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SAP Consultant

Flensburg, SH, Germany
October 17, 2016

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Personal Details

Name: Leonardo de Freitas

Date of Birth: 18/04/1984

Address: Professor Jose Marques da Cruz – Sao Paulo – Brazil

Phone Number: +55-11-9-875***** (Brazil)



Academic Qualifications

2010, Uninove University - SP, Analisys and Development of Systems

Professional Experience

SAP Consultant - Mercedes Benz Rollout in Germany Current - Finishing

Accenture Ltda (São Paulo - Brazil)

Resume: As one SAP Consultant l worked in Germany (period of time) for the first plant creation in Brazil about Mercedes Benz cars in Iracemápolis – SP. In Germany l coordinated the cut-over of the project and also helped in the process developments and adjustments specifics for Brazil area.

As a member of the team l contributed in Germany for the Integration tests with dozens of legacy systems and manage the dispatch to the technical teams for fixes. In other way l had created presentations for leaders, PMOs, managers and directors about progress of activities of going at that time. Other activities are below:

MM/EWM FICO - Strong support in logistics for key users

MM/EWM FICO - Creation of guide documents about basics in SAP for key users

MM/EWM FICO - Presentation of Overall of the Go Live for key users in a SAP perspective.

MM/EWM FICO - Local support in standard and customized process during daily work.

MM/EWM FICO - Meetings to appointment of critical and noncritical discussions. For escalations.

MM/EWM FICO - Scrum stand up meetings to manage the activities and tasks pending to progress day after day.

MM/EWM FICO - Mobsy (mobile device) usage training and documentation for key users.

MM/EWM FICO - Strong improvements collaboratively with stakeholders to understand their business concerns and goals

MM/EWM - WMs help in procedures in SAP for key users support.

MM/EWM - Warehouse full support for key users and Managers.

MM/EWM FICO - Full support for logistic after the Go Live of the project in many aspects (technical and functional) during SAP Usage.

MM/EWM FICO - Translation of documents with German team assistance to Portuguese.

MM/EWM FICO - Close relation with Business to develop process and/or manage important adjusts with German technical teams.

MM/EWM FICO and QM - Face to face with business to report and suggest enhancements in SAP and/or for the Business aspects.

MM/EWM FICO and QM - Focal point (local) in the plant in any SAP/Process question or suggestion from key users.

ERP Coordinator - Meet with Subject matter experts, decision makers, systems owners and 3rd party ERP Coordinator - suppliers to document existing business processes, operations requirements and ERP Coordinator - systems functionality, for an end to end process within Business Services

ERP Coordinator - Develop and produce user guides and training materials for the Business Services employees

ERP Coordinator - Collaborate with developers, programmers, designers, testers, trainers and service delivery to ensure timely completion of testing

ERP Coordinator - Communicate changes, enhancements, and modifications of business requirements - verbally or through written documentation to project managers, sponsors, and other stakeholders

ERP Coordinator - Experience in user acceptance testing and business scenario writing.

ERP Coordinator - Experience in producing end user documentation

ERP Coordinator - Strong Experience of any standard ERP product with an end to end company view

ERP Coordinator - Experience of training in small and classroom environments

SAP EHSM - Product Compliance

S/4 HANA Enterprise Management - Key changes in Finance

S/4 HANA Enterprise Management - Credit Management and Revenue Recognition & Reporting

S/4 HANA Enterprise Management - Post processing activities after system conversion

S/4 HANA Enterprise Management - Key changes in Sales and Distribution

S/4 HANA Enterprise Management - FIORI Journey - Apps Configuration & Recommendations

S/4 HANA Enterprise Management - Production Planning using Fiori Apps

Migration from SoH to S/4 HANA - Impacts in Production Planning

S/4 HANA Enterprise Management - TechArch Journey - SAP SoH to S/4 HANA 1602

Fulfillment – SAP EHS - SAP Sustainability Performance Management (SuPM)

Fulfillment – SAP EWM - EWM 9.3 with Fiori apps

Supply Chain Operations - SAP PS Results Analysis – Hana Vs Non-HANA

S/4 HANA Finance - GL Accounts

S/4 HANA Finance - Leadgers configuration

S/4 HANA Finance - Element of costs

SAP Consultant – Dupont Company 04/2012 to 10/2015

Accenture Ltda (São Paulo - Brazil) – Dupont Project/Rollouts

Resume: As one SAP Consultant l worked supporting experienced key users in their process regarding enhancements in SAP, as well as responsible of meetings with offshore teams to lead and manage activities, face to face with client, creation of reports, presentations to superiors (BPOs and CPOs) and reports to Managers and Directors. Close relation with leaders of many areas of supply and constantly help in improvements about internal IT process.

Debugging of customized programs as a troubleshooting way.

Conditions maintain and creations according with business needs.

Pricing procedures done according with any legal requirements or issues.

Quotation Arrangements process, configuration and maintain according with the business needs.

Help to key users about the complete purchasing cycle in the company.

Automatic account determination settings and customizing with FI team members.

Source determination for supply of materials, always aligned with business needs.

Helps with Purchase Requisitions full cycle and adaptations to the process for end users.

Outline Agreements configuration in SAP and fix in case of issues.

Help the BPOs regarding Goods Receipts based in invoice verification

Daily help to users about Returns of goods, invoices and Nota Fiscal (Relevant for Brazil)

Participation about Inventory management/ phisical corrections and enhancements.

Understanding with CPOs and BPOs and Project Managers about Integration points of the inventory management with other modules of SAP and impacts.

Material Valuation types adjustments with support sometimes of the SAP im parallel.

Goods moviment via shipping questions, enhancements and fix of issues

Authorization and Performace in MRP definitions and fixes.

Consignment process configuration and fixes.

Subcontracting process configuration and fixes.

Intercompany transfers process configuration and fixes.

STO - Stock transfer orders (Intracompany) process configuration and fixes.

Help CPOs and BPOs about the enhancements and align pending points.

Improve and integrate the offshore teams by a better communication in order to improve the deadline of the enhancements.

Presentation of reports to the Client with the statistical points related to the Enhancements and Issues monthly and daily and plan actions to prevent or accelerate the points pending.

Delegation and monitoring the tasks pending with internal or offshore teams.

Meetings to do training of clarification of critical issues.

Good understanding of the PM module, master data, bug fixes and maintain.

Direct action during QM issues, customizing points, Quality certification and other standard points

Control Key for Quality Management in Procurement

l use to define Keys for Certificate Processing

Definition of delivery blocks Standard knowledge about SD process, Sales Orders, Shipping, transportation, Pricing and other points.

Standard knowledge about CO process, calculation of costs based in the stock for materials, and other process.

Unite tests

Integration tests experiences and so on.

Definition about status of Supply Relationships

QM - Solution for wrong confirmation and wrong usage decision(UD)

QM - Calibration of test of equipment

QM – Analysis and configurations about vendor blocked for quality reasons

QM - Expertise in QM Workflow For Material Setup

QM - SAP QM and integrations with PM module.

QM - QM Settings on plants

QM - Tasks related to procurement area

QM - Tasks related to the production area

QM – Tasks related to sales and distribution

QM - Inspection Plan knowleadge

QM - Procedure For Source Inspection

QM - Inspection for delivery to the customer

QM - Determining and reassignments of inspection Plan

QM - Track Changes Inspection Results

QM - Maintain the characteristics as calculated

QM - Maintain and troubleshootings related to criteria for automatic usage decision

QM - Business process of inspection type

QM - Quality score in QM

QM - Standard quality inspection process flow

QM - Certificate of quality (Completly customized in my last project)

PM - Procedures related to SM Revenue and Non Revenue Combination Orders

PM - Service Management Functionalities for equipment Procurement.

PM - Troubleshooting involving service contract issues.

PM - Creation and configurations of Service Contracts.

PM - Experience in maintenance orders that is not completely maintained in a plant.

PM - DIP Profile Material Direct and Individual.

PM - Creation of activity type and assignment to cost Centers.

PM - Solving inconsistence status in Service Orders.

Software Analyst and Developer 01/2012 to 04/2012

Accenture Ltda (São Paulo - Brazil) - Natura

Resume: Worked in São Paulo technical support with a face to face meetings with client and responsible for enhancements between SAP and legacy Java systems. Other activities below:

Troubleshooting of complex issues.

Meetings with business (Face to Face) to discuss enhancements of huge issues.

Implementations about the portals (websites) of the client using Java, Eclipse, Ant, Oracle and WebLogic server.

Creation of documents to end users related to the process undocumented.

Participation in critical calls with other services providers and managers to solve issues.

Development of ad-hocs in Oracle.

Development of codes in enhancements in PL SQL for the project.

l have done reports to the business client and showed every month with statistical points in order to determine the strategic for enhancements.

Software Developer in .NET C# – Accenture of Brazil 05/2011 to 12/2011

Accenture Ltda (São Paulo - Brazil) – Itau Bank

Resume: Worked in São Paulo as a programmer doing C# technical and functional specifications about enhancements in one of the biggest bank (ITAU) client project. With many face to face meetings and Scrum to match the dates to deliver a great package of service to the client. Most of detailed technical activities are described below:

Documentation of each screen developed.

Creation of TD (Technical documents).

Creation of FD (Functional documents).

Implemented front ends that could interact with Mainframe data in order to show it in a friendly way to the end users

Fixed various defects and performance issues during the integration tests.

Experience with Mock tests.


Visual Studio 2010 and 2015


Entity Framework 6

Java Script/JQuery



Scrum (to match the deadlines)

Web Applications (Development of .NET screens for the bank with data from the Mainframe)


Object Oriented Design


**Success results: The client was searching for a company to assume their IT department, with our efforts and dedication we could to conquer the satisfaction of the client. Therefore we overcome our competitors (other big IT Outsourcing company of the world) and got a long term contract (one of the biggest contract of the company).

Senior Software Developer in JAVA– Accenture of Brazil 10/2010 to 05/2011

Accenture Ltda (São Paulo - Brazil) – TIM Telecom Project

Resume: Worked in São Paulo as a programmer doing technical and functional specifications about enhancements in the client project. Most of detailed activities are described below:

Captured requirements and delivered specifications with business domain experts.

Participated in the planning of timelines using Project MS and the setting of project expectations.

Heavily utilised UML, Enterprise Design Patterns and OO Analysis and Design.

Developed using the Spring Framework and Java EE technology. Deployed on JBoss AS, Tomcat and Glassfish sometimes.

Implemented persistence layer using Hibernate and MySQL (usually with MySql).

Implemented web tier using Spring MVC, JSP, JSTL, Tiles, and XHTML.

Regularly attended project and subgroup meetings at partner sites across the client.

Presented progress reports with the team using Project (Microsoft Tool)

l also putted in practice my ability to develop in J2EE applications using market technologies such as EJB, JMS, JPA domain in the development of Web services Rest (JAX-RS), SOA and other Web Services.

Knowledge of relational databases (Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL) helped a lot during participation with meetings of integration tests, solutions of strategic decisions about the period l was working in the project.

Development of portlets

Vignette 7 integration, support and implementation with customized portlets.

Creation of documents to end users and training using PPTs.

System Analyst 01/2009 to 10/2009

Stefanini (Brazil – São Paulo) – ALCOA Aluminium

Resume: Worked in São Paulo as a helpdesk resource, taking care about deadlines and first contact with end users supporting tasks like:

Oracle – EBS ERP support

Maintaince of Legacy systems in second Level of Support.

Propose solution for tickets opened by the end users.

Enhancements for tickets with root cause analysis.

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