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Security Customer Service

Sterling, Virginia, United States
October 17, 2016

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Tyrun L. Washington

** ********* **

Sterling Virginia 20165

Phone: 703-***-****

Cell: 703-***-****


Objective Statement:

Security professional, highly skilled and passionate about security seeking a position that will utilize my expertise in patrolling, investigating and following-up on incidents. Tracking, effective patrolling, controlling entrances and movement of people within a sensitive environment.


Over twenty years of progressive, security-related responsibilities and management duties. The skill-sets I’ve developed are highly applicable to a training setting where solid interpersonal skills and exceptional communication skills are an advantage. My skill-set includes the ability to see the big picture as well as teach, mentor, coach, and counsel individuals and groups in dealing with mission’s transitions. I offer the unique combination of teamwork skills geared to enhance organizational cohesiveness, strategic planning skills that ensure successful programs and people-oriented guidance that yields productivity and high morale. I am a professional and qualified security officer with a wealth pf experience in secure area door operations. I enjoy dealing with the public, resolving conflict and defusing volatile situations before they escalate. Professionally presented, very effective interpersonal skills and effective crowd control strategies. Bringing well-honed skills in providing security services in an educational setting. Demonstrated security skills in preventing theft and damage, policing buildings, controlling traffic and monitoring security cameras and alarm system.

CLEARANCE: Top Secret: 09 May 2016, Issuing Agency: DOD CAF


Fairfax High School-Diploma-1988

Security Knowledge and Skills:


AMAG Security Management System

HIE, Mirth/Tomcat, working knowledge of Closed Circuit Video (CCTV) operations

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)

Access Control systems, devices and operations

Compliance Agent Training

Private Security Services Instructor Course

Private Security Services Firearms Instructor Course

Mid-Atlantic Security Services, Inc.

Basic Security Officer Training Course Central Training Academy, Inc.

Special Conservator of the Peace


Windows (2000, 2003, Vista, 2007, XP

Hardware: Servers, PCs, Software

MS Office Suite, Excel Word, and PowerPoint


Supervising staff and working with high net worth clients.

Attention to the “people management” side of business.

Through successfully managing both internal and external relationships.

Accelerated the achievement of goals and positioned myself as a valuable resource in a variety of situations.


(03/2006-Present) Andrews International Government Service, Inc. Chantilly VA. Unarmed & Armed Security Officer

Detect, prevent, and detain as authorized by federal and state laws, and the statutes of the local jurisdiction, any person(s) attempting to gain, or having gained unauthorized access.

Monitor building occupants and visitors to ensure they comply with applicable laws and DoD Directives.

Document incidents and complaints occurring in the presence of the CSOs pending the arrival of PFPA Police or other federal or local law enforcement.

Detect and report potentially hazardous conditions in buildings and patrolled areas.

Provide continuous random roving patrols.

Conduct operational hours and after hours building and area security checks.

Direct vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Provide information and assistance to authorized visitors, guests, and DoD employees.

Receive, issue, and account for all security keys, access cards, and locks issued to CSOs.

Respond to security alerts or life-threatening situations.

Provide appropriate security presence during special events and emergency situations to protect DoD facilities, employees, properties, visiting dignitaries, or official guests of the United States.

Maintain a written, 24-hour duty log of activities or incidents that require action at all stations or posts.

(9/2012-Present) GCC Technologies, LLC Oakland MD. Director of Operations/Compliance Agent

Serves as a key point of company contact to ensure the delivery of high quality customer service for assigned account; evaluates service quality and initiates any necessary corrective action in a timely manner.

Meets regularly with company representatives for status updates; addresses any actual or potential problems; assists line management in negotiation of client contract; provides support during client start-up; supports security planning.

Maintains a positive, professional environment in full compliance with applicable laws, regulations, policies and procedures; acts to ensure that our branches understand and comply with applicable laws, regulations, policies and procedures to support national temporary clients.

Performs additional functions, duties and specific tasks of a similar nature and scope as necessary in order to achieve assigned business objectives. Balance team and individual responsibilities; contribute to building a positive team environment.

Oversees, coordinates with line management, and participates in the recruitment, selection, orientation, training, development and retention of high caliber staff; acts to ensure that each staff member is treated with dignity and respect

Achieve targeted business objectives for operations including, but not limited to, risk management, revenue, client satisfaction, net contribution, government compliance, and internal quality assurance and performance management

Maintains a positive, professional environment in full compliance with applicable laws, regulations, policies and procedures; acts to ensure that staff members understand and comply with applicable laws, regulations, policies and procedures.

Ensure security officers receive proper training commensurate with job responsibilities and that such training is properly documented.

Implement a consistent follow-up process to ensure all state licensing requirements are met.

Work closely with human resources to ensure that the recruiting, interviewing, qualifications and hiring of all security services personnel is conducted in accordance with established policies and is a cost effective manner.

Motivate and teach security officers and supervisors to properly and legibly prepare and submit appropriate reports to include sign-in sheets, job security reports, and incident reports.

(3/2012-9/2012) TekSystems Reston VA. Escort/Access Control, Supporting General Dynamics

Maintained appropriate logs and computer databases, Provide physical security services as an Access Control Technician

Demonstrated and maintained the responsibility for providing security through the management of personnel access (that included foreign and domestic dignitaries) to restricted areas and facilities

Processed visitor access in support of high visibility conferences along with the coordination of other visitor requirements in support of the facilities mission.

Provided visitor escort services for official visitors (Government and contractor, Vendors), ensured all administrative areas were cleaned and were maintained in excellent condition after they were cleaned. And visiting dignitaries within the Mark Center facilities.

Provided outstanding customer service and support – must project outstanding professionalism and communication skills.

Monitored overall physical security (alarm systems) systems as

specified by appropriate Standard Operating Procedures and Special Security Instructions.

Performed First Aid and CPR if required.

Reported directly to a shift supervisor or program manager to update developed, implemented facility maintenance schedule.

Wrote report of daily activities and irregularities such as responding to alarms, signing in and out

Answered alarms and investigate disturbance

Responded to prevent and detect signs of intrusion and ensure security of doors.

Operated detecting devices to screen individuals and prevent passage of prohibited articles into restricted areas.

Answered telephone calls to take messages, answered questions, and provided information during non-business hours.

Warned persons of rule infractions or violations, and evict violators from premises.

Conducted Tech support on label making for the cable. Assemble connector on the ends of the cable. Testing ports, docks station. Worked with Team Lead on major equipment, replacing equipment, repair and renovations according to schedule.

Attended preparation meeting for Telecom Room transformation met with General Dynamic’s personnel.

(4/2005-12/2011) ManTech MCTS Falls Church VA. Formerly Qinetiq NA; Annelex; Beta Analytics Inc. Deputy Security Operations, Physical Security Specialist, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA/DCHC), Security Specialist

Served as the Deputy Physical Security Chief/Security Operations, responsible, for the development, planning, administration, management, implementation of Facility upgrade scheduling, finance, administration, negotiating lease space, security budget, affiliate budget, Facilities, procedures for safeguarding personnel, government property, and enforcement of the Department of Defense (DoD) and DIA Security Programs (Information, Personnel, Communications, and Industrial collateral, SAP and SCI) within HQ, DIA, DCHC.

Ensured compliance with the Intelligence Community Directives (ICDs), Director Central Intelligence Directives (DCID) required for Sensitive Compartmented Information program procedures.

Consolidated and maintained all documentation for SCI facilities (SCIF) and performed on-site inspections for compliance. Conducted and coordinated Facility Inspection Program (FIP) inspections pertaining to physical security requirements.

Provided support to the DIA lead on any and all repairs or renovations, supported Air Force, DSS, Army, NCIS, as needed or scheduled at multiple locations.

Monitored and responded to Facility Security System Alarms, Emergencies (I.E. Quintron, ADT)

Provided situational updates to AT/Threat working group meeting with Law Enforcement presentation using power point slides.

Facilitated a diverse range of Physical, Personnel, AIS, Administration, Information, and Operations Security in support of SCI and SAP programs and initiatives.

Provided support to DIA at Quantico with JPAS, E-QIP, SF-86, SF-312. Processed new employee security clearances, tracked clearances, processed outgoing visit requests and certifications.

Coordinated with DIA personnel regarding new construction or updates to existing SCIFs, provided assistance with security requirements pertaining to DIA building projects.

Implemented security policy promulgated by DOD and DIA. Developed and disseminated written Information, Personnel, Communications, and Industrial Security processes and procedures.

Enforced, controls, plans, and administered security measures necessary for the protection of classified information, material, and projects within Sensitive Compartmented Information areas (SCIF).

Provided functional program management, procedural guidance, ensured facilities grounds were maintained in according to the clients’ standards and oversaw Security Protection Officers executing security force and physical protection within DIA jurisdiction.

Directed tasks involving: Entry Controllers who allow or deny access to DIA spaces upon receipt of proper identification provides visitors with direction and information. Supported access control program that included but were not limited to: making badges and tracking access to SAP facilities, and escort duties as required.

Managed and oversaw multi-million-dollar security projects for DIA, MDA, FBI locations.

Provided expert opinions and advice on policy issues affecting physical, information, industrial, personnel security functions, information systems security, special access program, the foreign visitor program, and sensitive compartmented information (SCI).

Worked with the Special Security Officer (SSO) to develop and implement organizational security policies and procedures that ensure the physical safety of sensitive and classified information. Assisted with reviews for access requests, processing the access requests and interfaced with the program on personnel security matters pertaining to SAP access requirements.

Provided program oversight to personnel responsible for conducting SCI briefings and debriefings of SCI cleared personnel, coordinate and process all actions/documentation for all SCI cleared personnel.

Recommended and provided updates to existing physical security and Force Protection policies and reviewed draft new policies.

Provided functional security support in accordance with the NISPOM for secure facility operations.

Facilitated assistance in reading blueprints, Schematics review them and made adjustment at DIA Crystal City, Quantico locations.

Assisted the Chief of Security (COS) with the implementation and operation of the security program that will protect personnel, property, products, and other site assets. Ensured that proper authorities were alerted and responded to all situations involving CPMS physical security, and preventing disruption of ongoing activities.

Provided assistance to the COS with other duties related to sound security practices and determines practical solutions to the problems and/or actions to be taken with staff and maintenance vendor repairs, inspection on all areas made sure they were in excellent condition included snow, dirt, asphalt repair and or removal.

Escalated issues to the COS operations appropriately and in a timely manner following up with remedy case assignments for lost, stolen and missing assets. Assigning tasks/liaising/communicating/working with the contract security supervisor(s) on operation needs, issues and concerns.

Instrumental in providing security support during the DIA DCHC BRAC transition to Quantico, Virginia.

Provided operational machine inspection, ensured all required systems/machinery were in a safe location, made sure they were maintained in an operational status, worked with DIA lead to request replacing any part of the machine or equipment as required.

(4/2004-12/2004), Entry Controller: Beta Analytics Inc Fairfax VA. Supporting Counterintelligence Field Activity (CIFA)

Provided physical security services as an Access Control Technician, was responsible for providing security through the controlling of personnel access (to include foreign and domestic dignitaries) to restricted areas and facilities.

Processed visitor access in support of high visibility conferences along with the coordination of other visitor requirements in support of the facilities mission.

Were responsible for monitoring the overall physical security (alarm systems, closed circuit TV – “CCTV”) systems as specified by the Security & Intelligence Directorate (SID).

Operated update-to-date equipment, and maintain an automated interactive database containing access information for employees and visitors.

Coordinated access to controlled areas, provided visitor escorts and conducted security checks of incoming magnetic media.

Supervised and scheduled the tasks, shifts and responsibilities for the Entry Controllers.

(5/1998-4/2004) SPX/Vance Uniformed Protection Services Oakton, Virginia, Regional Scheduler/Command Center Dispatch Supervisor

Scheduled the staffing of the Northern VA, Maryland, and Washington D.C. regions.

Duties included, but were not limited to, assigning security officers to every customer contract, and accepting and/or declining special contract requests based on available personnel.

Supervised the 24/7 operation command center dispatchers.

Managed a geographically distributed workforce, duties were not limited to: assisting the customer with security requirements also assisted in developing standard operating procedures (SOP), acted as the liaison between the security officer and corporate headquarters, discipline officers when needed.

Enforce Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to protect the safety of personnel and the physical facility in which contracted to serve.

Drafted comprehensive written reports and analysis and provided in and out-briefs to senior civil and Federal

(1/1994-5/1998) Fairfax Protection Services Fairfax, Virginia, Uniformed Security Officer

Conducted external security patrols of commercial buildings, town centers, and apartment complexes, worked hand-in-hand with local law enforcement agencies as deemed necessary during times of need.

(4/1994-1/1997) Security Specialist/Supervisor Nissan Pavilion: Bristow, Virginia

Controlled backstage ingress/egress security access for celebrity performers and their VIP guests, carried out entry control duties for all entry points.


Introduction to the National Industrial Security Program (NISP) Certification and Accreditation, Director of National Intelligence, DCID 6/9 course, DOD Information Assurance Awareness, Operations Security Fundamentals, OPSEC-An Introduction to OPSEC,

IS-00546: Continuity of Operation (Coop); IS-00547: Introduction to Continuity of Operation (Coop), IS-00005.A: An introduction to Hazardous Materials; IS-00100: Introduction to the Incident Command System (ICS 100), Authority Training Instructor, Antiterrorism Level I, II (ATO); Personally Identifiable Information Version 1.0 (PII), Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Anti Phishing, Introduction to DoD Personnel Security Adjudications.

Portable Electronic Devices and Removable Storage Media, Armed Security License, VA Department of Criminal Justice Services, First Aid/CPR/AED American Heart Association, Department of Criminal Justice, General Training Instructor Department of Criminal Justice, Compliance Agent, Department of Criminal Justice, Firearm& Shotgun Training Instructor, Department of Criminal Justice, Alarms Respondent Training Instructor, Department of Criminal Justice, Armed Security Officer Arrest, Department of Criminal Justice Special Conservator of the Peace Training course.

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