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Director, Cloud Development & operation

San Jose, California, United States
October 19, 2016

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Sajeev Mayandi



Challenging position that leverages my leadership and architectural skills in Cloud Development and Operation

Educational Qualifications:

MCA (Masters in Computer Applications) from Gujarat University

BSc (Bachelor’s in Science) from Gujarat University

Professional Experience:

Technology: Cassandra, Kafka, Spark, Solr, Zoom Data, Jasper Soft, Hadoop, Dockers, Jenkins, PostgreSQL, Sybase, AWS tools, Puppet

Fireeye, Inc


Engineering Director/ Chief Cloud Architect

Engineering leader for Big Data Analytical Platform. Responsible to transform the Big Data Analytical Platform from building engineering team, prototype, Design, implementation and releasing it as a SaaS Offerings.

Responsible for taking leadership role in prototyping, Database Design, implementation and releasing of the mobile-based cloud and appliance offerings defined by the fireeye products Mobile threat prevention and Mobile security Manager.

Responsible for initiating and driving the development of common Reporting and Provisioning Services to be used by all the Cloud products of Fireeye.

Responsible for initiating and driving the development of Deployment Framework using Docker for Dev, QA, Stage and production environment in Public (AWS) and Private Cloud for Fireeye SaaS offerings.

Responsible for Vendor Management required for Software and hardware infrastructure of Cloud based products

Responsible for strategies for Cloud Monitoring, Cloud Deployment, Performance Monitoring, Scalability, Migration and Highly Availability in Public and Private Cloud.

Working directly with product management, customers, Quality assurance team and presenting Executive management to ensure every body is in the same page regarding the applied technologies and present papers regarding the new innovation.

Drove day-to-day development and people management in terms of hiring, mentoring, Design reviews and driving the team to release the product on scheduled committed dates.

Responsible for Providing Technological vision and consultation related to new or existing technology to be used in various cloud products of Fireeye

Symantec Corporation Ltd

2009 to Feb 2014

Leading Database team for Enterprise Reporter(ER) and Command Central Storage(CCS)

VOM Enterprise Server(VOM ES/ER) by Symantec offers Data Ware Housing application which is used to map the storage assets residing in the different data centers of the Organization.

Command Central Storage(CCS) does discovery and Management of the SAN Components like Host Bus Adapters, SAN Switches, Storage Array and its disks.

Responsible for writing specification to tap on to storage Arrays, SAN Switches, SCSI LUNS, FileSystem and Application for CCS Storage Management Product.

Responsible for the Data Modeling, Designing the schema, database creation and deployment for CCS and ER products

Responsible for ETL code and Dimensional modeling for the Data Ware Housing product VOM ES

Design and Developed a solution using open source shared nothing Distributed Databases

Developed the Store procedures, triggers, Events to be used by CCS and ER reports, Optimized SQL query and implemented Rollup code in SQL for Postgresql and Sybase

Defined Storage Utilization and Inventory Reports to be used in CCS / CCER/VOMES and necessary performance tuning required for the database

Responsible for creating a solution for doing backup and Replication

Drove day-to-day development in terms of mentoring, Design reviews and code reviews in terms of SQL Query optimization and database tuning

Define Schedules, Milestone and drove team to scheduled dates for the business logic written in the database using SQL, based on the various customer requirements.

PMC Sierra Inc

2008 – 2009

Technical Manager

Technical direction for Storage Management components for Host RAID Controller

As a Technical Manager/Leader software Development I was responsible for recruiting team of engineers locally and through suppliers to develop SNIA/SMI-S based storage management software consisting of GUI, middleware and kernel interface. Additional responsibility includes

Design, development and delivery of storage management software

Lead a team of software engineers to conceive, design and implement storage software including schedules and milestone deliverables

Engaged in all aspects of software development lifecycle

Working with marketing, suppliers and customers to develop engineering requirements and technical specifications.

Plan and track internal and external work items, run cross-team interlocks, manage vendors, develop mitigations, track defects and drive closure, report status.

Develop and execute unit and build verification test plans and suites, interface with test teams, track and report test status

Symantec Corporation Ltd

2005 – 2008

Project Lead

Lead Database team for Command Central Storage(CCS)

Responsible for the maintaining the schema and database creation for the CCS

Responsible for getting/Analyzing the requirement from various component groups like GUI and Agent Developers for the schema changes to be done in the Database

VERITAS Software (acquired by Symantec Corporation)


Sr Principal Engineer

Storage Array Discovery and Management feature VERITAS SAN Access Layer

Responsible for Implementing Storage Array Features like Lun Creation, Lun Masking, Lun Binding and Raw Storage Volumes.

Sr Principal Engineer

VERITAS Device identifier (VDID)

Responsible for implementing end to end feature for Veritas Device Identifier

Senior Software Engineer

Storage Appliance

Responsible for design, development and testing of Administrative server side components for the SAN Appliance product

Integrated the VERITAS SAN access layer with the Administrative server for device discovery

Developed the Command Line Interface to manage the SAN Appliance product in C++

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