, Documentary credits and finally as a credit analyst. I worked also at Tiger Aviation Services company that helps me to read and apply the contracts well, working in team and alone and understanding the optimum structure of companies from the persons to the tasks and finally teach me how to see the practical world and persons from the sky. Also, I worked at Lotus Tourism Transport Company as accountant in Taba branch which helps me in understanding the market works and needs and teach me also how to deal with the different nationalities and cultures. I trained in legal accountant office for financial accounting and English supporting courses that will help me a lot. Accepting challenges is the foundation of my life experience and I do believe that teamwork is necessary for the organizational cohesiveness.

I will appreciate the opportunity to discuss my resume with you in more details at an interview. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any future information. I look forward to meeting you and working with you.

Yours sincerely,

Mohamed Salama

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