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oracle dba

Norcross, Georgia, United States
October 19, 2016

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Ram Prasad

Oracle Database Administrator


Phone: 925-***-****

Professional Summary:

Over 8+ years of experience as an Oracle and Mongo Database Administrator having hands on experience in database administration and MYSQL database administrator performed different tasks like installation, configuration, upgrades, patches, performance tuning, backup and recovery, production support, cloning, space management, database security. Experience in the design, maintenance, and administration of ORACLE 12c/11g/10g/9i.

Experience Synopsis

Extensive knowledge on database administration for Oracle 9i, 10g,11g and 12c, with experience in very large scale database environment and mission critic cal large OLTP and OLAP systems

Experience in Providing 24x7 on call support for development and production databases

Expertise in Oracle10g/11g/12cRAC implementation & administration(Oracle Cluster-ware setup and configuration, RAC Installation using ASM, Grid Installation.),Patching, RAC Backup and Exadata.

Point in time Backup and recovery in Mongo DB using MMS Data modeling for data from RDBMS to and Mongo for optimal reads and writes.

Responsible for managing Mongo DB environment with high availability, performance and scalability perspectives.

Experience in upgrading and migrating various versions of Mongo database on different platforms. Focused on architecting NOSQL database like Mongo and Cassandra database.

Designed and developed load balancing Mongo applications. Good experience on advanced queries, query conditionals and aggregation framework.

Good experience on Mongo DB scaling across data centers and/or in-depth understanding of Mongo DB high availability strategies, including replica sets.

Used Mongo DB third party tools ( ROBO MONGO, Mongo DB access manager) and mongo built in Binaries to monitor and analysis the performance of Mongo DB.

Expertise in Installation of 10g/11g/12C RDBMS S/W and configuring database 12cCDB$ROOTandpluggabledatabases and migrating databases from standalone to RAC clusters

Expertise in configuring an implementing ASM and proficiency in using ASMCMD and ASMLIB.

Install, upgrade,2001optimize,troubleshoot,perfoem root cause analysis on, and maintain MYSQL server versions from between 5.0 to 5.5,distributions from Red Hat, Cent OS MYSQL releases, Persona server with Exadata.

This includes master-master and master- slave configurations, as well as, testing MYSQL cluster.

Worked on World Fastest Exadata Database Machine X2-2 Half Rack, X2-8 with High Performance SAS Disks and migrated databases to EXADATA

Good Experience in implementing new Exadata Machine concept like create Exadata smart Flash Logging,Storage Index, HCC and enabling Smart Scan on Exadata Databases

Performed Homogeneous and Heterogeneous data replication from SQL server database to Oracle database using Golden Gate 11g

Good Experience in Migrating databases using Golden Gate with Minimal Downtime

Hands on Experience in configuring DDL, DML, BI-DIRECTIONAL replication using Golden Gate

Expertise in using Golden Gate utility like GGSCI, logdump, defgen for troubleshooting issues

Handy in upgrading Golden Gate from Lower Version to Higher Version and Handy in Installing Golden Gate Replication 11g/12c

Experience in Dataguard Configuration,Implementing and Maintaining physical standby databases,Active Dataguard,Snapshot standby and troubleshooting issues in10g/11g/12c

Hands on experience in Grid Control 10g, Grid Control(11g) and Installed Grid control 12c/ 13c for database Monitoring / Performance / Diagnostics

Good experience in Patching PSU and CPU Patches Quarterly and Up gradation of databases from versions from 10g,11gto12c

Use Oracle Meta link Support to resolve issues related to database servers, security patches

Extensive worked on Database Backup and Recovery concepts using RMAN utilities (scheduling full /incremental /cumulative &hot /cold backups writing /editing UNIX Shell Scripts for RMAN)

Worked on Catalog Server and involved in Registering the Databases in Catalog database

Experience in logical backups and Database migration tools with Data Pump, Export/Import and Transportable Table-spaces

Experience in using oracle configuration assistants like Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA) for creating databases,upgrading databases and Network Configuration Assistant (NETCA) & NETMGR for creating a Listener, TNS names to establish a Client-Server environment

Experienced in maintaining databases on large Production,Testing and DEV environments and Experience in database cloning with RMAN,Capacity Planning,Database Refresh and Patch management

Used Data masking to protect private and confidential data by replacing sensitive information with dummy data and Have good knowledge about Physical and Logical structure of a database

Experience in Performance Tuning,tuned various large critical OLAP and OLTP databases of Tara by Tessie using various tools like AWR, SQL- Trace, Analyze, ADDM and Explain Plan Methods

SQL tuning using Explain Plans and Hints,Performance Tuning for better performance and Monitoring and optimizing the performance of the database through database tuning-Tuning applications,Tuning Instance, and Tuning Disk Usage

Developed database monitoring / health check alert scripts for database uptime /downtime status, and sizing issues using grid control(OEM)

Experience in implementing Flash-Back Technology 10g / 11g /12c and Supporting DML/DDL changes and Handled daily production problems / change requests (DBCRS) with Oracle.

Oracle Internet Directory(OID), built on oracle Database and fully integrated with oracle database, middleware and application products, handles data storage and synchronization services.

OVD is the market leading virtual directory server that provides identity aggregation and transformation without data copying and synchronization.

Excellent Communication skills,co-ordination and Communication with system administrators,business data analysts and development teams

Technical Skills:


Oracle 12c/11g/10g/9i, Oracle 10g/11gR2 /12c Real Application Cluster (RAC), ASM, SQL SERVER 2005/2012/2008.

Operating Systems

HP-UX 10.x,11.x, Sun Solaris 9,10, AIX 5.1,5.2,6.1, Red Hat Linux 4.x,5.x, O.E.L 5.8, 6.4,6.7 and windows 2000/XP


SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX Shell Scripting.

Oracle Tools and Utilities

Data Guard, Golden Gate, Logdump, Defgen, RMAN, OEM, Tuning Advisors, TOAD, SQL*Loader, Export/Import, Data pump, Net Backup,ASM,OID,OVD

Tuning Tools


Web Technology

BMC Remedy, GIRA, Service Now, HP Quality Center.


Bachelor's of engineering(JNTU),KAKINADA,INDIA

Work Experience:

Client: Thomson Reuters, SAN FRANCISCO,CA June 2015 to present

Role: Sr. Oracle Database Administrator


Worked as Application DBA and operation database administrator (ODBA) and Responsible to provide 24x7 database administrative activities over 2500+ databases

Writing documentation for Clusterware installation, RAC RDBMS installation, RAC Database creation, Grid Control installation, Oracle 11g and 12c Dataguard Standby Documentation

Worked on RAC and ASM, building and supporting 11GR2 /12C RAC clusters using ASM storage

Successfully setup 2,3,4 Node 12c RAC Cluster and RAC data ware house as ASM and ACFS.

Installed and configured MYSQL on Linux and Windows environment.

Managing and Troubleshooting MYSQL 5.0.22 and 5.1.24 in production and developer environment on both Linux(5.0,5.1) .

Up gradation of GRID infra structure from and to and troubleshooting Issues using Cluster ware logs in12C and 11g RAC Environments

Upgraded GRID infra structure from to and Performed Health checks of OCR, Voting Disks and Interconnect for better performance in RAC environment(11GR2and12CR1)

Worked on Tuning the RAC interconnect, Finding RAC wait events & Resolving issues in environment

created proof of concepts in HA environment & procedure to resolve the outage in environment

Adding a New Node to 3 Node cluster and Installed Oracle RDBMS software on new node

Managing cluster ware components using OCR configuration, CRSCTL and services using SRVCTL.

Upgraded Databases from to and with Minimal Down time

Administrating ASM using ASMCA and ASMCMD, creating disk groups, dropping and adding disks

Created ASM Volume using ASMCA and Created ACFS for Golden Gate v12 and Installed Golden Gate on ACFS

Installed and configured Golden Gate 11g and 12c on AIX 6.1 and RHEL 5.8,6.7 platforms

Configured Integrated Extract and replication Oracle multitenant database

Configured Extract and Replicate pumps for goldengate replication 11g/12c and Troubleshooting issues in GOLDENGATE Environment using report files & logdump

Performed Cross platform migration and used Oracle Golden Gate to migrate databases from Aix to Linux as a part of 12 migration project

Performed Zero-Down Time migration from AIX to RHEL using EXPDP and Golden Gate

Process improvement for Golden Gate Environment by proactive monitoring using Shell scripts

Installed Oracle Golden Gate data and Agents and created jobs compare data between instances and Used Logdump Utility to Investigate data on the trail

Used defgen utility to create definition files used for replication.

Configured BI-DIRECTIONAL replication and replicated tables between instances and used CDR parameters to resolve conflicts

Worked in Build Team, installed and configured Container Databases and Non container in12c Environments and Deployed Trigger to Open Pluggable database and Cloning the pluggable databases on CDB $ ROOT.

OID provides several layers of high availability (HA) to ensure maximum availability. In addition to multi-master LDAP replication, OID also supports oracle database Real application cluster (RAC) and oracle application server clusters(Oracle AS cluster).

OID provides un-parallel ease of use for a general purpose directory storage via oracle directory service manager(ODSM).

OID provides advanced roles to help enterprises standardize on it and consolidate multiple Active Directories, AD LDS, sun,e Directory, Open LDAP,etc into a single directory storage and OVD.

Creating services using DBMS_ service on pluggable databases in both RAC and NONRAC environments

Installed OEM 13c on database and Monitoring databases using Grid Control 10g/11g/12c and 13c for Configuration of error notifications and adding them to the grid control

Data masking sensitive data in production databases using OEM12 c and Scheduled Oracle Jobs using DBMS _scheduler

Configured Physical Standby databases using data guard in maximum performance & availability

Applied PSU quarterly on11g/12c GRID & RDBMS homes and Up-gradation of 11g / 12c databases

Implementing catalog backup from RMAN using Oracle Enterprise Manager

Implemented Flashback technology and Supported DDL and DML changes in environment

Performed Data Refresh from Production to Test and Development environments using RMAN Backup and RMAN Duplicate Database

Used RMAN for backups and recovery and configured databases in Catalog server and involved in backup of Catalog database

Performed Block Recovery and Datafile recovery and configured Full, Incremental and cumulative backups using RMAN for prod, test and dev. environments .

Implemented 12c Oracle Advanced Security using TDE(Transparent Data Encryption) and Enabling Auto Login for the Keys to root and Pluggable databases

Used EXPDP and IMPDP for exporting and importing of database objects between databases

Created User accounts,Roles and granting required access permissions and privileges to the database based on the applications they are accessing

creating table partitions and dropping partitions when required, creating index’s and rebuilding index’s for maintenance, creating new db links for new environments

Troubleshooting various database performances by proper diagnose is a t all levels like SQL, PL/SQL,database design,database tables,indexes,instance,memory,OS and java calls

Performance testing and monitoring database SQL queries to meet Service Level Agreements(SLA)

Trouble Shooting of performance and tuning problems by Generating AWR, ASH, ADDM Reports, OEM GRID Control for Database Issues & Used TKPR OF to analyze the trace files

Provided support to Application Database Administrators in designing the database

Performance Tuning for the SQL plan of BADSQL’s statements running on database.

Client: Horizon Lines, Charlotte, North Carolina April2013 to 2015 May

Role: Sr. Oracle DBA Production Support

Horizon Lines, Inc. is an American domestic ocean shipping and logistics company headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was the largest maritime shipping and logistics company and accounted for approximately 37% of all US container shipments linking the continental United States to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico


Responsible for managing and supporting 300+ databases including Production,Development instances of Oracle Version 9i, 10g and 11g databases

Worked on 10g RAC and Implemented Oracle Database 11gR23 node Real Application Cluster (RAC) using Oracle Cluster-ware on Linux servers.

Performed health checks of OCR,voting-disk, Interconnect and RAC instances and managed resources using CRSCTL & SRVCTL

Installed and Configured Oracle11g databases on RHEL5.x as part of Cloud Migration

Migrated databases from HP-Unix to O.E.L 5.8 Platforms

Designed Maximum Availability Architecture using Data Guard for Disaster Recovery and High Availability using11gRAC and Achieved High Availability,Data protection and Maximum performance by maintaining Physical databases.

Configured 11g New Feature Active Dataguard and applied logs on Open Read Only

Troubleshooting Issues in Data Guard Environment and Converted physical standby databases to snapshots and by databases to support Application Testing

Used OEM 10G/11G for performance monitoring and administration for 10g/11g databases.

Worked on balancer issues and chunk migration failures.

Created users in Mongo database and assigned specific roles to maintain security of Database.

Performance tuning and stress-testing of Mongo database using Mongo utilities.

Troubleshooting of different versions of Mongo database systems and cluster configuration to ensure high-availability in various crash scenarios and restoring roll backs to avoid loss of data.

Upgraded Mongo systems from 3.0.5 to 3.2, also involved with creating shared, replica sets, monitoring and projections for Mongo systems.

Configured repository database for setting up OEM and Installed OEM 12c

Installed 12c Agent on servers, created administration group, template design, Black out, SQL Tuning Advisor, monitoring performance of databases etc. using OEM 12c

Worked on large databases size greater than12TB and converted single instances to RAC databases

Creating databases on EXADATAX2-2/x2-8 machine and migrated application data using Dataguard

Migrated Databases to Exadata Machine and Enabled Exadata features like smart _ scan,Flash logging and Hybrid Column Compression on databases

Worked on calculating cell off load efficiency for SQL statements running on Exadata database’s

Created Smart Flash Logging on Exadata Storage Server and Performed RAC Health Checks using CRSCTL and SRVCTL utility

Installed stand alone servers on ASM and Used ASMCMD to manage disk groups in ASM environment

Performed various tasks on ASM, creating a disk group,adding a disk to disk group, making disk Online and Offline and troubleshooting issues in ASM environment.

Used oracle configuration assistants like Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA) for creating databases, Database Upgrade Assistant (DBUA) for upgrading databases

Patching 10g/11g databases and Up-gradation of database from 10.2.0.x to 11.2.0.x on RHEL environments and Upgraded Golden Gate from v10 to v11

Installed Golden gate on source and target servers for Replication and implemented load balancing topology using Golden Gate and Configured Golden Gate Parameter files for Extract, pump and Replicat process for replication.

Used parameters like batch SQL in Golden Gate PARAM files, Splitting Golden Gate replicate to improve the performance of replication

Configured Bi-directional Replication for tables replicated by Golden Gate for New Business

Used Share PLEX to provide Data Accuracy and Integrity to ensure that target instances area accurate representations of the source database

Worked on Oracle Partitioning, Creating Views & Materialized Views

Extensively used of Oracle Data Pumps Exports/Imports utility for moving data among the servers

Extensively used data-pump at schema level and Database level for moving data from Solaris to Linux during migration and Implemented database backup & recovery solutions using RMAN.

Planning Recovery Procedures and Performing backups in Both Archive log backup using RMAN and No archive log Back mode using Exports and Import utilities

Configured Backups using RMAN and registered databases in Catalog server and Responsible for configuring Hot backups, Cold backups and Logical backups

Cloning from RAC and NON-RAC environments to RAC environments using RMAN and Troubleshooting RMAN whenever backup is failed and resolved issues

Created User accounts, Roles and granting required access permissions and privileges and optimizing and Written Triggers for database maintenance and management using PL/SQL,UNIX Shell Scripts for backups.

Involvement in space management, rectification of lock problems, managed quotas and Monitored Oracle Instances, Users, Tables, Table-spaces, Memory structures, and Rollback segments, Redo-logs, Archived Redo-logs and Alerts

Worked with developers and Developed Packages and customized functions and Triggers based upon the business logics

Partitioning Table’s and re-organizing Fragmented Tables and indexes Used Invisible Indexes, and turnoff indexes temporarily to check how queries perform without Index’s

Generated AWR reports, ADDM reports for fine performance tuning and Provide dinstance level performance monitoring and tuning for Event Waits, Sessions, Physical and Logical I/O and Memory Usage

Worked closed with PL/SQL developers to tune TOP SQL running queries, Procedures, functions and packages using AWR,ADDM and TKPROF

Daily Health Check Up of the Database and SQL Queries and Performed large batch jobs, and tuning of SQL queries and database systems

Monitored the production Oracle alert logs for database errors and data issues.

Involved in all phases of application development and assessment to QA/QC, design and support

Extensively used Ticketing Systems BMCR and Service now and 24x7 production Support Database Maintenance and on-call Support

Client: Sierra Atlantic, HYDREABAD,India 2011 to 2013March

Role: Oracle/MSSQL Database Administrator


Provide management, performance monitoring, and tuning for On Star database systems.

Oversee database design, data modeling and database release/maintenance planning.

Perform database upgrades, patching and release maintenance.

Plan, coordinate and implement backup/recovery policies and security/audit design.

Implement, configure and maintain systems software.

Day-to-day DBA activities including schema management, user management (creating users, synonyms, privileges, roles, quotas, tables, indexes, sequence), space management (table space, rollback segment), monitoring (alert log, memory, disk I/O, CPU, database connectivity), scheduling jobs.

Backup and recovery procedures using RMAN. Create and manage users, roles, privileges, profiles, schemas using OEM.

Configuring Single instance, Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), Automatic Storage Management (ASM). Apply patches.

Migration techniques export/import, Data pump, cloning and data guard.

Use ADDM (Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor), AWR (Automatic Workload Repository) for analyzing the database performance and tuning.

Refreshing of databases using BCV for database refresh

Develop data replication strategies and replace data across geographically spread data centers using log based replication tools such as Golden Gate.

Providing 24/7 support for corporate databases, timely resolution of tickets, and on-call rotation.

Client: Dena bank, Hanuman Junction,India September 2008 to 2011 January

Junior Oracle DBA

Installing 10g/9i for Test and Development.

Developing shell script to automate the process.

Creating table space, tables and users for custom applications.

Creating and dropping of users, granting and revoking permissions to users/roles as ad when required.

Applying standalone RDBMS patches.

Installed and implemented Backup & Recovery procedures.

Monitoring Growth of tables and undertaking necessary re-organization of database as and when required.

Created PL/SQL procedures (jobs) to automate maintenance tasks.

Writing SQL scripts to monitor table space and extent growth.

Developed RMAN scripts for database backup and recovery including hot and cold backup.

Using TKPROF, Explain Plan for better performance.

Data loads using SQL loader utilities.

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