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Interim Management

Sutton, Greater London, SM1 3NS, United Kingdom
October 19, 2016

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Personal Details

Roger Douglass, 43 Hillview Road, Sutton, Surrey, SM1 3NS.

Tel: 020-****-**** Mobile: 079**-******

Email: Website:


Royal Grammar School, Newcastle upon Tyne 1955-64

London School of Economics 1965-68 BSc Econ (Hons)

Universities of Birmingham and Aston 1970-71 M.Com in Business Administration

Professional Qualifications

Fellow of the Institute of Consultancy

Member of the Institute of Quality Assurance

Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing

Other Qualifications

Certified Diploma in Accounting and Finance of the ACCA.

Career History - Local Government, the Education Sector and the NHS.

Since 1985 I have been working as an interim manager and management consultant largely in the public sector and particularly Local Government, the Education Sector and the NHS.

Procurement in Local Government

I have carried out many procurement activities in the Local Government and Education Sectors where my clients have included: Basildon Borough Council, Bedfordshire County Council, Birmingham City Council, Essex County Council, Gwent CC, LB Camden, LB Hackney, LB Haringey, LB Islington, LB Lambeth, LB Southwark, North Yorks County Council, Oxfordshire County Council and Vale of Glamorgan Council.

Analysis of Procurement Expenditures

With procurement a thorough review and analysis of third party spend will lead to a procurement plan which in essence is a series of mini procurement exercises where each exercise is appropriate to the procurement segment which has been identified ie the procurement plan will be a pipeline of procurement opportunities which can be implemented and is usually prioritised according to the value of savings which can be made and the ease and speed with which the savings can be realised.

Recent exercises for the Highways Agency, Vale of Glamorgan Council and Surrey and Sussex NHS Trust have used this approach to identifying and realising savings.

Reviewing techniques range from the quantitative – number crunching – including benchmarking comparisons with other organisations to qualitative ie reviewing how a service is provided and comparing this to others who are providing the same service but perhaps using different methods.

Disciplines Worked In:

The areas I work in are typically Estates, Facilities, Hotel Services and Procurement including:


*Maintenance services e.g. grounds, electrical, mechanical and building etc*

*Sterile services*Transport*Accommodation*Laundries and linen services*

*Contract monitoring*Training*Pharmacy*Reprographics*Waste Management*

Recent Assignments

London Borough of Tower Hamlets (Nov 2015 to March 2016)

Interim Category Support Officer working in the Procurement Department with responsibility for making procurements in the Corporate Services Category. All procurements above 25,000 are made using Due North and the London Tenders Portal. Procurements worked on included Energy, Animal Warden Services, Vending Services, Cleaning Materials, Research studies to provide evidence in the preparation of the Local Plan, Provision of events to celebrate Protected Characteristics under the Equality Act 2010, Vehicle Tracking Services and Fuel Cards.

Department of Health (Dec 2014 to Sept 2015)

Commercial Officer working in the Procurement Department responsible for the Public Health and General Categories. Using Oracle and the BMS procurement system to make procurements. Processing requisitions through procurement to purchase orders ranging in value from small £’000 to multi £millions.

SWLEN (Jan – Dec 2014)

Volunteer working with SWLEN (South West London Environmental Network) providing advice on energy usage and energy saving measures to individual households and schools.

Private Client in South America (March 2012 to date)

Providing advice on the provision of aids and adaptions for the elderly and disabled to a client in South America.

Basildon Borough Council (Oct 2011 to Feb 2012)

Interim Procurement Officer working on various procurement projects including energy, stationery, theatre booking management systems, small capital works, compiling Contract Register and working with e-procurement systems such as Delta.

Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust. (June to October 2010)

Interim Procurement Officer working on procurement issues conducted under OJEU procedures and using electronic tendering include Waste Management, Courier Services and Professional Building Services such as M&E Engineering, Architects and Quantity Surveying. Also analysis of current spend to identify opportunities for savings through procurement.

London Borough of Lambeth (October 2009 to January 2010)

Interim management role as Acting Street Operations Manager for Lambeth Council’s Parking Service. Lambeth Council is one of the largest of London Councils in terms of income from parking and moving traffic offences. The role required direct responsibility for over 70 staff and a further 100 staff through the On-Street Enforcement Contract. Street Operations is responsible for on-street enforcement of parking and moving traffic requirements which is done using street patrols and CCTV cameras. In addition to direct management requirements the role involved some procurement activities including the procurement of bailiff services and consultancy services. Also responsible for budget control, project work, HR issues and liaison with external bodies such as the police as well as elected representatives.

London Borough of Hackney (April to August 2009)

Interim Project and Procurement Officer working on a variety of projects including procurement exercises. Most of the work centred on Facilities Management issues such as cleaning services, recycling, office removals and the Helpdesk. The cleaning services procurement exercise was carried out as a collaborative procurement exercise between the Council and the Learning Trust responsible for Hackney’s Schools and incorporated elements of competitive dialogue.

Birmingham City Council (November 2008 to April 2009)

Interim Contract Manager working on contract management issues for the BSF Project which with a total value approaching £1billion was probably the largest BSF Project in the UK covering over 90 Secondary Schools, Academies and Special Schools. Using Competitive Dialogue the Council had just selected the Preferred Bidder and we were currently working towards Financial Close and setting up the Shadow LEP with first construction expected in May 2009.

London Borough of Haringey (November 2006 to July 2008)

PFI Contract Manager working as part of the Schools PFI Team providing contract management services and principally working on the pay and performance mechanism, working with the SPV and Subcontractor to improve the quality of services provided, negotiating variations and life cycle costs, finally eliminating the final snagging list and preparing for the BSF programme. The most recent phase of this work was the suspension of FM services and returning the provision of FM services from the contracted FM services provider to the schools and assisting the schools in preparing for and taking over the implementation of these activities and also advising and assisting the schools with procurement issues. This is probably the first time that FM services have been suspended within an ongoing PFI contract.

Also engaged in implementing the outstanding life cycle works at the secondary schools and preparing the future long term life cycle works programme.

Vale of Glamorgan Council (March - Oct 2006)

Interim Procurement Manager reviewing third party expenditure as part of the efficiency exercise following Gershon. Worked through the procurement route to identify and try to capture potential savings. This work included analysis of third part spend to identify opportunities for aggregation of spend, co-operation with other local authorities in joint procurement, identifying other public sector contracts to “piggy back” on and advising service departments on efficient procurement procedures. Procurement areas worked in included: schools transport services and food procurements (for schools), taxi services, waste disposal, electrical and mechanical spares, bio-fuels and Christmas illuminations.

Highways Agency (Aug 2005-Feb 2006)

Procurement Analyst reviewing non-roads expenditure e.g. travel and subsistence, temporary staffing and energy as part of the efficiency review.

NHS Shared Services Partnership (Jan-Aug 2005)

Interim Manager working on the introduction of Healthcare Standards as a replacement for Controls Assurance. Also preparation of contract documents and specification for the provision of sterile services on behalf of podiatry services.

Private client (Oct 2004)

Advising a private contractor on tendering tactics for local government contracts for the provision of nursing and social workers.

Bro Morgannwg NHS Trust (July-Aug 2004)

Consultancy assignment involving the measurement of cleaning input into hospital wards as part of an exercise in introducing the new NHS cleaning standards.

London Borough of Haringey (April-June 2004)

Consultancy assignment carrying out a review of cleaning standards in council housing blocks.

South London and Maudsley NHS Trust (Oct 2003-June 2004)

Assisting with the preparation of contract documentation for estates services and advice on energy management.

Private client (Dec-Jan 2003)

Marketing review of European Dentistry

Bro Morgannwg NHS Trust (Nov-Dec 2003)

Review of Estates

Lewisham Hospital NHS Trust (April 2002 to July 2003)

Interim management services as Acting Facilities Manager running the Facilities Department of Lewisham Hospital. Facilities included Housekeeping, portering, catering, patient transport, accommodation and linen services and had a total budget of £8million and total staffing (both permanent and agency) of about 500. Also responsible for managing the laundry, pest control and window cleaning contracts. During the period worked there (16 months) the Trust achieved the maximum three stars in the NHS Performance Ratings.

London Borough of Camden (October 2000 to August 2001)

Interim management services as Acting Head of accessible Transport Services for ten months as cover for maternity leave to the Accessible and Concessionary Travel Services service of the London Borough of Camden with a budget of £5.5million. This work incorporated elements of Best Value and Charter Mark. Also introduced a directly run Plusbus service (a door to door minibus service for those unable to use public transport) as a replacement for a contract supplier that failed to meet its contractual obligations.

Earlier Assignments

Sept/Oct 2000 – Cabinet Office – Charter Mark Assessor

Dec 1999/Sept 2000 – Kings Lynn and West Norfolk DC – assistance with ISO 9000 for street cleansing and grounds maintenance

Nov 1999/Feb 2002 – Stevenson College – full tendering exercise for the provision of catering services plus regular audits of the service provision.

July 1999 – Brent, Kensington, Chelsea and Westminster Mental Health Trust – assistance with a submitted tender to provide facilities management services.

Dec 1998/Sep 2000 – LB Southwark – Best Value study into access to housing.

Oct 1998/March 1999 – Taunton and Somerset NHS Trust and East Somerset NHS Trust – Assistance with ISO 9000, EN46000 and C-E Marking for sterilisation of medical devices.

December 1996 to April 1998 - Interim management services for 16 months to the Reprographics Department of the Public Record Office (now the National Archives) involving the management of over 50 staff and with a sales turnover of £1million per year. The assignment led to improvements in quality, output and productivity, and also the introduction of quality systems and new technology.

Dec 1997/Feb 1998 – Salisbury District Hospital NHS Trust - competitive tendering exercise for housekeeping services.

Aug 1994/March 1998 – Ayrshire and Arran Community Healthcare NHS Trust – ISO 9000 for works maintenance, hotel services and IT services.

Services Provided can be summarised as:

Interim Management

Procurement and Outsourcing including Market Testing and Competitive Tendering, Writing of Contract Documentation and Specifications, In-house Tenders, Tender Evaluations, Contract Implementation and Monitoring

Business Efficiency Reviews, Value for Money and Cost Reduction Studies

Quality Assurance and Quality Systems including TQM, ISO 9000, CE Marking, Controls Assurance and Healthcare Standards.

Strategic marketing studies and market research

Option appraisals and Cost Benefit Analysis Studies

Best Value Fundamental Performance Reviews

Work Measurement and Productivity Based Incentive Schemes

Assistance with Charter Mark Applications

Energy Brokerage Services

PFI and BSF Contract Management

Typical Assignments and Clients

Examples of assignments carried out since 1985 in the public sector have been grouped together below by the sector worked in. A partial list of clients is shown on the final page.

Local Government

Preparation of Contract Documentation and Specifications for services in Local Government under CCT e.g. schools cleaning and catering including schools, civic and welfare catering. These contracts tend to be on a larger scale than NHS contracts e.g. a typical school meals contract may cover in excess of 100 schools and have a value of £8-£10million.

Evaluation of submitted Tenders for Local Government contracts involving both financial and technical evaluations of the bids.

Evaluation of submitted Tenders for banking services for a District Council.

Assistance with the introduction of ISO 9000 quality systems into services as diverse as catering, vehicle maintenance, grounds maintenance, cleaning, gully emptying, highways maintenance and vehicle barrier fencing.

Assisted the catering DSO of Gwent County Council in achieving certification as a BS EN ISO 9000 registered firm. This exercise covered 300 schools and 1500 staff. Similar exercise for a northern County Council.

Worked with a District Council on quality systems for financial services.

Introduction of ISO 9000 quality systems into the public cleansing and grounds maintenance departments of a rural Local Authority.

A marketing review for a Local Authority DSO faced with the impending creation of unitary authorities.

Assisted a Local Authority DSO with PFI based marketing and business plans.

Review of cleaning standards in communal areas of council housing blocks for an inner London borough.

Presentation of seminars on Market Testing and Quality Systems to audiences (both in-house and out-house) from Local Government.

Best Value Studies of housing services for a London Borough.

Assessment of Local Authority Charter Mark applications.

Education Sector

Advising and Grant Maintained Schools with the preparation of contract documentation for catering services and the subsequent evaluation of submitted Tenders. Through these exercises the schools made considerable cost savings.

Carried out a full-scale competitive tendering service for catering services on behalf of a major College of Further Education in Scotland.

Provision of energy brokerage services for a College of Further Education, which yielded considerable savings, compared to the previous supplier.


Many Business Efficiency Reviews of typical NHS Service Departments throughout the UK which have identified savings running into £millions. One major assignment for a Welsh HA covered over 30 hospitals and identified savings in excess of £0.5million.

A review of the Facilities Directorate of an NHS Trust in Wales. The Directorate with a total annual budget of £9million provides a variety of services including residential accommodation, catering, domestics, portering, works maintenance, transport, energy management, fire precautions, Health and Safety, telephonists and procurement.

Option appraisal of cook-chill and conventional catering systems for an NHS Trust in the Northwest which identified potential savings of £140,000 per year.

Preparation of Contract Documentation and Specifications for typical NHS Service Departments throughout the UK. Typical areas worked in have included hotel services, catering, domestics, portering, security, transport, grounds and gardens, electrical maintenance, building maintenance, painting, mechanical engineering and laundries.

Assistance with in-house Tenders for typical support services in the NHS e.g. hotel services, facilities management, catering, portering, painting, cleaning and laundries.

Evaluations of submitted Tenders for NHS Contracts. Financial and technical evaluations of services such as catering, domestics, portering, grounds maintenance, patient hotel and hotel services. The evaluations led to the submission of a report to the Client and many led to greater savings than would originally have been expected. A major assignment for a major Scottish HB evaluating submissions for over 50 catering and portering contracts.

A two part assignment for an NHS Trust in helping prepare the contract documentation for a hotel services contract for a new patient hotel following which I evaluated the submitted Tenders. Also a similar assignment for an NHS Trust in Wiltshire.

Preparation of quality assurance schemes for typical service departments including domestics, catering, portering, security, mechanical engineering, electrical maintenance, building maintenance and painting and decorating.

Examination of the proposed QA schemes covering over 100 different services within a major Northern HA. The services examined include both non-clinical and clinical services such as physiotherapy, surgery, outpatients and nursing.

Assistance with the introduction of ISO 9000 quality systems into services including catering, portering, laundries, works maintenance, sterile services, hotel services, pharmacy, security, works and estates, transport and grounds maintenance. A major exercise in this area was a pathfinding exercise at Newcastle General hospital where BS5750 quality systems were introduced into CSSD, catering, domestics and portering. This assignment included notable NHS "firsts" in CSSD and catering registrations.

Assisted the SDU of an NHS Trust in Wiltshire in successfully achieving registration against ISO 9000, EN46002 and EC Directive 93/42 (The CE Mark)

A strategic marketing study for an NHS Trust providing community and other health services in a large but sparsely populated rural area.

A review of an NHS HA total budget of £40million to identify potential areas of cost savings or efficiency improvement.

Preparation of detailed work procedures including elements of risk assessment for portering services for an NHS Trust.

Presentation of seminars on market testing and quality assurance (ISO 9000) to assorted audiences (both in-house and out-house) for the NHS.

Assisting with the introduction of integrated multi-discipline hotel services and auxiliary nursing services at ward level for a major NHS Trust.

Measurement of the cleaning input into the wards of a major Welsh hospital.

Public Sector Clients

I have worked for many clients in the Public Sector including:

Local Government

*Basildon BC*Bedfordshire CC*Birmingham City Council*

*City of Edinburgh DC*Essex CC**Gwent CC*Hart DC*LB Camden*

*LB Hackney*LB Hammersmith and Fulham*

*LB Haringey*LB Islington*LB Lambeth*LB Tower Hamlets*

*Northumberland CC*North Yorks CC*

*Oxford City*Oxfordshire CC*Vale of Glamorgan*

Education Sector

*Our Lady and St Michael's*St Albans*Stevenson College*

Central Government

*Highways Agency*Public Record Office (National Archives)*Cabinet Office*

*Department of Health*


HA's and Trusts

*Ayrshire and Arran*Bloomsbury*Bridgend*Bro Morgannwg*

*Cornwall and Isles of Scilly*

*Dartford and Gravesham*EastHerts*EastSomerset*Greater Glasgow* *Haringey*Lanarkshire*Lewisham*Lewisham and North Southwark*

*Merthyr and Cynon Valley*Mid Glamorgan*Mid Surrey*Newcastle*

*North Derbyshire*Powys*Salisbury*Southend*

*South East London Shared Services Partnership*

South Glamorgan*South London and Maudsley*

*South West Thames*St Helens and Knowsley*Sunderland*

*Surrey and Sussex*Swindon*

*Taunton and Somerset*Wandsworth*Warrington*West Lambeth*


*Ailsa*Atkinson Morley*Cardiff Royal*East Glamorgan*East Surrey*

*Glasgow Royal*Guys*Joyce Green*Lewisham*Maudsley*Middlesex*

*Newcastle General*Prince Charles*

*Princess of Wales*Queen Annes*Rainhill*Royal Marsden*St George's*

*St Thomas's*Salisbury*Springfield*Taunton and East Somerset*

*Tooting Bec*Warrington DGH*Yeovil District*

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