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Software Engineer Sql Server

Boise, Idaho, United States
$60-$65/hour W2
October 17, 2016

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Expert web, server and mobile software engineer; a true guru in Java/C++/C# / SQL / Python / Perl / Ada / VB / ASP .NET thru full SW Development Lifecycle. Talented Software Engineer with proven expertise in object-oriented analysis and design and exceptional record overseeing all facets of Software Development Life Cycle, from analysis and design to implementation and maintenance


-Expert in MySQL coding of stored procedure&schema design since 5/95 1st rel. MySQL

-Expert proficiency coding Transact-SQL (T-SQL) in 1988.

-- Three decades of experience with database development, and schema design, developing queries, and writing stored procedures. 30+ years experience with database schema modeling (Barker method, Extended Entity Relationship) and query optimization. Also utilized OODBMS (Versant, Objectivity, Objectstore, Gemstone) on multiple projects for persistent storage. Implemented a CORBA ORB at Logicon using Orbix Ada and their implementation for message passing to persistent objects in federated database

-Lead Engineer on multiple projects; led teams to successful completion of projects usually under extremely tight deadlines

-Full lifecycle software project design throughout over 20-year career including projects in Sun Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, SCO, SuSe/IBM pFast Linux environments requirements analysis, UML use-case diagramming, coding in C++ and Java, unit test, pilot, production release deployment

- Coded Java since 1998 including JDBC database interfaces, SQL, XML, XSL, JDK API, JNI, CORBA, RMI, swing libraries, applets, Java servlets, JSP, JDBC, SOAP and WSDL

- Designed and coded in C++ since 1993 including using Posix threads, Berkeley sockets, OpenGL, Windows SDK, STL, ATL,Visual Studio C++ and using WinNT,Win2k and Windows XP SDKs

-C# since pre-beta release in 1999 working at Logicon and Oregon Grad Institute. Win8: one project coded with Windows8

- WPF/WCF:proficient in rapid prototyping with WCF classes and APIs

- 1 consulting project with Electronic Arts coding on both PS3 and Xbox360 target platforms

- Proficient coding with .NET v4.5;familiar with XAML Namespaces Mapping for WPF XAML

- HTML5: expert in design of web pages with HTML and earlier versions

- Silverlight: guru level, used at CSC for 2 years

- coded a demo with LinQ Software's SMART Board and LinQPAD to query databases


Senior Software/Test Engineer Exelis – Ft. Wayne, IN (contract) 10/13-03/14

- Developed and modified Perl scripts and C++ code to test new generation of circuit card assembly (CCA) for use on a weather satellite. Code/test/modifications were completed on time and delivered to customer satisfaction.

Senior Software Engineer CSC – Leavenworth, KS 12/11-10/13

- Used C# (Visual Studio 2010 and VS 2012), Silverlight, OData, Telerik tools and SQL Server to create a Mission Command web application for US Army. Created web services and service calls to IIS server. Coded Python search algorithms searching attribute patterns of interrogation subjects to correlate previous facial features and biometric features.

Incorporated Prism framework into application. Used Adobe Flashbuilder to create login to Worldwide Equipment Guide. Helped manage and maintain IIS web services as well as modifying SQL Server DB as needed for application. Worked on both client-side and server-side. Client-side mainly C#, Silverlight and Telerik; Server-side used Java, JSON and SQL Server 2010.

Senior Software Engineer Concurrent Technologies Corporation 11/10-11/11

- Used Java to design and code video image processing and pattern matching algorithms for high altitude camera mounted on ATR-42 aircraft, coding data acquisition for real time FLIR video/radar surveillance on a Linux platform. Designed pattern match algorithm, intelligent motion detection, motion tracking, and scene animation scripts. Used Java Swing to code the GUI to generate overlays and highlight threats, and designed operator station GUI and database. Coded video capture formats and GUI to select frames of interest (FF, Rewind, Play, by timestamp). Also acquired UAV video and correlated video images w/ radar track threats and transmitted video to ground stations and mobile platforms.

Chief Software Simulation Architect (contract) Fidelity Technologies 8/09-9/10

Designed simulation framework architecture on Windows .NET3.5 platform, programming in Visual C++ and C#. Designed/coded CIGI v.3.3 messages as well as SQL Server 2008 stored procedures. Designed database schema and documented using ERM. Designed real time tactical simulation displays, gauges, port I/O. Designed RPCs (remote procedure calls) and TCP/IP to link network of operator console commands to tactical training workstations. Created scripts to automate event scenario generator to create events, condition displays, Call-For-Fire messages,, and create runway displays, takeoff roll, artificial horizon. Programmed real-time I/O including laser sighting and 270-degree field-of-view (FOV) tactical simulator including registering CIGI messages and real time motion controls. Produced UML documents to document system.

Lead Technical Architect - (contract) General Dynamics, MN 03/09-7/09

-programmed real time kernel in design of simulation and training architecture, defined and managed overall system architecture, designing OS extensions for FCS program. Researched and designed high-availability, clustered file system including research on OCFS, GFS, Heartbeat, STONITH and other clustering tools and techniques. Used Java to design tools and system boot-up diagnostics.

Sr. Software Engineer – (contract) Personal Shopper, Boise, ID 10/08 – 02/09

- Re-engineered customer account software systems used by brokerage teams. Web developer for user interfaces to trading inquiries, support parallel systems. Developed and implemented new feedback system for users concerns, bugs, and defect tracking regarding use and functionality of new interfaces. Coded web designed interfaces using Java, XML, XSL, AJAX, and JWS. Designed support system for existing intranet for employees. Code and support provided through ASP.NET, T-SQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle 9i. Collaborated in the development of in-house development of new banking software interfaces. Supported existing legacy system to provide newly created cases and insured they were available in the systems in parallel until legacy systems were retired.

Firmware/Hardware Engineer – Hewlett-Packard, Boise, ID 10/07 – 10-08

- Maintained and upgraded the Print Engine Emulator for the Bears/Edgeline product line using C++/C# and Windows technologies and Agile development methodology. Extensive use of STL (standard template library) and smart pointers in developing and re-architecting a Linux-based system to a Windows-based system.

Senior Software Engineer - (contract) Thomson/Grass Valley, Jacksonville, FL 2/07 – 08/07

- Coded C++ and C# classes using COM, ATL, and WinSock. System developed using Visual development environment on Windows XP and .NET. Wrote machine calls to video and audio modules as well as other equipment used in television newsrooms. Wrote interfaces to iNews and ENPS. Extensively used XML for configuration and data files.

Lead Software Engineer - LSI, International, Inc., Jacksonville, FL 01/06 – 01/07

- Led team in design of OpenGL and GUI, system definition, tuning, overall architecture of a network of flight simulator for ARH Army helicopter, socket communications, real time messaging simulation training systems for flight simulator displays and instrumentation; maintained cross-compatibility between Windows and Linux.

Technical Architect - Honeywell, Albuquerque, NM 10/04 - 10/05

- Defined system architecture using Rational Rose to define use-case analysis and design the API class hierarchy, and manage overall system architecture, designing a heterogeneous component architecture that is both scalable and adaptable, including wireless vehicle communications and displays for US Army secure battlefield vehicle-to-vehicle encrypted communications.

- Also responsible for software regression test suites and developing Java solutions for interoperable scalable kernel embedded in vehicle and battlefield operations command center console programmed in Java.

Lead Software Engineer - (contract) IBM, Tucson, AZ 04/03 - 10/04

- Used Java to code ESS RAS SHARK tool to monitor system traffic and caching of disk requests, and wrote a utility to saturate I/O traffic to test cache coherency; ported device drivers from SuSe Linux to IBM real-time Linux-base OS.

- Responsible for real time firmware device driver design, C++ and Java code and microcode on IA-64 and PPC architectures including BIOS programming, and hardware diagnostics support and embedding firmware in controller chipsets and fiberchannel cluster performance testing. Wrote device driver support and board support package libraries.

- Optimized peripheral kernel performance issues: speed of task initialization and loading, data caching, clustered disk array objects, device instantiation, task threading, testing for garbage collection, memory leaks, optimization of java microkernel, file handling, low level performance (file spin locks, mutex, semaphores, multithreaded, multitasking).

DSP algorithm/firmware engineer III - (contract) Raytheon 11/02- 4/03

- Designed/coded radar tracking algorithms and radar signature pattern recognition algorithms to identify radar signal direction, strength and signature. Designed radar track persistent storage radar tracks database.

- Coded embedded DSP code with Tartan compiler to identify radar Azimuth/Range/Direction finding, and pattern match radar track with known threats (target classify, prioritize, recognize, notify, warnings) in electronic warfare C4I operator console. Designed embedded firmware for electronic warfare C4I console.

Senior Software Engineer - (contract) Boeing, St. Louis, MO 7/02 - 10/02

- Coded backend interface to Versant object-oriented database (OODBMS), porting from Sun Solaris 2.4 to WinNT/W2K. Rebuilt Versant DLLs, and optimized using performance optimizing tools. Changed from Static linking model to dynamic linking (DLLs) under WinNT. Programmed COM objects, and ported Sun Solaris code to WinNT re-architecting with COM DLLs. Wrote calls to verify memory usage preventing memory leaks.

Senior Software Engineer - Oregon Graduate Institute, Beaverton, OR 10/00-7/02

- Coded multimodal Speech Recognition agent compliant to SAPI 4.0 compiling both Visual Interdev 6.0 Win2K (Win32,MFC libraries).

- Instrumental in conceptual design, implementation and integration of RASA and QUICKSET WinCE speech recognition SAPI 4.0 compliant multimodal speech.

- Re-designed speech recognition multimodal RASA/QUICKSET to upgrade from SAPI 4.0 to SAPI 5.0 compliant API libs, speech toolkit, and speech browsers, speech command menus, and dialogs. Used Lernout & Hauspie speech recognition engine.

- Coded Prolog AI rule base for parsing speech grammar and weighted speech agent, and multiple weights from handwriting recognizer. Led the design of RASA and QUICKSET software releases compliant to SAPI 4.0 and integrated with Lernout and Hauspie speech engine.

Lead Software Architect and Software Engineer, Logicon RDA, Ft. Lewis, WA 2/97 - 10/2000

- Designed C++ Solaris system software for the Electronic Proving Ground Fire Support Simulation Support Module (FSSSM) for interfacing between the US Army’s Corps Battle System (CBS) and the AFATDS and IFSAS fire support units. Coded fire control real time inter-process communications (IPC) process real time custom fire control data messages. Took over subsystem operating at 17.8% functionality and in < 2 months brought functionality to 98%.Redesigned using GnuC++/Linux, POSIX threads, Berkeley sockets/Solaris x86.

- Designed Role Player Workstation (RPW) in current use by US Army. Coded RPWS client in Visual C++ /WinNT client/server w/WinSock connection. Recoded (ported) to Solaris Berkeley Sockets and UDP TCP/IP on Sun UltraSPARC server. Recompiled/rebuilt libs using GnuC++, using POSIX threads libs and Berkeley sockets/ port from Solaris/SPARC to Solaris x86/Pentium lib recompile. Coded both Informix 4GL for CPS server database, and MSQL db backends for RPWS trainer simulator.

Senior Software Engineer - DSC Communications, Plano, TX 7/94 - 11/96

- Designed and rapid prototyped software design of switch provisioning internals, created C++ function prototypes, Smalltalk/V methods, specifying real time behavior of switch decision logic. Defined IP protocols, logic, implemented RPCs, and switching logic. Specifying API layer interface to test embedded code. Instrumental in planning and adding frame relay capability to an existing digital cross-connect.

Software Engineer - E-Systems, Clearwater FL 6/93 - 7/94

Software Engineer - GTE Gov’t Syst., Mountain View, CA & Colorado Springs, CO 5/89-6/93

Software Engineer - Magnavox, Fort Wayne, IN 11/87 – 5/88

Financial Programmer, Automated Funds Transfer Service(, reporting to CEO/Owner Eric Olson (1983-1986).

Instrumental in programming financial applications on DATAPOINT ARC and RMS operating system platforms including migrating from one platform to another, programming in both RPG and COBOL. Designed, coded and maintained parking ticketing and similar City of Seattle applications that was the sole vendor for parking ticket and city traffic ticket violations.


Purdue University W Lafayette IN BS Computer Science, Minor Mathematics

National University San Jose CA MS Software Engineering, completed 45/60

Seattle University Seattle WA MS Software Engineering, completed 21/56


Ada: VAX/VMS, Rational, Orbix, Tartan, GNU Ada95

Assembly: VAX, MASM/80386,80486, IBM 360/370

BASIC: Microsoft Visual BASIC

COBOL: Datapoint COBOL, Microsoft OS/2 COBOL, IBM Mainframe Cobol (MVS and CICS)

C/C++: Borland C/C++, Microsoft Visual C++, GNU C/C++, OS/2 C++/Set

Speech Recognition: Dragon, Whisper, Lernout & Hauspie, SAPI 4.0, SAPI 5.0

Comm: X.25, FDDI, TCP/IP, DECNET, RS-232, X.400, SONET, SDH

GUI Tools: C-Scape, Builder Xcessory, MOTIF widgets, MFC 3.0/4.0, Framemaker

Java: Borland, Websphere, Eclipse, J2EE, applets, servlets, XML

Methodologies: Rumbaugh, Booch, Jackson, Yourdan, UML, 2167A mil. std.

Operating Systems: OS/2, DOS, Win3.1/Win95WinXP, VAX/VMS, IBM MVS, Unix

RDBMS: Oracle (FORMS 4.0, REPORT), Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, Informix (4GL)

UNIX: VAX/ULTRIX, SunOS, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, LINUX, korn, bourne, c-shell


IEEE Computer Society, Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), National Association for Female Executives, American Association of University Women, Society for Women in Engineering, Purdue Alumni Association


David, McGee, Philip R. Cohen, R. Matthew Wesson, Sheilah Horman: Comparing paper and tangible multimodal tools, in the Proceedings of the Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI/02), ACM Press, (Minneapolis, MN, Apr. 20-25 2002).

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