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Project Manager

California, United States
October 18, 2016

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Tiburon, CA 94920

US Cell: 707-***-****


Comprehensive background: academic excellence, unparalleled experience domestic and international, and a breadth of knowledge of every aspect of a software lifecycle, including Agile, Scrum, SDLC and transitions.

Highly experienced leader and repeatedly successful technical manager and business executive, with a sound and practical understanding of the business and technological issues which create a successful company.

Multiple degrees, extensive experience from programming to design, test, and implementation.

Chief Technology Architect to Program Manager, and has been involved in multiple startups.

Managed large and small, simple and complex, national and international projects, including commercial and aerospace (banking: US Bank in USA, Intelligent Finance in UK).

Strong experience in Agile and DevOps methodologies, and project management methods, having executed projects from design through to deployment multiple times..

Excellent people and organizational building skills, as well as superior oral and written communication skills.

Strong background in large-scale, project management, business development, customer relations, requirements definition, strategic architecture, system design, automated and formal testing (including design and implementation of automated test engines), integration of diverse software and hardware, embedded systems, software development lifecycle, contract negotiations, and internal and external business models for project development and management.

Self-starter with a 'can do' attitude, augmented by extensive knowledge of the entire product life cycle, from conception through to testing, deliverables, and support.

Has demonstrated ability to manage and coordinate cross-functional teams and goals, and provide crucial leadership to team building and team success.

Advocates initiative, and immediately assumes ownership of projects.

Can perform integration, assess problems, determine hardware and software needs, put the pieces together and ensures a successful outcome.


Stanford University - Palo Alto, California - Master of Science - Industrial Engineering Stanford University - Palo Alto, California - Master of Science - Operations Research University of Nevada - Reno, Nevada - Bachelor of Science - Mathematics RECENT PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Entirely Different Solutions Inc. (EDSI) San Francisco, CA 4/2011-present Sr. Engineering Project Manager

Responsible for all aspects of software architecture, design, programming, testing, implementation, deployment, maintenance.

Interface with vendors and customers, cloud development.

Responsible for hiring, managing multiple teams of 4-8 members. Coordinated development activities among departments and managed budgets and resources from project inception through to project completion using Agile, SDLC, Scrum and related methodologies. Verismart Software Inc., San Francisco, CA 2/2005-3/2011 Engineering Project Manager

Responsible for technology product roadmap, implementations, customer interaction, sales support managing multiple teams and coordinating project management throughout organization using Agile methods, for the entire SDLC.

Product suite leverages unique simulation and virtualization capabilities to address testing and training hardware needs, and all enterprise labs and environments in general, by simulating systems, services, software, and devices that are not available, are not built yet, or are too expensive to replicate.

Projects included US Bank, T-Mobile, AT&T.

Omsphere, San Francisco, CA 2/2001-2/2005

Chief Technology Architect

Developed a suite of automated software testing products which is used by major financial companies and telecom vendors. Created patent-protected intellectual property that automates software testing by eliminating the need for scripts, thereby shortening the testing cycle, reducing affiliated costs and effecting more thorough testing coverage.

Technology is used by financial and telecomm companies to assess current testing strategies and designing and implementing more successful automated testing models. Intelligent Finance (IF), Edinburgh, Scotland 4/2000-12/2001 Senior Strategic Consultant / Project Manager

Provided high-level consulting for this very large internet bank startup comprising 300 programmers and going from business plan to operational call center in 12 months, writing all their own code using Agile and related technologies before they were in vogue.

Assisted in identifying and formulating test strategies for going live with a completely new suite of banking software, enhancing the testing with script testing products and processes.

Managed teams of developers and testers throughout the entire SDLC.

Identified and formulated strategies for integrating the development effort with the test strategies, including design and implementation of the Problem Tracking system.

Provided overall project gap analysis and actively participated in solutions to strategic and short- term product delivery issues.

Key participant in formulation of overall internal change processes as the bank gained short-term maturity.

Device Driver Warehouse, Inc., Sonoma, CA 1998-2001 Engineering Project Manager

Founded this embedded systems custom engineering firm which specializes in writing device drivers, porting and integrating communication protocol stacks (ATM, ISDN, Frame Relay, X.25, etc.) for OEMs and VARs which serve the telecommunication industry.

Personally forged the strategic architecture for AT&T Wireless for connecting all of their wireless cell sites and switches across the nation

Wrote the RFP and Requirements Specification for this large-scale project to be bid on in 2000. Data Dimensions, Inc., Bellevue, WA 1998-2000

Managing Consultant

Reporting to the Western Region Vice-President, hired to put in place a Y2K program for

DDI, specifically targeted at assisting clients with their embedded systems analysis, remediation, and testing.

Created a complete Embedded Systems Y2K methodology and related documentation for delivery. Traveled around the country to assist current and new clients with putting an embedded systems program in place.

January 1999, began forging strategic direction for DDI in analyzing Enterprise

Architecture market and assessing middleware tool vendors. Telenetworks, Petaluma, CA 1995-1998

Program Director, Program Manager, Senior Consultant

Reported to the President. Managed all external custom engineering projects. Managed all internal projects with expected duration of at least two weeks from beginning to end.

Assumed the Program Manager position as a consultant upon its vacancy. Rapidly took control of wayward projects underway, and brought closure to those projects which had been delivered but never completed in terms of productizing and financial accountability.

Successfully managed and negotiated contracts for projects both nationally and internationally

(Japan, U.K., France, Sweden, Israel).


Awarded undergraduate scholarships and graduate school Army Fellowship Served as U.S. Army Lieutenant (Platoon Leader, Executive Officer, Division Safety Officer, Cryptologic Officer).

Attended Infantry School and Military Intelligence School, graduating 2nd in both classes Received Top Secret Special Information (TSSI) security clearance

Programmed in at least 15 languages starting with FORTRAN in undergraduate school (yes punched cards) and has programmed every year since then, on every job or project.

Highly proficient at the design and architecture of software, programming it, testing it, deploying it, and maintaining it.

Has years of experience with every aspect of the software lifecycle, and have worked in waterfall, agile, DevOps, and other environments, and the transition period between them.

Has been instrumental in the design and functional specifications for all types of customers: banking, military and aerospace, telecommunications, and hardware and software vendors and under the most stringent requirements, such as military A/B/C specifications.

Has worked with the customers to define the specifications, written the actual specification documents, converted them into specifications for the engineering department, and designed the acceptance criteria tests for delivery along with the requisite documentation.

Interactions, knowledge level, and work product were instrumental in several companies giving the lead to actually negotiate the specifications with the customer.

All the code is always well organized, commented fully, and ready for someone else to understand it, if a need arises to maintain or alter it.

Interactions with customers on the outside, and engineers and management on the inside, is always in the spirit of cooperation to reach a consensus on the both the final objective, and the steps that will be taken to accomplish those objectives managing expectations.

Can program and debug with the best of them, interact with customers, and present a case to the Board of Directors

Has both vertical and horizontal breadth of knowledge and experience and can speak to any stakeholder in their own language.

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