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Operator Manager

Campbell, California, United States
October 19, 2016

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Brian Devaney

Pre-Press / Production Artist


I have many years of experience as a Pre-press / Production Artist. My understanding of the creative process partners very well with my expertise in my craft. I am also well versed in Adobe Suite, have an eye for detail, quality control and teammate player.

Most of my years in this field I have dealt with Pharmaceutical packaging, Cd/Dvd packaging, Catalogs, Fashion Ad work and Large format outputs. I can take a Job from scratch to completion which includes outputting my own work in a most efficient way, which would reduce waste and increase production output in a short period of time. I thrive on always being the last line of defense before Jobs are released to vendors or press room. My POWER is Build, Rip, Trap and Plot. I also know media cost money and I'm a real stickler for waste. I enjoy the pressure of keeping Print Production time & costs down while increasing the average output of the shop. I'm like a graphics surgeon, finding more efficient ways to do things, with always clearly perceiving the goals of the customer and the procedures of the shop. I know I have all the skills necessary that you are seeking and can hit the Ground Running on the first day/ night. Respectfully Sent.


Brian Devaney


Brian Devaney

Pre-Press / Production Artist



A motivated and meticulous Pre-press/Production Artist with solid experience in all aspects of Pharmaceutical, Fashion, Cosmetic, Cd/Dvd packaging, Ad work, Ad Release, Catalog work, POP, Screen and Large format O/P skills. CLIENT LIST: Roche, Sanofi Pasture, Celgene, Pfizer, Novartis, Genetech, Schering-Plough, Merck.• Sony BMG, RCA, Universal, Epic, Jive, V2, Arista, Interscope, Columbia • Revlon, L’Oreal, Sephora, Clinique, Olay, Chanel, Polo, Gucci • W, Spin, Rolling Stone, Bon Appetit, Sports Illustrated, USA Today, NY Times, Nikon, Kodak Minolta, Rolex. Extensive knowledge in both environments offset/digital and can handle multiple projects while staying focused under pressure. I'm a diligent and reliable work-horse with a proven passion for Pre-press Perfection! I do forever train, and I always stay current in industry trends and technologies. WORKFLOWS: DALIM - Twist • PRINERGY • SCITEX • AGAFA X • RAMPAGE• ONYX• EPSON - GMG Color Proof Rip • Meta Workgroups Publishing Workflow.

PROGRAMS: InDesign • Illustrator • PhotoShop • Quark • FileMaker Pro • WebNative • WhamNet • Fetch • Direct 2 Time Portal • Ad Send • PitStop • Acrobat • Retrospect • Preps & Metrix • Press Touch, and various others. O/P DEVICES: Kodak Approval Xp4 • Fuji Finals • Light Jet • NexPress • Canon Oris • Durst Lamda • Hp 5500 • HP Indigo • Mimaki - JV3 • EPSON 9900 Spectroproofer • Creo-Spectrum Trendsetter-CTP • Kodak Magnus CTP • Dolev • Agafa film output and various others.

PRE-PRESS ACTIONS: Build mechanicals for 1/c - 8/c spot & varnish plates in InDesign, Quark, Illustrator, Trap and set-up gang work for press. i.e.; (digital/offset).• Prepare all files for final release to vendors by Pre-flighting and reviewing print proofs before release to disk or press room. I work clean in all programs, respect my work environment and follow up with all pertinent information in FileMaker Pro & Meta 2010 Work-flow Specialties:

• Font Management.

• Imposition, plate and proof.

• Setup & output for wide formats.

• Color separation CMYK and PMS colors.

• Packaging, layout design, and typography.

• Expert knowledge of Ad work and Ad Release.

• Trouble shooting and outputting all files for vendor.

• SNAP, SWOP, GRACoL and FOGRA color spaces.

• Deeply understand color management and ICC profiles. Experience:

Pre-Press / Production Artist at Draft FCB

October 2014 – August 2016

I worked the 2nd shift here. Set up jobs for Press-runs. Ad work, various packaging including dies, varnishes and various finishes etc. Sit with Art Directors to complete Ads and packaging as per client’s orders. All phases of Pre-press actions In a fast paced environment. All done in Adobe Suite and a PDF work~flow. Pre-Press / Production Artist at Uni-Mac Graphics

June 2013 – July 2014

I worked the 3rd shift here. Set up jobs for Press-runs. i.e. various packaging including dies, varnishes and various finishes etc. Also did Ad work, mall posters etc. All in a Prinergy workflow and O-P to Epson 9900 Spectroproofer. Also ran the 3rd shift Plating Dept.. Create and O/P plates using both the Kodak Magnus CTP / Creo Trendsetter CTP.. Adjust curves on the fly as per Press room Supervisor to rectify color problems on press. Pre-Press / Pre-Media Tech at ColorEdge Visual

December 2010 - December 2012 (2 years 1 month)

Build Ads from scratch as per client specs for Release to Vendors & Publications through Direct 2 Time, Addirect, Send My Ad, Arcade etc. Build Ads for Digital Media ie; ipads, tablets etc..Using The Latest Adobe CS5-6.. Build Perfume packaging, dies, varnishes, scent mailers etc.. All in a pdf_x1a work-flow...O-P to Epson 9900, 7800, Oris Rips.. 2nd shift.

Freelance Production Artist at Digital Evo

February 2010 - December 2010 (11 months)

All phases of Pre-press actions in a Epson-Gmg & Onyx Rip work-flow. Adobe CS4/5: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Quark. within Meta Workgroups 2010 Publishing Workflow. I worked a salary position here often doing a 70hr work week for months (hence the word "Work-horse"). I was in charge of setting up window display Signage for GUCCI + various other clients by assembling as per spec sheet. Customer would send in measurements and pic of window. I would create mockup Jpeg versions in Photoshop In which I would skew/resize/rotate or compose images to fit in window for approval. Sometimes this would include Window Wraps & Billboards. Once approved, I would then build jobs in Indesign and O/P to the Mimaki--JV3 for various substrates ie: Avery sticker, 3M static, Heavy Vinyl, Smooth Vinyl, Back Lit Vinyl etc. If needed I would perform overall color moves at the Oynx rip - O/P a mini proof re-check for color before the final Large prints were released. Also setup a lot of Ad work & catalog mailers for various High Profiled customers. Production Artist / Mac Operator / Freelance at Tag / The Lab.. March 2008 - December 2009 (1 year 10 months)

All phases of Pre-press actions In a Dalim - Twist PDF work-flow. Adobe CS3; InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Quark. I worked 2nd shift here at both Ad agencies. Setup lots of Ad work for High end customers. Rolex, Jaguar, Johnny Walker, Absolute Vodka, Chanel etc. O/P to Epson & Kodaks for Approval. Once approved, I Pre-flighted Jobs before downloading to Cd/Dvd for final release to various vendors in various color spaces as per publications. Followed up with all pertinent information in FileMaker Pro.

Pre-press / Mac Operator at Color By Pergament.

January 2005 - December 2007 (3 years)

All phases of Pre-press actions In a Prinergy work-flow. Adobe CS3; InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Quark, FileMaker Pro. I worked the 3rd shift here. I would come into work and there would always be a stack of work with my name on it. On average 30 jobs per shift. There were various Ads, Shoe catalogs, & Pharmaceutical packages, building to templates etc.. Also did a lot of Ad & Billboard work for HBO / Showtime / Cinemax / Revlon / L’Oreal / Sephora / Clinique / Redken / Almay. I really thrived on the pressure and always made my Fedex Shippers on time for morning release. What a great place to have worked for! My Managers & Teammates were the "Cream Of The Crop 1 recommendation attached

Mac Operator/Pre-press at Extreme Digital

February 2003 - January 2005 (2 years)

All phases of Pre-press actions In a Scitex Brisque work-flow. ColorBurst. Adobe CS2; InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Quark, Fetch, Whamnet.

I worked the 3rd shift here. Very often I would work a double shift due to the fact this is when our Industry was pumping with alot of work! Setup Ad work and Mailers for L'oreal, Estée Lauder, Redken, Polo, NY Times, WSJ, Crains etc. Some of this work had to be sent to the Nexpress - Hp Indigo - Durst Lamda - HP- 3300 - Kodak Approval. Education:


Brisque Certified

7 people have recommended Brian

"Brian is an energetic, upbeat, highly skilled Mac Operator. He's a stack Operator. He takes a stack of work and doesn't need much supervision except for some occasional order clarification. His personality is highly desired in a working environment. He's considerate with his coworkers. He would be an asset to your company."

Jorge O. Soto, Desktop Manager 2nd shift, Color By Pergament, worked directly with Brian at Color By Pergament.

"Brian is an extremely competent and knowledgeable operator. He has multi-faceted skills and would be a fine addition for any company. I highly recommend Brian's work and positive demeanor."

Geoffrey Cresap, General Manager, Fuel Digital Inc, managed Brian at Fuel Digital

"Brian is a detailed orientated worker. He has a team winning personality and his retouching skills are impeccable. I have known Brian for many years. I only wish we could work together again"

Diane Gogates, Prepress, Progress graphics Jersey City, worked directly with Brian at Fuel Digital

"While working with Brian, I noticed that he would scrutinize every aspect of a job until he knew it was correct and ready for output. Our co-workers would often call on him for his knowledge, and I knew that when I gave him my work, it was in very good hands."

Christopher Kalin, retoucher, Quality House of Graphics, worked with Brian at Quality House Of Graphics

"For over two years I worked closely with Brian Devaney at Extreme Digital producing print advertising for high profile brands. With tight-deadlines and demanding clients it was crucial that mistakes be avoided at all costs. Brian's attention to detail, thoroughness and professionalism are assets any company will immediately benefit from.

Brian is very dedicated and committed to getting the job done right. I remember Brian often staying late, well into the morning; when important projects required someone to work 2 or even 3 shifts. I cannot recommend Brian enough; he is a "go to" guy!"

Omar Rawlison, retoucher, Extreme Digital

"There are always a handful of guys that you can count on to really get the job done. Brian was one of the ones we counted on. Great attitude and capable of working independently and had the necessary skills"

John Aslanian, President, Quality House of Graphics, managed Brian indirectly at Quality House Of Graphics.

"What makes an artist is enthusiasm and passion for your job. Brian brings this to the table in spades along with a willingness to help and inform fellow coworkers. A great team player who can fly on his own. Enjoyed working with him."

Robert Gonzalez, Prepress / Desktop, Quality House of Graphics, worked directly with Brian at Quality House of Graphics

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