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Project Engineer

Spring, Texas, 77373, United States
October 18, 2016

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Ryan A. Lonard, P.E.

Spring, TX ***** 785-***-****

OBJECTIVE: Senior Process Engineer with over 10 years of experience in design, troubleshooting, execution and P&ID development in downstream and midstream projects. To obtain a full time position as a Team Lead.

EDUCATION Kansas State University May 2002

B.S. Chemical Engineering

Professional Engineer License, TX Dec. 2014

License # 119185


S&B Engineers and Constructors, Ltd Houston, TX

Process Engineer IV Nov 2005-Present

Unit Operations Experience

Heat Transfer. Jacketed vessels, S&T exchangers, core & kettle exchangers, steam coil vessels, electric heaters, gas burning heaters, steam heaters, vertical and horizontal reboilers, thermosiphon reboilers, vaporizers, condensers, air coolers, refrigeration loops, WEG coolers.

Fluid Transport. Newtonian fluids, Bingham fluids, two-phase flow, compressible flow, choked flow, jet flow, flow through packed beds, flow through valves, fluidization, centrifugal pumps, positive displacement pumps, vertical can pumps, metering pumps, blowers, reciprocating compressors, screw compressors, liquid-ring compressors, meter stations, ship loading, rail loading, truck loading.

Mass Transfer. Vapor/gas separation, 3-phase separation, distillation, trays, mole sieve absorption, stripping, scrubbing, Crude/Atmospheric towers, demethanizers, deethanizers, depropanizers, debutanizers, depentanizers, deisopenatizers. Naphtha splitters, Catalytic Crackers, Cokers, Vacuum towers, Sulfur Recovery.

Process Safety. MOC, HAZOP, PHA, LOPA, Process Safety/Relief Device design, Flare Design, Flare System Hydraulics, SIL/SIS design, Relief Disposal, Knock-Out Drums, drain systems, Flare Gas Recovery, Process data analysis, dispersion modeling.

Process Controls. Instrument design, control valve design, controls logic, cause and effect.

Field Activities. Facility commissioning, system walk-downs, unit start-up, troubleshooting, de-bottlenecking, operations interviews.

Products. Ammonia, Urea, methane, ethane, propane, butane, pentane, iso-pentane, gasoline, kerosene, heavy gas oil, resid, aromatics.

Projects. BP/Marathon Oil Texas City Refinery ($600MM), Lyondell-Basel Refinery/Chemplants ($60 MM), Frac III and IV Lonestar ETP ($2B), Enterprise Products ($5 MM), Momentum Midstream ($100 MM), Delek Refining ($5 MM), Citgo Lemont Refinery ($5MM). Sunoco Logistics Partner Mariner East and South ($200MM)

Selected Projects

Mariner East 2 for Sunoco Logistics Partner L.P., Marcus Hook, PA

Lead international team that provided PHA support, multiple flare studies, PSV design, and Process Instrumentation and Controls design. Responsible for assisting in conversion of De-ethanizer to De-methanizer and design of associated systems. Provided compressor design and troubleshooting support for the Mariner South facilities in Nederland, TX. (11/15 to present)

Frac III and IV for Energy Transfer Products, Mount Belvieu, Texas

Lead international team responsible for Frac I, II, III, and Export Frac flare study, Frac IV flare design, PSV sizing, and Process Instrumentation and Controls. Assisted in application for air permits, design of process water system, resolution of PHA action items. (9/14 to 11/15)

SRU Unit and Rail Loading Expansion for Enterprise Products, Mount Belvieu, Texas

Completed the front end engineering for the installation of a mole sieve Sulfur Recovery system for Mixed Butane product. Two Rail Loading arms were added to the existing Rail Loading facilities. (5/14 to 9/14)

Hydrogen Recovery Compressor Project for Marathon Oil, Galveston Bay, Texas

Produced P&IDs and datasheets for equipment associated with a compressor system that recovers waste hydrogen from multiple units and recycles it to be used as fuel gas for the refinery. Provided process support for the other disciplines. (3/14 to 5/14)

SRU Amine Tower Replacement Project for Marathon Oil, Galveston Bay, Texas

Completed datasheets necessary for the replacement of two Amine Strippers and an Amine Reflux Drum. Updated the existing P&IDs for the replacement. Provided process assistance to other disciplines as required. (1/14 to 3/14)

Full Train Walk-downs for Momentum Midstream, Scio, Ohio

Inspected the entire facility to insure congruence between the P&IDs and the actual equipment and piping. Pointed out general issues in the construction and design of the facility that could lead to future problems (loose or unsupported piping, a lack of bleed valves, etc.). (12/13 to 1/14)

Beaumont Ethane Export Project for Enterprise Products, Vidor, Texas

Completed datasheets and P&IDs for the entire facility. This included but is not limited to the design and sizing of core-in-Kettle heat exchangers, refrigeration skids, desuperheaters, and meter provers. (10/13 to 12/13)

Harbor Island Facility for Martin Operating Partners, Port Aransas, Texas

Assisted with the completion of P&IDs and datasheets for the facility Crude Unit. Completed the first revision of the Dock, Railcar, and Truck loading/off-loading facilities. (8/13 to 10/13)

Flare Gas Recovery Project for Delek Refining, Tyler, Texas

Tasks for this project were similar to the Citgo Flare Gas Recovery project below. Additional duties included evaluating the current flare system hydraulics, and designing mitigating changes to the flare header system. (3/13 to 8/13)

Flare Gas Recovery project for CITGO Lemont Refinery, Illinois

Evaluated the flare system emissions focusing on H2S and overall volume of gas released to atmosphere through the flare system, and determined the amount of flare gas that would need to be recovered in order to meet compliance with New Source Performance Standard (NSPS) for Petroleum Refineries (40 CFR part 60 subpart Ja). Designed multiple options that include but are not limited to a Flare Gas Recovery system for individual flares in the refinery and a single Flare Gas Recovery system that would address the needs of the entire refinery. Provided the process conditions for the Flare Gas Recovery compressor to assist design. (10/12 to 3/13)

Lyondell-Basell Alliance small projects for Lyondell-Basell, Houston Area

Worked with an engineering team to assist multiple Lyondell-Basell facilities with various projects ranging from replacing carbon filters to designing and installing an Isobutylene separation unit. Tasks included creating datasheets, valve design, Relief Valve calculation, updating, maintaining and/or creating P&IDs, and other client requests. (2/12 to 10/12)

Heavy Slop project for BP Texas City, Texas

Interviewed operations personnel, analyzed instrument and lab results, and reviewed incident reports to build a detailed model of the facility’s Heavy Slop system. Identified sources of materials that the Heavy Slop system was not designed for. Provided options for mitigating the potential safety concerns. (2/11 to 2/12)

RSD project for BP Texas City, Texas

Examined, analyzed, and resolved deficiencies that were previously identified in the Ultracracker and Pipestill 3B units in the BP Texas City Refinery. Evaluated systems in the units and determined the adequacy of relief devices protecting those systems and built folders documenting the results of the analysis. (2/10 to 2/11)

Atmospheric PSV project for Lyondell Houston Refinery, Houston, Texas

Evaluated the atmospheric pressure safety valves in the Lyondell Houston Refinery. Responsible for determining the criteria for evaluating the safety of the pressure safety valves. Analyzed several possible flare header arrangements that would capture the pressure safety valve releases that were determined to be a hazard. The flare header arrangements were compared to determine the most flexible in terms of backpressure and radiation from the flare. Initial designs for a new flare and two new SIS were made. (12/07 to 5/08, 9/08 to 9/09)

Delek Refining Interim Flare Project for Delek Refining, Tyler, Texas

Designed improvements to maintain safety for the Delek Refinery in Tyler, TX after a flare study revealed several issues with the Flare 1 & 2 flare headers. Evaluated the issues and discerned which safety issues could be mitigated in the short-term and how to mitigate those issues. (7/08 to 8/08)

ABF Project for BP Refining Co., Texas City, Texas

Worked on many projects that fall under the umbrella of the ABF project. Responsible for a study to evaluate toxic or flammable Atmospheric Relief Valves and Rupture Discs, and to justify mitigation of the relief device if needed. Factors considered include radiant heat, dispersion modeling results, auto-ignition, and condensation, potential for liquid relief, toxic content, and history of the relief device. Responsible for determining design improvements needed to insure that the relief devices in the BP Texas City Refinery comply with new FLEX permit standards. Created a document that determines instrumentation needed to mitigate liquid overfill of towers in the BP Texas City Refinery. This document is being used by other BP North American refineries as a guideline for tower overfill mitigation. Worked on the ABF project SRU Flare study team, and designed additions to the Pipestill 3B furnaces that would to bring them up to stricter BP standards. Led consequence assessment activities ranging from simple decision-tree risk assessment to Layers of Protection Analysis (LOPA) and HAZOP meetings. (11/05 to 12/07, 5/08 to 6/08, 10/09 to 2010)


ASPEN HYSYS MathCAD Visual Flow FlareNET

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