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System Project

Houston, Texas, United States
October 17, 2016

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John Leger

Senior Systems Project Leader

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INDUSTRIAL PROFESSIONAL – Process Control Automation & Information Management

25+ years of experience in business & engineering consulting in areas of process control and technology improvements. Have worked as Senior Systems Analyst, Consultant and Infrastructure & Project Leader for numerous projects involving, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Mining, Pulp & Paper Industries & DCS process control improvements. I have consulted with many clients on increasing the efficiency of their operations with the use of advanced technology. I analyzed business processes, discussed operational objectives and presented options and courses of action to meet those requirements and needs. I’ve provided technical guidance and analyzed system performance ensuring that project goals were met. I also trained numerous staff on using the new business processes ensuring that users understand the DCS system(s) and automated processes. In addition to my experience, I have undertaken a long list of courses in the areas of computer engineering and DCS automation control systems.

I am considered an expert in business process improvement and helped many organizations to increase the efficiency and productivity of their business and Process Production.

John Leger

Senior Systems Project Leader

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Current Position

Haldor Topsoe – Pasadena, Houston TX

System & Information Analyst, DCS Programmer

Currently supporting the Rockwell, ABB Sattline and ABB 800xA system at site, managing MOC’s for new and improvements to the Control System of the process and transport robotics cranes.

Troubleshoot and Diagnose system issues with program logic and system communications technologies.

Setup and Manage their OSI PI Server and AssetFrame work system. Build and create numerous Asset and Analysis for the 3 production plants. Develop and hold PI user workshops, developed each of their plant area PIAF structures. Participate in the HZOP and CAPA reviews for new projects provide detail DCS knowledge in identifying missing control logic.

John Leger

Senior Systems Project Leader

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Previous Employment History

ABB Canada Inc

Process Control Infrastructure Lead & System Control Specialist Vale/Inco/ABB Goro Site (New Caledonia, South Pacific) 1997 to 2012

Largest ABB 800xA system in the world,

Contract Consultant for ABB SAS, New Caledonia

for Vale Inco Maintenance Service contract.

RESIDENT of Noumea, New Caledonia (South Pacific)

Vale Nouvelle Calédonie, located in the French-territory South Pacific island of New Caledonia, ranks as one of the richest undeveloped laterite ore bodies in the world, with an estimated 55 million tons of measured and indicated mineral reserves. Vale Nouvelle Calédonie selected ABB’s flagship automation solution, System 800xA, for the facility’s automation system making it one of the largest System 800xA installations in the world.

The 800xA system includes a Burner Management System (BMS) utilizing three AC 800M high-integrity (HI) controllers for three new coal-fired boilers producing electricity and steam for the plant.

Also delivered was an ABB Safety Instrumented System (SIS), using ABB TUV-certified Functional Safety Management System (FSMS) documentation and procedures, utilizing five AC 800M HI controllers for the processing of LPG in the Ship Unloading and Port Handling facility, LPG Storage and LPG firing of the three Fluid Bed Reactors. Engineering tools included code generation from PET (GCT Process Engineering Tool). ABB also created “purpose-defined libraries” based on the BMI libraries. The use of BMI libraries provided a framework for alarm and event standardization, workplace definition and – one of the most important components of the ABB agreement – the groundwork for translation of English

ABB Inc. (Senior Systems Project Leader)

Contract Software Group -Software Products and Solutions Department As a Senior Systems Analyst, I performed estimates, designs, and implementation of software for system projects, specializing in the design and delivery of Process Management Information Systems (PIMS). I reported application development and in applications that interface with databases and/or web sites. I have extensive design and applications experience with third party PIMS Historians including OSI’s PI, and Aspentech’s IP.21. I also have extensive experience working at customer sites to John Leger

Senior Systems Project Leader

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provide software commissioning, service, troubleshooting/diagnostics and training functions. Sampling of assignments:

• Terra-Terra -Nova (off shore platform) pla tform) Newfoundland,Newfoundland,implemented a Web based application based on ABB’s eProcess Product Suite. Developed a “Shift Handover System” which allowed system operators to document operating Conditions in an offshore setting. Also provided onsite applications Development and support for the Process Information Management System. In addition, was responsible for development of a series of Production Reports which were compliant with then requirements of the Offshore Petroleum Board.

• Sable Island (off shore)shore )– implemented a web browser front end to an existing reporting system. Includes specification, design, implementation, and support.

• Goro Project Engineering (Vale-Vale -Inco) – Work in the Brisbane Australia Hatch engineering office to support the ABB 800xa system for the development and site systems. Also provided technical support on the custom ABB Mining library used for the control logic. Worked close with the Hatch group to develop the HMI workplace (dual screen) layout and alarm band controls. Also refined some of the ABB tools to meet the needs of the development group and support the French language environment.

• ABB Internal Training - Developed and taught an OSI PI product training course to ABB customers who are actively using PI with ABB DCSs. The training course included system administration, server configuration, and data access methods.

• Independent Electricity Market Operator Designed and implemented an interface between the IESO and ABB’s Energy Management and Trading System (EMTS). This was recently installed and commissioned at a Process Industry customer site in Ontario. As well with the Canadian Federal Government (PWGSC).

John Leger

Senior Systems Project Leader

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Honeywell Canada Ltd. 1991-1997

Process Control & Automation Network LAN/WAN Specialist

• Position: - National & Regional Canadian Network LAN/WAN Specialist

• Responsibilities Included:

• First level technical sales support for the Honeywell PCNM network gateway to TDC3000 process equipment for several professional Honeywell Sales Representatives, for all of Canada.

• Commission and configure Honeywell PCNM hardware, software and Local Area Network for new installations.

• Provide custom developed on-site training and support based on customer’s environment.

• Report to middle and upper management on technical aspects of customer’s environment and development on a regular basis. PROJECT RESPONSIBILITIES

System Specification

• Project Management

• Consultation

• Supervision

• Commissioning

• Training

• Control Retro-fit Methodologies

• System Design


SOLVAY/ECO Services - Los Angeles and Baton Rouge Facility Diagnose and troubleshoot 800xA turbine controls, assist on restoring control logic from previous system backups, Support and develop new logic and controls on their Foxboro I/A system.

METHANEX, Geismar LA - Provox VMS System

Extra pair of hands, to review and understand the configuration and support the existing Provox system, moved from Chile they have a need to fix and correct cabling issues and network communication. Provide site support and coverage for others when out on vacation. Provided some loop tuning on complex loops for their ID and FD fans on the reformer units. NORANDA, Gramercy LA – PI & Infi90 System Audit

As a PI system specialist, I was asked to come in and review their system and John Leger

Senior Systems Project Leader

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make recommendations based on what I found. Over all the system is working ok, but has had many difficulties with communication to the Bailey Infi90 DCS. While I was there at site collecting data I was able to get the communication working and sort other issues with PI trust table and security. In the end the customer was very happy not only to get and report on recommendations they got many problems resolved at the same time.

MOTIVA, Geismar, Louisiana

Help develop the configuration and tools for the Honeywell Experion SCADA system, provided site commissioning and support on the implementation. Developed database tools to produce Site commissioning work sheets and IO list management.

BASF Chemical, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

ABB Technical Support on BASF DIOLS project, troubleshoot key ABB 800xA system problems and provide corrective solutions. Review and develop upgrade plan and procedures. Provide first line of support to address problems as they arise. Develop process control logic and function diagrams to improve overall process control. Develop new SFC control and debug existing SFC problems.

• Developed a system upgrade plan and execution schedule

• Train BASF staff on advanced use of the system tools and controls.

• Participated in BASF custom made Control libraries upgrade

• Developed hardware specifications for a “Test Bed” system for simulation, training and upgrade checkout.

DOW Chemical, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Review and learn the DOW ABB 800xA system, develop course material and training to newly hired engineers from LSU.

Additional Responsibilities:

• Consult with DOW Process engineering team to understand and learn the 800xA system based on their “State Based Control” methodology.

• Help to develop DOW PCSD (Process Control Specifications) Functional Process Requirements, review and define the L3 Compressors.

• Manage and Mentor the Engineering Team

• Using reverse engineering practices to develop new functional requirements based on the Triconix (Safety Controls) John Leger

Senior Systems Project Leader

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Rock-Tenn Paper Mill in Hopewell, Virginia.

Implement ABB 800xA system and work with team of Automation engineers. Additional Responsibilities:

• Program and Develop plan and tools to move existing IO from legacy systems.

• Plan and execute integration from other Vendors equipment to connect with Profibus, PLC’s, and OPC servers to exchange data to and from 800xA system.


ABB 800xA Engineering Control Builder -Certification ABB 800xA Information Management Specialty - Certification ABB 800xA Safety AC800M HI - Configuration and Maintenance, TUV Safety Certified on 800xA systems.

System 800xA Troubleshooting Core System - Certification Other System Skills & Experiences



Hardware Platforms Database/HMI Other Skill Areas



Hydro Generation

ABB 800xA

Bailey Infi90

Conductor NT

Rockwell Control


800xA & Inform IT


AspenTech IP.21

MS SQL Server

OPC (Server/client)

Matrikon OPC

Kepware OPC

Team Management

Project Lead

Network Design

DCS System Design

Application Design

and software


Pharmaceuticals Honeywell TDC3000 RSView32

Pulp & Paper Honeywell SCADA

Experion PKS





MS SQL Server


March 2010 to Aug 2012 (ABB Contractor to Vale)

2008 to March 2010 (Hatch Canada) – Senior System Specialist 1997 – 2008 ABB Inc. - Senior Systems Analyst

1991 – 1997 - Honeywell Canada Ltd.

John Leger

Senior Systems Project Leader

TEL: 804-***-****


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ABB Training

• T315 Industrial IT 800xA Automation Systems Engineering

• E143 800xA Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

• ABB Energy Management & Optimization

• ABB 800xA Engineering Control Builder –Certification

• ABB 800xA Information Management specialty – Certification

• ABB 800xA Safety AC800M HI - Configuration and Maintenance, TUV Safety Certified on 800xA systems.

• System 800xA Troubleshooting Core System - Certification Honeywell Ltd. Technical Training Service

• PCNM (PC Network Manager Implementations) - Interface to TDC 3000 system. Eicon Technology Communications: Certificate - Installation & Operations

• Eicon Technologies (SNA, SDLC,TI, X.25 Communications over Multi-protocol Networks

• such as Ethernet,Token Ring) using TCP/IP, Netbios, Nabios, IPX/SPX Protocols.

Microsoft University (Redmond, Washington)

• Microsoft OS/2 LanManager v2.1 System Administration

• Microsoft OS/2 LanManager v2.1 System Operations

• Microsoft LanManager for System Engineers (MSE)

Novell University (Michigan, USA)

• MS-DOS & Microcomputer Hardware

• Network Technologies

• Service & Support

• Netware 3.11 System Administration

• Netware 3.11 Advanced System Administration

• TCP/IP Network Transport for UNIX host Operating Systems

• Dial-in / Dial-out Communications for Netware

• Certified Netware Engineer Certification (CNE)

John Leger

Senior Systems Project Leader

TEL: 804-***-****


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